6 Genius Ways You Can Add Visual Interest In Your Industrial Style Home Office

by Noopur Lidbide | January 11, 2024 | 5 mins read

Inspiring industrial style home office ideas

6 Industrial style home office designs every homeowner should check out

Ever since its inception back in the 20th century, industrial style has democratised interior design for mass adoption. 

While some would argue this interior design style finds its roots from 18th century warehouses. Exposed brick walls, wooden rafters, open plan design, furniture made of recessed woods, metal structures, muted tones, etc are stapes of this style. If you want an industrial style home office, remember that the goal of this design is removing any decoration and allowing the natural and man-made elements to stand out. 

It can be a desk made of rugged wood, a metal free-standing shelf, exposed bulbs or track lighting, or concrete walls, giving your home office a factory vibe, while ensuring its functionality and comfort. 

So, are you ready to stop dreaming and start your home office renovation journey? Then, here are 7 kickass modern industrial home office design ideas.

Pristine Industrial Style Office Desk Cum TV Unit

If you are limited on space, consider zoning the area of your living room for a study. One of the easy ways to achieve it is by installing a customised modular TV unit that features a floating office desk. Take cue from the image below. To the industrial look, we exposed bricks on the back wall but painted it white to soften the vibe.

A pristine white industrial home office desk cum tv unit
Industrial home office with neutral colour scheme
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Industrial Style Home Office With Partially Exposed Wall

Love natural light in your space? What better way to set up your home office than to have a pull out industrial style office desk set up by the window if you want a view. It is a great option if you want some extra space while working. This space-saving office desk is one of our featured items. As you can see in the office space below, the wall is distinctively divided with exposed brick on one side and muted grey wall on the other. This space is a true work of art.

Modern industrial home office with partially exposed brick wall
Modern industrial home office design everyone will adore

Guest Bedroom cum Industrial Home Office Decor 

In big cities, space is luxury and comes with a very high price tag. So the next best option is to design and use the same room for various purposes. For instance, if you live in a 2BHK apartment and only have one room to be used as both guest bedroom and office space, then why not have the best of both worlds? We used a daybed for your guests to sleep in and lounge and kept the room aesthetic neutral. The freestanding charcoal bookshelf compliments the dark wooden rafters on the ceiling. The exposed brick wall and grey modular study table add quintessential industrial style to the space.

A guest bedroom cum industrial home office decor
Level up your industrial decor game

Sweet & Simple: Small Industrial Home Office Design

This industrial style home office design is so neutral, it’s bold. Incorporating the signature elements of this interior style, concrete walls, natural wood, metal decor items, all are present in this small industrial style home office. Sure it’s small, but it’s extremely functional. The set up flaunts two desk drawers, a floating shelf to display tit-bits, and a closed cabinet to store your important documents.

A small industrial style home office with floating shelf
Redefine your home office with simplicity

Farm-style Rustic Industrial Home Office

Industrial style blends perfectly with farm style interiors. The rustic vibe of the farm style interior sets old world charm. That’s why, you can easily recycle a rugged wooden desk; use a rattan chair as an office desk; and display decorative items in a metal freestanding shelf. This room is a perfect example of how an industrial home office should look like.

Farm-style rustic industrial home office sets old world charm
Get a rustic vibe with industrial home office furniture
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Divide Home Office With Glass Partition

Don’t have an extra room for a designated study? Build one in your living room if you have space to spare. And if you do, you can easily create a semi-private office space with a glass divider. Keep the conversation flowing when the guests are in and when you need privacy, just close the sliding glass door. You can build this with noise-cancelling glass as well. It’s contemporary, edgy, comfy, and goes so well with the classic industrial interior style.

An industrial home office with glass partition creates a semi-private office space
Industrial infused home office with charcoal and black detailing

Industrial interior style may seem rugged and unforgiving, you can still infuse comfort and colour with rugs, minimal decor items, and innovative lighting options. If you need a quick recap, here’s a pictorial guide to this fascinating interior style:

Must-haves for an industrial-style home office

With that, we bid adieu. Hope you liked reading these edgy industrial-style home office design ideas as much as we enjoyed putting them together. If you want to renovate your home, book a free consultation with our interior designers. For more such study room design ideas, don’t forget to check out our blog section.

If you enjoyed reading about industrial-style interior designs, check out industrial-style interior design ideas.

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