7 Practical Dressing Table Colours For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 12, 2024 | 5 mins read

Dressing table colour ideas for your home

Dressing table picks to liven up your bedroom

Dressing tables are a vital part of your day-to-day routine. They come in all shapes, sizes and customisations as far as modern homes are concerned. If your dressing table along with its many accessories is integrated into the overall furniture of your bedroom, the colours need to be in accordance with the overall theme. If you have a separate space or even an entire room for your dressing table, you can get creative with colours and designs for your vanity space. Take a look at these seven practical dressing table colours for your bedroom.

White And Wood

White is a classic colour for your interiors and decor, and it is never going out of fashion! For a bedroom that is done up in this classic colour, even a stand-alone dressing table can be designed using the same classic combination of white and wood. The colour keeps the design looking clean, fresh and evergreen! A simple elegant mirror and a matching seating stool are the basic accessories you would require to make this dressing table colour option complete.

White colour dressing table with a texture of the wood combination looks classic in the bedroom.
A combination of white with the texture of wood is a winning combination for a dressing table
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A Wooden Chest Of Drawers

If you are looking for dressing table colour options that are timeless, there are few things better than the brown of a classic wooden dressing table. This all-wood design is more on the lines of a dresser with a ton of storage space for your beauty and skin care accessories. The sturdy dresser can also double up as an additional surface for decor in your bedroom.

Classic brown wooden dressing table colour with the chest of drawer highlights in the bedroom.
We are all for an all-wooden dressing table!

Minimal Grey

A dressing table need not necessarily come with a lot of frills. Whether you have space constraints or you simply want a minimal dressing table, this grey dressing table and stool are a great choice. The set can be accommodated in small spaces. The colour grey is universal and goes with a plethora of different shades and themes, making it a good option for dressing table colours.

Minimal petite grey colour dressing table and stool in the bedroom look modern.
This petite dressing table can be a fun addition to your modern apartment

Cream-Coloured Elegance

This vintage-style dressing table follows the theme of the rest of the furniture in the bedroom. The cream colour for the piece of furniture along with its golden detailing lends a beautiful charm to the dressing table. A cream-colour dressing table can look great when paired with colours like white, soothing pastels, etc. as well as with textures of natural wood.

Cream dressing table colour in vintage-style with its golden detailing lends a beautiful charm to the bedroom.
A tasteful dressing table needs to be in an elegant colour

Neutral Combo Pack

This dressing table comes with multiple units. The basic dressing table and mirror are in classic wood. The seating bench and the accessories drawer unit are in the combination of grey and white. Together, these three colours blend well and create a seamless dressing corner where everything seems to be in harmony. This combination of all neutral colours can sit well in several bedroom settings.

Dressing table colour combination in grey and wood with seating bench look elegant.
Grey, white and wood make for a fail-safe combination of dressing table colours

Dressing Table Colours With A Bit Of A Bling

The gorgeous dressing table spells luxury. The marble-white surface of the dressing table with its golden legs and accents, complete with the golden chair, are a pretty picture of elegance. You can opt for similar combinations of dressing table colours when your bedroom shades are on the lines of regal green. Classy golden for a dressing table will also go really well in a bedroom done up in neutral colours like grey or pristine white, pastel colours like peach and pink, and so on.

Gorgeous marble-white dressing table colour with golden legs spells luxury.
If you are going for a classy vibe, your dressing table can have golden accents

Black Dressing Table Colour

This all-black dressing table, mirror and chair combination is a classic! The colour black is elegant, highly enhanced by the minimal golden accents and decor. You can place a black dressing table in a bedroom entirely done up in black or grey, or even with deep shades of colours like green, red or blue.

All-black colour dressing table with a chair in the bedroom looks elegant.
A black dressing table can be edgy or classy, depending upon the decor
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These were some of the more practical and doable dressing table colour options for your bedroom — colours that can blend in with most themes and palettes for your bedroom. For quirkier alternatives, you can have a dressing table in exciting colours like dusty pink, mint green, blue and so on. You can pair these exciting dressing table colours with a good balance of bling using metallic accents in gold, silver or copper, or combine them with classic wood. Found a dressing table colour you liked? Let us know in the comments section!

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