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How To Clean and Disinfect A Bathroom

How to clean bathroom to make a disinfecting a bathroom

Its time make your bathroom look spick and span with these bathroom cleaning tips. Take a quick read to know how to make your bathroom sparkly clean.

Bathrooms are a pain to clean. These easy tips that we have come up with on our latest blog on cleaning and disinfecting a bathroom will Take a quick read and save your regret!

Top 3 Tips On How To Clean Your Bathroom

There are several tips on how to clean a bathroom, however we at Design Cafe believe the following are most efficient. 

  1. Have a dish wand? if you don’t you might want to get one! Fill a dish wand with half water and half vinegar and give your bathtub or shower a good scrub! Voila! Your bathroom tub and shower cubicle will be shining in no time.
  2. Get lots of tea bags at home? Now make a strong cup of tea and add it to a spray bottle. This can be used as a cleaning solution for your mirror.  It’s sure to take the smudges right off your bathroom mirror.
  3. The more the lemons the shiner your fixtures. What we mean by this is that if you want to get rid of nasty stains from your bathroom fixtures time give them a lemon bath.
Check the top 3 bathroom cleaning tips on how to clean bathroom
A modern bathroom with a hovering toilet and wooden box shaped shelves overhead for storage

Know How To Clean The Bathroom Floor? If Not Check This Out!

Hard water stains can make your bathroom floor look dull and uninviting. Check these knacks on how to clean your bathroom floor and make it a place to relax. Let’s start with a natural remedy.

  • Baking soda and vinegar: Mix these two ingredients up and spray it across your bathroom floor and wall tiles. Once you’re done with spraying all you have to do is give it a good scrub, wash it off with some water, and you can see that the stains have reduced.
  • Harpic and washing powder: Make sure you cover your bathroom floor and tiles around with Harpic and leave it to sit for about three to four hours. Add some washing powder to hot water and mix it well. Use a spray bottle to spray it on the tiles. Now cover the tiles again with a layer of Harpic. Get sandpaper and scrub off the stains and then use a Scotch Brite for a final scrub. After this wash everything off with warm water and dry it with a cloth. You are sure to see a major difference for the efforts you put in.
  • Chemical Cleaners: The most effective method but not so environmentally friendly is to use chemical tile cleaners available in hardware shops. These cleaners are highly effective and should be used only once in three months. You can spray the cleaner across your bathrooms and give a good scrub before you wash it off.

Pro Tip: Always use gloves while cleaning as there can be harsh chemicals involved in cleaning products.

How to clean bathroom floor, use an anti slip white flooring and a posh bathtub
A stylish all-white bathroom with anti slip white flooring and a posh bathtub

A List Of Bathroom Cleaning Tools That You Need To Have

You can’t clean your bathroom without bathroom cleaning tools. Take a look at the top tools that are must-haves to clean your bathroom.

1. Toilet Brush: You can’t clean your toilet without a toilet brush now, can you? It’s important to have a toilet brush placed in a toilet holder that is filled with disinfectant. You don’t want your brush to get all smelly now! 

2. Toothbrush: Yes, a toothbrush is a great tool to clean the rims of your toilet and also scrub stains of tiles and fixtures. You might want to keep separate toothbrushes for the tiles and the toilet. Hygiene is always a top priority.

3. A Scrub Brush: This is quite handy when it comes to scrubbing the shower cubicle and tiles in your bathroom

4. Disinfectant spray or wipes: If you’re worried about germs and bacteria always keep a disinfectant spray or wipe handy so you spray out those pesky germs or simply wipe them off.

5. Gloves:  This is an extremely important necessity while cleaning your bathroom. You must use gloves so you don’t get any harsh chemicals on your hands.

Bathroom cleaning tools are toilet brush, toothbrush, scrub brush, disinfectant spray or wipes and gloves
A beige and brown bathroom with a shower cubicle and a vertical mirror next to a cabinet with a lift up shutter

Get Set Spray Those Nasty Germs Away

Keeping your bathroom free of germs and bacteria is nothing to give a second thought about. Every home must have a clean bathroom. To help keep your bathroom free of bacteria and germs, there are various chemical-based bathroom cleaning solutions available in the market that will kill bacteria in no time.

Bathroom cleaning solution to keep your bathroom free of germs and bacteria with sprays
modern bathroom with a rustic touch and contrasting grey flooring lends a charming look to this space

A Checklist On How To Clean Your Bathroom

Many people have checklists when they are set to go on a vacation. It is important to have a checklist on how to clean the bathroom, so you don’t miss out on any areas. Here is a simple bathroom checklist you can follow and tick off as when done.

  1. The sink you would want to clean this first
  2. The tub 
  3. The shower cubicle 
  4. The bathroom floor 
  5. The toilet is the last thing you would want to clean before you wash all the germs of yourself with a warm hot bath.
Bathroom checklist to know how to clean your bathroom
A modern, classy bathroom with a tub come jacuzzi surrounded by a wooden exterior

This is what we at Design Cafe think are effective ways on how to clean and disinfect a bathroom. Let us know what you think! Send us an email. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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