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Open Kitchen Designs: The Centre Of Decor And Composition

Open kitchens are accessible, functional and look luxurious too.

There is no rule that says kitchens cannot coexist with other spaces in your homes. Our designs here will show you how to incorporate an open kitchen into your home interior plan. 

Whether it is for small homes or spacious abodes, open-plan designs are a part of our modern lifestyles. The challenging part in designing an open-plan space is to ensure that it remains ergonomic. We have curated a list of beautiful open kitchen design ideas that offer maximum utility by combining spaces.

Open Kitchen Designs With A Living Room

Open kitchens integrated with living rooms make them entirely functional and family or guest-friendly. Whether it’s regular mealtime at home or a house party this design divides your space into two distinct zones. One for dining and the other for mingling with your guests. A simple way to open up your kitchen space in your living room is by separating the two with a wide arch.

Open kitchen design integrated with a living room make them entirely functional and family

Open Kitchen Designs With A Dining Room

Integrating kitchen spaces with your dining area is a common interior design trend in Indian homes. This layout encourages an easy flow of conversations and sharing meals becomes convenient too. At the same time, your dining table can double up as a workstation or for your kids to finish their homework.

Open kitchen modular design with dining room integrated together as a new trend with digital homes

Open Modular Kitchen Design In Your Hall

If your house comes with a space constraint, an open kitchen in your hall or living room is the best way to make the most of limited space. This is a good option for those living alone, with flatmates or even young couples that don’t mind keeping it super casual.

Open Kitchen design in hall which is the best way to make most out of your space
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A Kitchen Island

While open space is free of constraints, it is important to ensure it is efficiently utilised. A kitchen island can work wonders to bridge the gap between various workstations in open kitchen design. It also provides an additional surface and storage area.

Open kitchen interior design which is free of constraints and can work wonders to fill the gap of open kitchen

Open Up Your Lofts

Modern lofts are ideal spaces for open kitchen designs. You can add to existing textures and finishes such as open brick walls and create a sharp integrated space that is equally welcoming.

Arch design for open kitchen design with finishes and textures such as open walls in Indian Open kitchen designs

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Open kitchen design for Small Spaces

For two-bedroom apartments or small spaces, tiny open kitchen designs are the best way to keep it functional yet minimal. Such spaces require a design that keeps it clean, serves most essential purposes and yet exudes cosy charm.

Small open kitchen design for two bedroom house or small spaces are the best way to keep it functional
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Open Kitchen Design With Grand Outdoors

A free flow of natural light into your kitchen is a cool idea. Open up your kitchen to a free flow of natural light by incorporating glass doors to separate the indoors from outdoors and yet keep it connected. A view of nature is a great way to make cooking a more pleasurable exercise too.

Open kitchen design with a beautiful outdoor view with glass doors

This list of beautiful open kitchen design ideas makes us want to opt for an instant kitchen makeover! What about you?

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