8 Edgy Industrial Style Home Office Design Ideas For Your Home

Industrial home office design can be rugged and stylish at the same time

Interiors that boast exposed walls and steel-y edges for the win!

Wondering what an “industrial” home office looks like? Chances are you have already come across this style at least a dozen times in public spaces, typically restaurants. The industrial style of home interiors is characterized by clean and open spaces, solid materials like wood and steel and a down to earth, no frills attached design that is highly functional. You can replicate the same for an industrial style home office.

Origin Of The Industrial Style Of Interior Design

The style was popularised in the West around the ’70s when large abandoned warehouses and industrial facilities were converted into homes. The quintessential elements of an industrial space were retained in such designs. The industrial style that you see today across commercial and residential spaces in India is carefully crafted, much like the no make-up “look” that involves a fair deal of, well, make-up!

If you’re planning to design or redesign your home office in the industrial style, here are some design inspirations for you to start off with.

What A Modern Industrial Home Office Should Look Like

This is the perfect example of how the industrial style can be adapted into an otherwise modern aesthetic. Everything about this loft design spells modern, and the industrial home office blends seamlessly into the picture. The exposed red brick wall, the desk and the chair in solid wood and steel materials tick all the right boxes for this beautiful working space. The metal waste bin and exposed lamp are smart decor additions. The picture frames on the wall tie up the industrial style home office with the modern aesthetic from the adjacent space.

Have A Large Home Library? Will Accommodate An Industrial Home Office

This design is suited and plausible for a slightly larger home, like a penthouse for example. This industrial style home office includes all the characteristics of an industrial dwelling – a large space, solid materials and colours, clean cuts and a functional design. The windows are especially reminiscent of warehouses, and the wires of the pendant lamps add to the “exposed” element of the style. The glass writing board adds a modern look and functionality to this space. 

A Cosy Little Workstation Can Be Fitted Into The Smallest Of Corners

Why should only large spaces have all the fun? The industrial home office design can be adapted to small homes and spaces too. Have an extra or only corner that you can spare for a proper work desk? You can go the industrial way with it. The wooden stool is an excellent option for keeping with the theme, but it can also be replaced by the spare comfy chair from time to time.

A Minimal Industrial Home Office In The Attic Looks Stunning

Speaking of small spaces, this home office in the attic is a modern spin on the industrial style. The white exposed brick wall and functional set of desk and chair are minimal and rustic in a modern way. You can play with the natural light in an industrial home office design like this to give your space a more warehouse-style appeal.

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Add A Pop Of Brightness To An Industrial Home Office Design

Industrial home office spaces can get dull and boring at times, especially if there is an overdose of dark colours and a lack of proper natural light. You can liven up the space by adding a striking colour like yellow to the mix. By the way, open cabinets in steel are a classic addition to an industrial home office design. The steel planters, too, add to the modern styling of this cute and bright home office.

The Beauty Of An All-Brown Industrial Home Office Is Unparalleled

Now here’s a way in which you can up the style quotient of your industrial home office several notches. The stunning brown-themed workstation with regular hints of steel is a winning combination. We love how it spills over to the wall and the adjacent couch. This is a great option for when you want to keep that home office looking sleek and stylish.

Keep It Shiny And Sleek With An All-Grey Home Office

When going for an industrial home office design in a single colour, you can always play with materials and textures to break the monotony. The smooth and sleek work desk is beautifully complemented by the coarse grey finish used for the cabinets. Wood is intelligently used just to highlight the niches.

Get Yourself An Artist’s Industrial Workspace At Home

An industrial home office can be designed to become an inspirational corner for those of you in creative fields. The open steel racks and stylish reclaimed steel cabinet add to the charm of this neat and curated industrial style working corner. The collection of small indoor plants brings some green relief from the industrial grey.

Industrial style home offices are fit for homes and people of all types. Pro tip: You can ask your designer for additions and hacks to ensure that these edgy designs also remain child-friendly. What’s your take on these ruggedly stunning industrial home offices? We’re sure they’re tempting you to redo your workspace.

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