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A Modern Rustic Kitchen Design To Bring In Countryside Vibes To Your Home

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Love a pinch of rustic fusion in your modern kitchen? Here is a modern rustic kitchen design showcased at Design Cafe’s experience centre in Mumbai. 

Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days

When our momma sang us to sleep, but now we’re stressed out!

This is a chorus from the song Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots which got me hooked to it.

Don’t we all wish this? We never realise what good times were till we let them pass, and now we wish we could turn back time. Remember your grandparents used to tell you the kind of games they played back then and the type of houses they had with wooden furnishings? Back in those days, kitchens made from wood or wooden interiors didn’t have a name as such, but as days evolved it was known as rustic design. And today we at Design cafe are going to take you on a journey of modern rustic kitchen designs.

What Is A Rustic Kitchen?

A rustic kitchen is one that gives an earthy feel and generally has artefacts or historical wall hangings to give it a good old school look. Copper and brown shades are often preferred when it comes to choosing wall colours, cabinets or even slab colours. You can go all timber, all brown or mix and match. Rustic kitchens are popular in every age group and income bracket for their simplicity and ruggedness.

Weathered Wood, With A Modern Mood!

If you love the feel of old school furniture or in other words wood but are a sucker to keep things trendy, then this option won’t upset you. A combo of modern with rustic we present you with a modern rustic kitchen design. This allows you to add rustic charm and combine old-world elements into a modern space. What are you waiting for?

Have Fun Stacking Up With These Crafty Cabinets

Now you may ask us a pertinent question. How can I make my kitchen cabinets look rustic?

Well this beautiful modern rustic kitchen will not only remind you of the trending Dalgona coffee, a mix of cream and browns, and copper hangings give this modern kitchen a rustic makeover too. High glossy laminates in earthy rustic colours can be used for your modern rustic cabinets, or you can go all timber. There is a unique feature in this kitchen known as the skirting drawer which allows you to store away your baking trays and placemats. You can now make storage a twisted experience with S-carousel that lets you access spaces otherwise difficult to reach. This kitchen is also equipped with a diagonal and bi-fold lift shutter that has become a popular addition to modular kitchens used by urban homeowners. Perfect for those with busy mornings – no bumping or hurting!

Go Brilliant! Go Brown! Go Backsplash!

If you take a look at this kitchen, you can see that it has a modern rustic kitchen backsplash. A simple brown backsplash that will remind you of the most luxurious chocolate and to top it off copper plates and artefacts give this backsplash a 3D 19-century look.

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An L Shaped Layout

When it comes to kitchens, there are various styles and shapes a recent favourite of most of our clients is this L-shaped rustic modern kitchen layout. This one is a modern kitchen with the granite countertop and surrounded by cabinets in shades of rustic oranges, browns, rustic yellows and deep warm rustic colours. Reminded of fallen leaves on a beautiful autumn day?

This is our personal favourite kind of kitchen style. Modern rustic style kitchens always take you back to outback culture and give your home a village vibe. You won’t ever feel homesick with this kind of kitchen. So get set and personalise! 

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