Utility Meets Style In These Storage Bed Design Ideas

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

Storage bed design is a boon in a bedroom

Storage bed designs are getting trendier by the day. Explore these styles to redesign your bedroom.

Modern homeowners are looking for more practical solutions to deal with everyday interior problems. For example, a bed is mandatory in the bedroom but takes up a lot of space — instantly reducing the space available for other bedroom essentials like a wardrobe, dressing table and shelves. This is why a piece of thoughtfully-designed, maximum utility furniture is a lifesaver. Innovations with storage bed design are on the rise since wall-mounted Murphy beds aren’t everyone’s favourite. Let’s simplify your hunt for a fabulous storage bed with these design ideas.

Unique storage bed designs for space-saving

Swanky Shoe Rack Storage Bed Design

We love customising king-size bed designs with storage like we did for this bedroom. While storage drawers are a staple, we included a functional shoe rack in the design too. The addition gives the bed a spectacular twist besides the plush velvet headboard. The multipurpose design enables the footwear to get the protection it needs from dust (and envious glares) without occupying extra space. We’re pleased to say that getting ready and unwinding just got more interesting and hassle-free for this client. 

Swanky shoe rack storage bed design with a well-designed storage bed is a boon in a bedroom
A well-designed storage bed is a boon in a bedroom

Modern Bed Design With Storage For Nighty Night

Imagine a long day at work and getting back to your bed for a good night’s rest. You start with your bedtime routine — read a few pages of a book, journal your thoughts, play a round of chess, TLC for your skin, and slowly ease into a deep slumber. If you prefer your me-time or us-time by the bed, then custom cot designs with storage like the one shown here are perfect for you. They keep your routine essentials handy and tidy, making it convenient to place them back too.

King size bed designs with storage for nighty night with a swanky shoe rack in the storage bed
Set up a swanky shoe rack in the storage bed

Single Bed Design With Storage For Children

The USP of modular furniture is that there’s no limit to how something can be customised. Even a single bed for a child can be built with storage space. Also, when it’s for children, the storage handles are designed child-friendly. Stuffed toys, favourite board games, storybooks, piggy bank — everything can be tucked away neatly in the storage compartments provided. The pop of yellow gives it a playful vibe and matches the rest of the room — which has also been designed for optimal utility with short shelves.

Modern bed design with storage for Child-friendly storage beds in playful shades
Child-friendly storage beds in playful shades
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Enjoy Extra Storage With A Hydraulic Bed 

Some people don’t like scanning too many shelves or opening multiple drawers to reach for that one item. For such folks, hydraulic cot designs with storage are the best form of space-saving, multipurpose furniture. The lift-up frame allows easy scanning and access to hidden compartments. The frame also acts as the door to the concealed cupboard. This setup is also convenient for those who like their things to be kept away from plain sight, especially in a compact room. Don’t you agree that the custom headboard and the aesthetic timepiece also add to the room’s elegance? The right mix of multipurpose furniture and decor can do that!

Enjoy extra storage with a hydraulic double bed design with storage
A hydraulic bed offers convenience and utility

Wooden Bed Design With Storage For Small Spaces

Even if you aren’t exactly Marie Kondo-ing your home, there’s some joy in organising things into different compartments to whatever extent you can. A plywood bed with multiple easy-to-use drawers offers more space for efficient organisation. The cost-effective veneer finish gives it the natural wood look. This kind of plywood bed design with storage is useful in smaller rooms such as the guest room.

Wooden bed design with storage for small spaces with multiple easy-to-use drawers offers more space
Wooden storage bed for small spaces

A Mystery Storage Bed

We love designing multifunctional furniture. We love it further when we get to be playful with it. The storage bed we delivered for this client’s bedroom doesn’t just contain the standard drawer setup. It also elegantly conceals a functional bookshelf. And the custom headboard acts as a rack for splendid souvenirs or everyday use articles. That’s one bed performing many roles, thus saving plenty of floor space!

A bookshelf cum storage bed for a mystery trail where custom headboard acts as a rack for splendid souvenirs
A bookshelf cum storage bed for a mystery trail

The All-Rounder Of Storage Beds

How wonderful would it be to have a bed with all kinds of storage! In other words, how about a double bed design with storage as in this bedroom? This design is the best of both worlds as it blends a hydraulic bed and a conventional storage bed with pull-out drawers. Both aspects of storage can be used simultaneously resulting in maximum utility without additional space. Don’t you just love the perks of modular furniture?

The all-rounder of king size bed designs with storage with Blended hydraulic and conventional storage
Blended hydraulic and conventional storage bed

We’d say it’s fair to declare that a bed is no longer a place for just a good night’s rest. It has to offer more in terms of features for organising the room. And when it comes to space-efficient beds, there’s more than just storage beds. If you’d like to know about such space-saver beds, do check out this blog. But for now, we’ve come to the end of this list of storage bed design ideas. Well, what’s your verdict on them? Eager to get one customised for your bedroom? Here you go to book your appointment with our expert, design-savvy team.

If you enjoyed reading about storage bed design ideas, also explore wall-mounted murphy bed designs.

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