5 Indian Divan Bed Designs for a Home Makeover

by Pooja Dara | January 11, 2024 | 7 mins read

Divan bed designs to elevate your home's style

Choose the right Indian divan bed design for your home makeover, as they are available in various storage configurations/capabilities. 

Introduction: A divan bed design consists of a wooden-framed bed base covered in material (divan) and a mattress on top of the base elevating its overall height.

Why Are Divan Beds So Popular?

If you’re planning to get a divan bed for your home, but you’re not entirely convinced, skim through some of the reasons why its demand is on the rise:

  • It offers the same comfort level as a normal bed but at a fairly economical price. 
  • It is long-lasting, neat, sleek and durable since it is made up of high-quality materials.  
  • It blends perfectly well with the existing furniture/decor in the room owing to neutral colour schemes. 
  • It is easier to assemble and move than normal beds as they have a ready-made bed base in one/two pieces.  
  • It is available in various trendy, luxurious, versatile and timeless designs, instantly uplifting the space. 
  • It’s compact base size offers ample under-bed/inbuilt storage configurations for the more important stuff.
  • It is easy to customise as you can play around with the fabric, colours, footboard and headboard choices.

What Is The Difference Between a Divan Bed & A Normal Bed?

  • A Normal Bed – 
  1. They have a slatted base and no built-in mattress, so they are not as strong as a divan bed. 
  2. Is more spacious as compared to a divan bed and more expensive. 
  3. Is not fully customisable as it does not have built-in storage 
  4. Is not easy to move from one place to another. 
  5. Is more comfortable and sturdy but less practical as compared to a divan bed.
  • A Divan Bed –  
  1. They have a solid base and built-in mattress, so they have immense strength compared to a normal bed.
  2. Is fully customisable as per one’s storage needs and lifestyle preferences and is more economical. 
  3. Is easy to assemble and disassemble when shifting from one place to another. 
  4. Is space-saving/compact and offers versatility and comfort to a small/medium bedroom. 
  5. Is more luxurious and more practical as compared to a normal bed. 

What Are The Types of Divan Beds?

  • Solid Top Base Divan Bed – A Layer of hardboard board on the bed surface adds extra firmness. It reinforces the bed’s framework, thereby providing edge-to-edge support. It goes well with a medium/firm mattress.
  • Sprung Top Base Divan Bed – Layers of pocket spring/open coil are built into the bed surface, which adds an extra bounce/cushion (~shock absorber) to the bed. It goes well with a light/medium mattress.
  • Ottoman/Divan Box Bed – You flip the top of the bed base up and access the storage space below. They help to store comparatively heavier items. 
  • Single/Double Divan Bed With Storage Drawers – Storage drawers are useful if you are a ‘neatness freak’ and want to categorise your possessions. They come in a two-drawer/four-drawer combo or with one large end drawer. 
  • Single/Double Divan Bed With Sliding Storage Space – The base of this divan bed has a door along one/both sides which you can slide open to access the available storage space. 
  • Folding Divan Bed – This type of divan bed is an ideal choice for those who want to fold them into a bed or fold out the divan bed to create a ‘double bed’.  
  • Divan Sofa Bed – A sofa that can be converted into a divan bed in the living room, typically for occasional use.

Which Type of Divan Base Is The Best?

  • If you are looking for a firmer and sturdier feel on the bed when you sleep, you can go in for a platform or solid top base divan bed.
  • If you are looking for a softer and more comfortable feel on the bed when you are sleeping, you can opt for a pocket-sprung base divan bed.
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What Should You Look For In A Divan Bed?

There are a handful of factors (features and otherwise) that you must remember when purchasing the right divan bed design for your home. They are:

  • The depth of the divan bed base and the thickness/material of the mattress.
  • The type and the height of the legs under the divan bed.
  • The overall height of the divan bed (depth of bed + thickness of the mattress + height of the legs under it). 
  • The inside materials used to build it and their strength/quality.
  • The outside fabrics used to embellish it and their wearability/durability. 
  • The style, fabrics and colours of the headboard and footboard.
  • The under-bed storage configurations.
  • The possibility of proper and regular cleaning under the bed. 

How to Make A Divan Bed Design Look Nice?

  • Invest in a mattress protector and rotate it every 3 months to increase lifespan. 
  • Work on layering textures/fabrics to create visual depth and drama. 
  • Decorate the divan bed with colourful pillows and cushions.
  • Wash the bedding and clean the dust off regularly to avoid bedbugs. 

Body: We’ve listed down some of the most popular divan bed designs that are doing the rounds among urban homeowners today.

Wooden Divan Bed With Storage Never Goes Out of Style

This wooden divan bed with storage looks absolutely pretty even though it has a really simple design. It has two medium-sized storage drawers on the same side, which helps you organise your clothing and other accessories. It is compact and blends well with the grey-and-white colour scheme of the bedroom.

Wooden divan bed with two drawers on the same side
The platform top base gives a sturdy look to the divan bed

Single Divan Bed With Storage Drawer Does Wonders

This single divan bed design with a single storage drawer is an ideal choice for those who live in small-sized (1 BHK) apartments and don’t have too much space to spare. It can be smoothly moved to any bedroom corner because of its convenient size. It looks like a complete unit placed against the patterned accent wall.

Single divan bed with storage drawer for 1 bhk home interior
Install it near the window area to accentuate its overall look

Divan Box Bed Is No Less Than A Treasure Chest 

This double divan box bed design is luxurious yet multifunctional and practical. Its lift-up mechanism helps you easily access the expansive storage space below. The compartmentalisation makes your organising job much quicker and without any hassles. You can also utilise the side drawers for your small personal items.

Double divan box bed incorporated with lift-up mechanism
The large light grey carpet complements the big beige divan box bed
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Folding Divan Sofa Bed With Storage Beautifies The Living Room

This folding divan sofa bed with storage gracefully adorns the living room space. Use the sofa for your evening parties, gossip and tea time sessions. If you need to expand the seating space, open up the divan sofa bed using the multifunctional mechanism. This mustard colour divan bed design pops out against light green walls and sunlight.

Yellow folding divan sofa bed with storage for living room
Flowers and green plants add natural vibes to your space.

Contemporary Yet Simple Divan Sofa Bed

This simple divan sofa bed design enveloped between the two living room showcases looks breathtakingly gorgeous. The horizontal band of mirrors near the ceiling make the space visually bigger and brighter. Don’t hesitate to sleep here occasionally when you’re watching your favourite movie on TV since it is warm, cosy and comfortable.

Wall-mounted simple divan sofa bed
A round coffee table and colourful pouffes add to the fun.

Hope we were able to answer most of your questions regarding divan bed designs so that you can make an informed choice when purchasing one for your home. If not, you can reach out to our interior designers’ team at DesignCafe, who’ll guide you further in this regard. We wish you a great night’s sleep!

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