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Vertical Garden Design Ideas For A Rejuvenating And Soothing Home

Vertical garden design ideas For Your Home

Add new life to your home with these vertical garden ideas

With rising pollution levels, at the end of the day, we like to come back to our home in the hope of rejuvenation. A home garden, even though a small one, recharges you with its beauty and greenery. 

However, with space constraints in your studio apartment or a modest home, getting greens will seem like a distant dream. But, you can still have them around you for a breather by choosing a vertical garden for your home! 

Great for both the indoors and the outdoors, vertical gardens make the best use of small nooks and corners in your home. A vertical garden not only looks verdant but also livens up the blank walls. 

Check out these vertical garden ideas for balcony and even indoors for a gush of creativity and life in your home.

A Chic Indoor Vertical Garden

Looking for vertical herb garden ideas? Then this one will meet your expectations. You can rack this vertical garden idea on a wooden or metal rack. It can easily go indoors or near your balcony. It makes your space look more organised and pleasant.

Vertical garden ideas on a wooden or metal rack near your balcony
An indoor vertical garden looks chic and declutters your home

A Hanging Terrarium Vertical Garden

A splash of green hanging by the corners is just what dreams look like. Handpick terrariums and hanging planters that you love the most and let them indulge your senses after a tough day. This vertical garden idea is easy to pull off as it doesn’t need much maintenance.

Hanging terrarium  of hanging planters vertical garden design ideas by the corners
Hang terrarium or planters in a corner of your home to create a space-saving vertical garden

A Wooden Tier Vertical Garden

Walls are one of the best spaces to make use of when it comes to vertical garden design ideas. This one works beautifully, especially for flats. Make use of a mounted wooden showcase, as a rack to house a few soothing planters on it. It will also work as a great conversation point and soothe your guests.

Wooden vertical garden ideas for balcony as a rack to house a few soothing planters on it
Wooden vertical garden is ideal for studios and smaller flats

Metal Frame Vertical Garden

Interestingly, metal frames enhance the beauty of a vertical garden without any added effort. The texture of metal beautifully pairs with the lush greenery of the planters. Hang them up a dedicated wall or use them in your gallery. Either way, it will make your home look and feel joyful!

Metal frame vertical herb garden ideas with lush greenery of the planters on vertical garden
Give a great texture and feel to your home with a metal frame vertical garden

Framed Succulent Vertical Garden

Succulents have the power of thriving on their own and that’s why they are perfect for your home. Place them in an open wooden showcase and within no time, your space will perk up with cheerful vibes and greenery.