Pull Up A Chair And Check Out These 8 Modern Dining Chairs

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

Modern dining chairs and ideas for your home

If choosing modern dining chairs seems confusing, check out our recommendations of trending designs.

The world of modern dining chairs is expansive. Splat back, slat back, ladder back, Parsons, Windsor, Wingback and so many other distinct designs. When it comes to materials, there’s fabric, leather, velvet, leatherette, plastic and more. Want something with a high back? You got it! Want a chair with handwoven seats and a backrest? Those are available too. The best part about dining chairs is that some of the classic designs of the yesteryears are still being loved by homeowners today. And they come in far more variety than they did ever before. Here’s your introduction to the intriguing world of dining chairs.

Modern Dining Chairs With A Timeless Touch

These armless modern dining chairs with wooden legs, upholstered backrests and seats are seen in many homes now. But did you know their origins go back to the 1930s when they were known as the Parsons Chair? Back in the day, the upholstery was mainly linen but now there are a variety of options. Yet the key characteristics remain the same — armless, upholstered and wooden legs. Well, some things stand the test of time and that’s why these chairs are a great addition to your home.

Modern dining table chairs with wooden legs
Timeless chairs for modern dining

Wingback Modern Dining Chairs

Modern dining table chairs like the wingback here focus both on comfort and elegance. These high-back, armless chairs with angled edges add a layer of comfort during extreme temperatures. Not just that, these chairs ooze sophistication with their ‘winged’ design. What better way to show your guests that you regard them highly than with upholstered wingback chairs?

Wingback modern chairs for dining table setup
Wingback chairs for a sophisticated dining setup

Barrel Chairs In Velvet For Cosy Chats

These round barrel-shaped chairs with side panels create the perfect setup for huddled dinner conversations, even if they are happening in an open space. Besides, they can double up as additional seating in the living room for movie time. In short, these chairs are a fantastic choice for an intimate setup with family and friends. And nothing like velvet for that grand feel!

Modern velvet dining chairs in barrel-shaped set of 6
Modern luxury dining chairs in a deep shade
Looking to upgrade your dining space?

Modern Slat Back Wooden Chairs

There’s nothing not modern about wood furniture. So when it comes to dining chairs, go for upholstered slat back chairs. With the choice of material for upholstery, you can go as bare comfortable or lavish as you wish. The wooden back gives the chairs their own rustic appeal. And to complete the setup, invest in a fine wooden table — either farmhouse dining style or something modern. You can also explore these options for mid-century modern dining tables and chairs.

Modern slat back wood chairs in rustic appeal
Slat back wood chairs are always in vogue

Wishbone-Style Modern Dining Chairs

Another timeless chair known for its elegant design is the wishbone chair. The backrest comes with a classic wishbone while the seat is usually handwoven. The rounded back which extends to the arms ensures that these chairs are highly comfortable. We love how a set of four of these modern dining chairs and the natural stone dining table make a statement on their own. Note how the dining table extends into the TV unit. Well, that’s a smart way to save space and make dining comfortable.

Wishbone-style modern dining chairs set of 4 in elegant design
Wishbone-style chairs for a modern dining room

Bistro Chairs And A Bench For A Modern Dining Table

How about a modern dining table paired with a cafe or bistro-esque chairs and bench? Like this design. It can even make for the perfect corner dining or an outdoor brunch area. A few sleek side chairs and upholstered benches are all you need for this setup. Of course, for the full bistro effect, turn one of the walls into a feature wall. And if it’s outdoors, some potted plants will be great for company.

Corner modern dining with bench and bistro chairs
Bistro chairs paired with a bench for chilled dining

Ladder-Back Modern Dining Chairs

Ladder-back chairs never really went out of style. Many homes still flaunt them in wood. But if wooden furniture isn’t your preferred choice, you can get these chairs in metal too. The finish is equally exquisite and you get to customise the seat with solid wood, plywood or cushion seating. It would help to choose the table in the same material as the chairs for a uniform look.

Ladder-back modern dining chairs in black colour for 6
Bring back old-school style with ladder-back chairs
Affordable designer home interiors with 20% more space

Colourful Side Chairs For Dining

If you’re someone who prefers to keep it minimalistic yet lively, then this design would be perfect. A humble, rustic dining table and some side chairs, i.e. chairs without armrests. The seat and backrest of these curved-back chairs bring in a pop of colour. You could keep them all in the same shade or have some fun with a mix of two or more shades. Perhaps the chairs at the head and foot of the table can be in a different colour.

Mustard colour modern wood dining chairs set of 4
Modern dining side chairs in colours

We’ve come to the end of our starter guide on modern dining chairs. We hope you like our recommendations. But like we mentioned in the beginning, the options are aplenty. Here are some more ideas for you on choosing dining room chairs. Now that you have a few ideas in mind, maybe talking to our expert design team will help you understand the world of dining chairs much better. Ready to book an appointment now with our design experts?

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