8 Beautiful Main Hall Indian House Hall Arch Designs

by Noopur Lidbide | January 12, 2024 | 5 mins read

Beautiful main hall indian house hall arch designs

Eight elegant arches that can be a part of your contemporary home

Arches originated in ancient Rome. Roman architecture used a lot of innovative construction techniques, including fanciful arches. India (with its rich royal history) and its people are in love with huge front yards, high ceilings, chandeliers — all classic components of the Indian royal heritage. We can see great arch designs in famous monuments of India like the Red Fort, Akbar’s tomb in Agra and Lohagarh Fort in Jaipur.

These days, we have adopted this part of royal architecture into our modern homes. Arches in your living room or hall look elegant and make the space appear very welcoming indeed. Check out these eight ideas for stunning main hall arch designs for your home.

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The Segmental Arch For A Wider Entrance

Many modern homes today have open kitchen and living room designs. The open living space is accessible, bright and doesn’t seem as claustrophobic as its counterpart does. A beautiful arch works as a great divider between the two rooms, revealing what is necessary and hiding what needs to be hidden. This arch looks elegant and is visible from both the living area as well as the kitchen.

Main hall arch design made from pop between living and kitchen room acts as a divider look elegant.
A segmental arch opens up your standard hallway entrance a little wider

The Draped Main Hall Arch Design

A draped arch is perfect for spots from where a lot of natural light is expected to flow in. This modern main hall arch design opens up to the balcony. The beautiful structure of the arch can easily be a talking point for when guests are over. The style of drapes you can use for such an arch can be slightly different from the typical curtains you’d usually go for.

Arch design in style of drapes between the modern living room and balcony looks chic and is the pop arch design for hall.
The draped arch lets you do a little peek-a-boo with natural light

The Flat Arch For Those Who Are Conventional

Unlike your regular semi-circular arches, the flat arch is, in fact, a more conventional option for the main hall arch design. The arch connects the living room and the dining room. What makes it different from a typical entryway in your house is that the arch has a broader opening, more on the lines of a swing door.

Flat modern arch design for hall made from wood and arch connects the living room and the dining room.
A flat arch can be your go-to option when you want something a little less adventurous

Cinquefoil Main Hall Arch Design

A beautiful main hall arch design to have for your home, the cinquefoil arch gives a nice traditional touch to your modern home. Wooden detailing around the arch design makes this an excellent choice for a connected entrance to a pooja room.

Pooja room's cinquefoil arch design for hall with wood gives a nice traditional touch to the modern home.
Go for the cinquefoil arch if an elaborate design is on your mind
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The Small Five Centred Arch To Create Access Between Rooms

Arches don’t always have to be proper entrances. Your main hall arch design can be a small window that connects your living room to the kitchen. This can also act as a convenient counter or window to pass food from the kitchen.

House hall arch design acts as a window made from pop and connects between living and kitchen room.
Arches can work as windows between two rooms

The Depressed Main Hall Arch Design

The depressed arch is another stunning and straightforward arch design for the living room. For living rooms that lead to staircases, this type of arch design makes for a beautiful aesthetic around the flight of stairs.

Depressed wooden arch design for hall and looks minimal yet decorative in the living room.
A pointed depressed arch is minimal yet decorative

The Semi-Circular Arch Is For Small Spaces

One of the more common types of arches, you can instantly imagine one in this form for a modern house. For a studio apartment where different spaces are connected, a semicircular arch adds a beautiful touch of detailing to the area.

Small home hall arch design in semi-circular adds a beautiful touch of detailing between the living and kitchen area.
A fail-safe arch design, this works well for smaller spaces and studio apartments

The Rampant Arch For A Quirky Look

An uneven or lopsided arch, the rampant arch makes a great first impression. Here, the arch is situated at the entrance opening up to the living room. The lopsided effect creates a beautiful and subtle element of privacy.

The main hall arch design in the lopsided arch and situated at the entrance to the living room look classic.
Have a quirky arch shape in mind? The rampant arch might just be perfect

Arches are a great way to have a creative door space without it looking too empty. They bring with them a vintage elegance. Arches have had a beautiful trajectory of contributing to architectural forms across different eras and countries and communities. In modern Indian design, these still find a way to stay relatable and make sense.

If you are planning to remodel your living room or taking up a new space with an open kitchen and living room design, you can implement a beautiful main hall arch design. You can add decorative elements like wooden carvings, metal carvings, moulding, etc., to add more beauty to the beautiful arch designs.

Liked any of our main hall pop arch design images? Why not let us know in the comments below!

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