5 Ideas To Style A Living And Dining Room Combination Layout

by Ekta Poddar | February 25, 2024 | 6 mins read

Dining table in living room combo that you will love spending time in

Tips and tricks that will inspire you no end to give your living and dining room a complete makeover.

We spend most of our waking hours at home in our living room or dining room. Often, these spaces segue into each other with open floor plans becoming the norm in apartments and houses. The trick with this combination is to design such that each space has its own identity that serves the purpose of the space. Yet they need to be united by common threads to give the overall space a cohesive and aesthetic look. Our design tips will help you navigate the tricky waters and help you create the ideal living and dining room combo that you will love spending time in.

tips to design living and dining room

Give It A Wow Factor Through Zoning

The living room and dining area pictured here is a great example of how to unite the two areas but still keep them distinct. Carpets are a fool-proof way to zone areas – keeping them large ensures that furniture does not appear to float. Note how each area is self-contained with clear boundaries demarcated by the carpet edges. False ceilings and lights are also utilised to create the zones. A large chandelier over the dining area contrasts with the more subtle lights in the rest of the room and draws attention to the dining table. The high back of the sectional sofa forms a natural divider dispensing the need for a screen that would have created a block. The zones are tied together through the clever use of colour. The overall colour palette has warm tones of cream, beige and brown, elements of which are present throughout. The colours are graded with lighter shaded pervading the living room. The dining area has darker shades ending with the far wall being painted a deep chocolate.

Living and dining room unite the two areas but still keep them distinct
Soft furnishings and lights are used to create two distinct but cohesive zones

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Be Playful And Mix It Up

We are quite floored by the playful experimentation in this living and dining room. The drawing and living space is quite large and an open screen divides the two. The dining area is set behind an L-shaped sofa. Note how the floor area is fully utilised and yet the overall look is that of spaciousness. Instead of having six dark chairs crowd around the table, a bench in a neutral colour is positioned such that it frees up the space. The colours too are mixed – from a smart black on the chairs to pops of blue and orange of the armchair and spare seating. Similar notes are seen in the patterned wallpaper that runs the length of this room. While large French windows and flush ceiling lights provide ambient light, a trio of pendants are set at different heights to draw the eye to the dining area.

Playful experimentation in small living room dining room combo ideas for your home
By not being matchy-matchy this living and dining room has a carefree style to it
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Be Smart With The Living And Dining Layout

Stuck with an awkward layout? Don’t just rescue the situation, use it to your advantage like in this living and dining room design. A large sectional is positioned such that the corner space is fully utilised. Armchairs provide additional seating that is required. Instead of being placed in the more frequently seen U-shaped layout, they are in line with the sofa. Being set to the side, they form a separate mini-seating area. A rack with open shelves separates the dining zone. The dining chairs are designed and upholstered to be the same as the living room seating making for an integrated and seamless look. A row of pendant lights hang above the dining table and a floor lamp lights up the sofa section of the living room. Fresh flowers, house plants, bright sofa cushions and floor cushion bring welcome touches of colour to the sophisticated design.

Open living room and dining room design layout for small house
A tightly designed layout that fully utilizes the dimensions of the space

Turn Heads With A Small Space

Having a small living room with a dining area need not be a constraint. In fact, it can be a blessing in disguise as you can pour in your design energies in a concentrated area like in this small living room dining room combo. The seating is restricted to a large and cosy two-seater with plenty of cushions that invite you to settle down. An ottoman near the dining room sideboard doubles up as spare seating. The dining table in the living room is kept small on purpose. Its round trim shape saves space and its glass top further creates the illusion of spaciousness. Note how the room combines a variety of textures, from a deep pile carpet to different types of fabrics used for cushions and curtains, from the smooth and glossy feel of metal and glass to the rich grain of wood. The same is done with cooler notes of blue being mixed in green-greys and whites.

A compact living and dining room is ideal for a small family
Simple and stylish, this small living and dining combo is ideal for a small family

Create a Focal Point (Or Two) In Your Living And Dining Room

What are the first few things you notice about this gorgeous space? For starters, you see the fabulous view of the outdoors handsomely framed by the large French windows and tall grey curtains. You also notice the photo gallery on the far wall cleverly done in the form of a branching tree. These features immediately draw one’s attention and further enhance the generous dimensions of the space. There are two separate zones in this room, created by using distinct colour schemes for each area. The living room has hues of grey and white while the dining area is done up in shades of tan and cream. Wooden beams across the two sections of the false ceilings marry the zones as do the chandeliers installed in each area. The overall effect is functional, pleasing and extremely inviting.

Modern living and dining room in grey and white while the dining area is done up in shades of
Creating focal points helps by enlarging the space and create the right kind of drama

There you go – armed with our ideas on zoning, utilising the layout, matching and contrasting colours and textures, making intelligent furniture and lighting choices, you have all the ammo you need to win the battle of the living and dining room design battle!

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