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Stock In Style! Latest Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas For Your Home!

Kitchen pantry design ideas with a l-shaped kitchen pantry design

If you are deeply passionate about feasting, cooking and inviting guests over, a well-designed pantry in your home is an absolute must. Explore these latest kitchen pantry design ideas and pick your favourite one.

Most Indian homes do not have a dedicated kitchen pantry and homeowners often store groceries in large containers or dabbas, as they are commonly known as,  openly on shelves or inside cabinets. While this still works it is often unsightly and hard to find things when you’re in the midst of cooking or when you have friends/family helping you out in the kitchen. A kitchen pantry is therefore, an elegant solution to stow away all your non-perishable groceries.

Old and traditional homes boast of grand walk-in pantries and are quite reflective of the utilitarian aspect of pantries. While modern day home layouts are not designed with a dedicated space to house a kitchen pantry there are various designs to re-implement this timeless necessity. From the classic floor-to-ceiling pantry designs to modern standalone pantry units – the designs of today keep in mind the requirements of busy urban households.

Modern pantry designs make smart use of dead spaces while more extravagant ones are built as an extension of the kitchen itself. Here are a handful of clever kitchen pantry design ideas for your home.

A Secret Stash For Your Midnight Snacks!

If you’re tight on space in your kitchen then this design is for you! Take a look around your home and find all dead corners or spaces – here is where you can make smart use of it with clever design. In this image a dead space under the staircase has been transformed into a clever pull out pantry design. This pantry design is an excellent idea for small apartments. You can store your groceries, dry food items and snacks. This design hides everything away when not in use. One side of this pantry is designed with open shelves where you can display your cookbooks or potted plants toup the style quotient of your home.

Kitchen pantry design with a dead space under the staircase transformed into a clever pull out kitchen pantry design

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Away From Prying Eyes

If you want to hide your edibles but still want easy access to them when you cook then design a cabinet pantry like this in your kitchen. When shut, all you will see is a chalkboard finish with doodles or quotes if you wish to bring in some artwork! This pantry design is tall enough to store all your condiments, snacks and spices keeping your countertop clutter-free and your kitchen organised.

Kitchen pantry design using cabinet pantry to make useful kitchen pantry design images

A Walk-In Kitchen Pantry Design For Large Homes

As the world is under a pandemic trap what is everyone most worried about? Yes, stocking food and groceries. But where do you store your stashes of panic buying? In a walk-in pantry! Here in this image a portion of this kitchen is separated with the glass door that makes this a walk-in pantry. Ample cabinets, shelves and a dado wall offer enough space to store all your groceries, staples, utensils. Just shut the door when not in use. And if you have a l