A Versatile Choice: White Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

by Ashish Rai | January 12, 2024 | 5 mins read

White bathroom design ideas for your home

If white is the colour that you can’t get out of your head then these ideas for a bathroom is something you will enjoy

Wash, brush, floss, flush, I’m sure these are the basic rules in your bathroom! A bathroom is a place where you often relax and rejuvenate. An escape room perhaps from your kids? The outer world? We at Design Cafe have come up with white bathroom designs for your home. From your bathroom tiles, to curtains and flooring – this is a universal colour and can be incorporated into any style of interiors.

Why Not Go With An All White Bathroom Theme?

Is your definition of happiness a hot bubble bath? Well well, look what we have here! An angelic bathroom that is entirely white. This modern bathroom has white tiles as its flooring and large glass windows for great light and ventilation. The elegance of this bathroom lies in the transparent glass shower cabinet. A solid based freestanding tub adds in the luxury quotient. If you take a close look, you have shelves below the sink for storage of your towels. A white ceramic toilet is situated right next to the shower cabinet.

White a wonder! We would reckon so.

All-white bathroom with a hot bubble bath
A bathroom made entirely from the colour of snow is this white bathroom

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An Unbeatable Choice, White Bathroom Tiles

If you have ever been to the bathroom without your phone, you are among the few people who pay attention to your tiles. This modern bathroom has white ceramic tile flooring. Now you may ask us – Why white? Why ceramic? White because it’s a colour used to represent serenity and also makes small spaces look much more prominent. Why ceramic? Ceramic tiles are popular tile options that people often prefer at home and even in bathrooms for multiple reasons. The main reasons being they are quite affordable and durable. Ceramic tiles are a great option if you are looking for the real deal. They are waterproof and hard to crack. You can count on them for a good ten years.

Modern white bathroom designs with white ceramic tile which represents serenity
A bit of wood and a lot of white; this bathroom is a classic example of white bathroom tiles

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White Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

This white bathroom cabinet idea is for those of you who need everything within reach, who get ready in your bathrooms, and those of you who love stacking things up. This bathroom is a gorgeous old-style bathroom with royal chandeliers hanging off of the ceiling. Light brown penny tiles combined with light beige textured tiles gives this bathroom a classic touch. This bathroom gives you maximum storage options. It has box cabinets on top along with shelves on one side for hassle-free storage of towels, napkins and even clothes. Extra cabinets are situated at the bottom, that can be used to store your favourite shower gels and soaps. Below the large mirror, there are multiple drawers and cabinets with round knobs that are easy to grab. The drawers below the mirrors can be used to store your cosmetics and perfumes.

White bathroom cabinet ideas for those who love stacking things up in white bathroom cupboard
Lovely white cabinet storage facility in a royal bathroom with chandeliers
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Feeling Blue-tiful?

Slay your blues with blue and white bathroom curtains. Blue and white go hand in hand like samosa and chai. They compliment each other so well! And this combination is perfect for all of you who can’t choose between the two colours. This small white bathroom is fitted with blue and white linen drapes resembling colours of the sky and sea. Using white curtains with a pop of colour helps brighten the room and does not block the sun. These curtains give you privacy as you enjoy your shower.

Blue and white bathroom curtains  which compliment each other so well and the combination is perfect
You will begin to feel beautiful with this blue and white linen curtain in your bathroom

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Not A Fan of 50 Shades Of Grey? Add A Touch Of White

Not sucker for grey but don’t mind it when it’s combined with another colour? Check this grey and white bathroom out. A modern bathroom with a mix of grey textured tiles and white ceramic tiles is a lovely subtle combo of both these two shades. This grey and white bathroom with horizontal white shelves above the hovering toilet provides you with an easy option to store your toiletries. A white box sink above a black granite countertop gives this space a simple, elegant look.

Grey and white bathroom tiles - a mix of grey textured tiles and white ceramic tiles
Grey is the ultimate neutral and far from boring especially if it’s paired with white

You just read Design Cafe’s take on white bathroom design ideas for your home. We would love to hear your take! Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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