You May Not Want To Leave Your Bathroom With These Bathtub Design Ideas

by Ashish Rai | January 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

Beautiful bathtub design ideas for your bathroom

A bathtub in your bathroom can boost the buyer appeal of your home

Looking for bathtub designs and ideas? Of course, you are! That’s why you’re here. Whether you’re renovating or going for a full interior design overhaul a nicely done up bathroom can make a massive difference to the feel of your home. Above everything else, a bathroom must be neat, tidy and purely functional at the same time. If you enjoy a bubble bath after a tedious day at work or snuggle with a glass of wine and magazines, a bathtub can do wonders for your bathroom. 

And who does not enjoy a long pleasant soak in a bathtub? Nothing more relaxing than soft froth bubbles against your skin. If your existing bathroom interior design doesn’t evoke a feeling of being continuously pampered then perhaps it’s time to reassess your surroundings. It’s time to install a bathtub and watch your mood change in seconds. Let us look at bathtub designs that can inspire you. 

Make Your Bathtub Design Like A Spa

There is no denying that self-care is essential. But we all know that spa treatments are expensive. However, you don’t need to visit the spa when you need to de-stress and feel overworked. You can create the same environment of a spa right in the comfort of your home. This image shows how you can have a spa-like feeling with a white bathtub, oil essentials, indoor plants, and pendant lighting to set the mood. Throw in some refreshing bath bombs and soak yourself into a thick layer of comfort.

Bathtub design in the white bathroom is alike a spa
White plays a vital role in this bathtub design and it looks like a spa

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A Minimalistic Approach

Minimalism as a style is pleasing to the eyes. And therefore it is an excellent style for a bathroom interior design. If you want your bathroom to hold just a few necessary elements and a swanky bathtub then a minimalistic style of bathtub design is for you. A simple yet attractive bathtub like this one in a black and white themed bathroom pops out the bathtub and sink. Long white drapes to shut out the world and give you a relaxing space to indulge in your thoughts.

Black and white bathroom design with bathtub in minimalistic style
A straight walk to the bathtub is an excellent fit for a simple minimalist style bathroom

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Scandinavian White Bathtub Design

When it comes to bathrooms and bathtubs that will endure the test of time Scandinavian aesthetics is a clear winner. So if you’re planning to spruce up your bathroom interiors why not consider adding a little Scandinavian style? Beauty, utility and simplicity are the hallmark of this style of look that is characteristic of clean lines, often punctuated with natural materials, personal accents and neutral colours. In this stunning bathroom, a classic Scandinavian colour palette of white and grey sets is the dominant colour tone. Grey floral tiled flooring, a wooden chair to casually drape your bathrobe, a white brick wall and bathtub boasts about Scandinavian style. 

White bathroom design with bathtub and shower in Scandinavian style
Floating shelves to accommodate all your bath needs and toiletries add more style and oomph

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Marble Stone Beauty

From shrines to bathhouses, this durable stone has stood the test of time inspiring the most luxurious of interiors to this day. Marble can be used to cover all bare surfaces from floor to ceiling or small pieces here and there marble is a material that seamlessly adapts to everyone’s taste. The bathroom is a place to pamper yourself. It is a retreat from daily stress, so why not grace with a naturally elegant stone? With the walls and flooring in the same style of marble, a snow-white freestanding bathtub and washbasins this bathroom looks like a concept for luxury living. 

Snow-white designer bathtubs freestanding with marble flooring
With the magnificence of marble, you can tend to your bathtubs like a king or a queen

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A Bow To Simplicity

Introducing earthy tones to your bathroom is an excellent way to bring in a feel of nature. The bathtub is a fusion of unique style and simplicity. Long beautiful beams serve as a backdrop for silver of grey stones that wrap this beautiful bathroom in the warmth of wood. Floating shelves to store towels, clean and sleek mirrors, a spacious looking tub, and a cluster of pendant lights will create a mood for you to lie back and have a relaxing bath.

Bathroom design ideas with bathtub and floating shelves
The smallest details make all the difference in a space characterized by its simplicity

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Add A Statement With A Copper Tub

Copper has been used for home interior design for generations and several reasons. We have seen stunning artefacts made of copper in many homes but this has to be the most head-turning take on the trend yet. Everyone wishes to sink into a great big bathtub after a hard day’s work. Now if you want to make this an extravagant affair, how about a bathtub made out of copper? A big and a bright bathroom with a copper bathtub in the centre, as we see here, is a gorgeous sight. The bronze colour of this bathtub is paired with black tiled floors, geometric patterned walls in black and white, wall sconces for perfect lighting and a hint of freshness with an indoor plant. Refreshing?

Copper bathtub design in the bathroom paired with black tiled floors and geometric patterned walls
A bathtub so magnificent who will want to leave it?

Bathtubs are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom interior design. Take these inspirations and incorporate them in your bathroom to suit your taste.

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