7 Dressing Table Lighting Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 12, 2024 | 5 mins read

dressing table with lighting ideas for your home

Good visibility with the help of bright lighting is the key to a great dressing table design!

A dressing table serves the functional purposes of being your own grooming station and storage of personal and self-care products. It serves as a metaphorical passageway between our home and the outside world. Dressing tables necessarily have to be accompanied by mirrors, and a dressing table mirror with lights needs proper lighting to assist in your grooming. Whether it is your self-care routine or a mandatory make-up ritual before you step outside, it helps to have proper visibility. While we are at that, it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of style to the dressing table lighting itself. Here are seven ways in which you can incorporate a proper dressing room or dressing table with lights.

1. Light Up Your Dressing Table Mirror For A Glamorous Look

This popular dressing table with light bulbs around the mirror is synonymous with glamorous vanities of your favourite celebs. It is also a style popular with make-up artists. It totally is cool to get something like this done for the dressing table at home. Lights like these illuminate the space and give you proper visibility.

P.S.: These are also great for clicking numerous selfies for the gram!

Corner dressing table design with light bulbs around the mirror look beautiful in the bedroom.
Your basic bulbs can make for a great lighting option for the dressing table
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2. Minimalist Yet Stylish Dressing Table With Lights

For this dressing-cum-reading table with a minimalist floating mirror piece, the lighting is more about functionality and productivity than extravagance. You can store your products in the two top drawers and the table lamp provides just enough illumination to light up the top surfaces of the table and mirror.

Dressing table light, dressing-cum-reading table with a table lamp in a minimalistic look in the bedroom.
A lampshade is enough lighting for the dressing table if your bedroom has ample overhead lighting

3. A Dressing Table Design With A Mirror And Lights For A Luxurious Look

This is a suitable vanity for those who love a breath of luxury. The mirror with light bulbs paired with the tall lamp brightens up the dressing table space. The design of the light is such that it illuminates the tabletop as well as the storage drawers. The stylish design makes the dressing table look classy and fabulous.

Luxury dressing table mirror with light bulbs around it paired with the tall lamp looks classy and fabulous.
A dedicated dressing corner deserves extra lighting

4. Best Dressing Table Lighting Idea For An Elegant Look

The stunning hanging lights illuminate a large part of the bedroom, which means that the dressing table needs minimal additional lighting. The elegant wall lamps beside the gold-framed mirror make for more than enough dressing table lighting. The lamps, the mirror frame and hanging lights with their gold accents come together as a cohesive unit with the dark table and chair providing classic elements to the dressing table design.

An old-school dressing table with wall lamps beside the gold-framed mirror is a dressing table light design
An old-school dressing table deserves ambient lighting

5. Stylish Focus Lights For Your Dressing Table

When you have a spacious dressing room, you need to think of the overall lighting apart from just focusing on a dressing table with lights. Along with providing lighting for the actual dressing table, here we have lights for the room and the closet space also. These LED lights are embedded in the false ceiling, thus saving space and eliminating the need for another light fixture. Such lights are easy to maintain in a dressing room. Alternatively, you can also opt for designer lamps or hanging lights for such spaces. The smooth finish of the false ceiling along with the lights gives a classy, sleek and modern look to the room.

Corner dressing table with LED lights embedded in the false ceiling look modern, spot light for dressing table
A dedicated dressing room deserves proper lighting

6. A Dressing Table With A Golden Floor Lamp

This sleek dressing table light is flexible enough so that it can be moved according to the need of the user. If you are not a fan of bright and flashy lights, you can opt for simple but effective lighting solutions like these for the dressing table. Investing in a portable and adjustable lamp for the dressing table is a good idea as the lamp can be moved around for other uses around the room too.

White dressing table light idea with a portable and adjustable lamp
A sleek golden lamp looks modern and classy with a dressing table
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7. A Designer Dressing Table Lamp In Black To Make A Bold Statement

The dressing table light itself is a work of art! Designer lamps like these, besides doing what they are intended to do, spruce up your dressing area by adding a fun element to the overall design. You also have the luxury of moving the lamp around and deciding on a different placement. We like the ingenuity of the lamp design — one head can be focused on the dressing table mirror with lights, while the other head bounces light off the ceiling!

Dressing table light, Corner white dressing table with a tall light lamp look elegant.
Multiple lamp heads, because one can hardly be enough!

It is important that with your dressing table, the lights (in whichever style) complement the overall design and remain functional. These are some fun ways of decking up the dressing table or room, a space that helps you get decked up. Do you love your dressing table lights to be extra or understated? Tell us in the comments below.

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