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Fire Up The Gourmet Chef In You With A Charming Rustic Kitchen Design

In order to stand out, a thing needs to be done differently. It needn’t be better or grander or more expensive, it just needs to be ‘out of the box’. And this rustic look kitchen design that we have put together is just that. It’s an eclectic mix of various different elements – modern cabinets, farmhouse-type exposed brick wall and funky accessories. All put together, they make for a kitchen that will definitely inspire the gourmet chef in you every time you walk through its doors. Not to forget this one is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests too! 

Check out this trendy rustic kitchen design idea for the contemporary home. 

There are so many individually great elements to this kitchen but they all come together seamlessly to produce an incredibly stunning look. There are some charming old-world vibe components that lay a rustic foundation while a few modern accents give this kitchen an industrial edge – the result is a cooking space with oodles of character! 

The gorgeous granite countertop in this rustic kitchen has a faux leather finish. The soft sheen and textured appearance of the leather-finished granite top gives it a more natural look compared to polished granite to incorporate it harmoniously into the rustic theme.

Efficient Storage Is Essential In A Well Designed Modular Kitchen

An efficient and compact storage system is integral to your cooking space and this kitchen has it all. The clean-lined cabinets beneath the countertop are finished in concrete look laminates. The raw concrete finish complements the rustic vibe with its organic look and feel. Also, its cabinets make the best use of the available space – the corner cabinet houses a great version of the magic corner that just needs to be pulled out to reveal ample hidden interior storage space. The shelved cupboards and pull out drawers with wire baskets can be fully customised to accommodate cutlery, utensils and provisions. A tandem drawer can be used to reduce the number of lines on the outside – a great idea to save on space without compromising on design. A wicker basket has been used in place of a drawer to break the monotony of the grey colour scheme and add to the rustic appeal of this kitchen design. German-made mechanisms used in the handle-free cabinets and drawers are slick and super easy to use. 

Its sleek and trendy tall wall units are cleverly designed to be utilitarian as well as being visually exquisite. We have given the corner tall cabinet a highly-practical rolling shutter and this unit is perfect for housing all your kitchen appliances and keeping them neatly tucked out view. This cabinet can be fitted with either fixed shelves or pull out trays depending on your usage and preference. The adjoining unit has a tinted glass front mounted on an aluminium frame. It keeps the clutter out off the countertop and looks trendy at the same time. 

The exposed brick wall is one of the unique and distinct elements of this rustic style kitchen design and eliminates the need for a separate backsplash. With its distressed finish this rustic wall exudes a proper French country vibe and infuses the kitchen space with texture and depth. To complete the farmhouse look, funky wrought iron accessories have been used on the wall – the moustache ladle hangers integrate a rustic material with a modern design. It’s the shabby chic look at it’s best! And set against the brick wall, to further emphasise the contrast, is a contemporary stainless-steel chimney and matching hob.

Faux Grass For A Dash Of Fun

The adjoining wall is carpeted in faux grass. This fresh modern accent adds a dash of fun to the mix and makes for an interesting alternative focal point. The synthetic turf is at once lively and fresh, and sets the outdoorsy mood of this modern rustic kitchen design. The perfect element to complete this textured accent wall is the unique wine bottle holder, made up of several horizontal rows of wooden dowels. It’s a super simple and yet effective idea, utilising the available wall space without adding more storage boxes while accentuating the design in a single shot. 

This modern rustic kitchen is mindfully minimalist to provide a clutter-free cooking experience without backing down on being chic and trendy. The various rustic elements come together beautifully to recreate a farmhouse ambiance without going over the top. Who wouldn’t want to brew a cuppa or experiment with a gourmet meal in such a stunning setting?!

Sonia Sumitra Thakar is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog

Sonia Sumitra Thakar

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