Five Fool-Proof Ways To Add Design Magic To Your Open Kitchen And Living Area

by Jyoti Agarwal | February 26, 2024 | 6 mins read

Open kitchen living room designs for your home

Tried and tested ways to make your open kitchen living room Insta-worthy yet functional

Open plan layouts are increasingly becoming the trend, with decreasing real estate and an increasing preference for contemporary clutter-free open spaces. Whatever the reason, if you are the proud owner of such space, the only way to design it, is to embrace its possibilities. By making some clever choices of open kitchen designs with living room layout and utilising our sure shot zoning techniques you will be on your way to a stylish space that you can cook, entertain, and binge-watch TV in. Our tips and tricks ensure that you will never have to choose between functionality and aesthetics.

It’s All In The Layout

There are a few standout design features in this eclectic open kitchen living room that have us going wow! Let’s begin with the layout. The kitchen is built flat into the corner at the far end of this open-plan layout. A magnificent kitchen island and dining table separate the seating area from the kitchen. The armchairs, made of handsome leather, point away from the kitchen further enhancing the sense of separate zones. Replacing the usual pendant lights is a hanging rack for storage suspended over the dining area. This clever zoning technique adds delicious drama and makes for oodles of storage. The styling combines earthy hues of organic wood, leather and brick with cool industrial tons of metal and frosted glass. The kitchen and dining zones are industrial gradually giving way to a warm and organically styled seating space. The exposed brick wall ties both spaces together.

Open kitchen designs with living room with standout design features in this eclectic open kitchen living room
The kitchen island and dining area cleverly divide the various zones

Keeping It Light And Airy

Large French windows are a boon that need to be treasured and used well. The design of this kitchen living room does just that and invites a whiff of a Mediterranean in as a bargain. The kitchen is built to take advantage of the wall perpendicular to a tall and narrow window. The window floods the kitchen with natural light as do the French windows in this dining space. A slim breakfast bar with modern bar chairs divides the kitchen from the dining without obstructing free movement. The furniture is kept pale to emphasise the sense of spaciousness and lightness. The white and blue curtains contrasted with pale tones of wood wonderfully invoke the sea-side. We cannot imagine a more perfect way to begin the day!

Kitchen living room where window floods the kitchen with natural light
A kitchen and living space combine that makes the most of natural light
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The Timeless Charms Of Black Open Kitchen With Living

Debunking all myths regarding the usage of dark colours in small spaces is this stunning open kitchen design with living room. Often open floor layout means compromising on kitchen storage, but that’s not at all the case in this kitchen that is every chef’s dream come true. By building vertically and having a ladder on hand to reach less accessible shelves this kitchen packs in a serious punch. Done all in black but with open shelves that are styled with white crockery and glass stemware. A round dining table is placed off centre creating a virtual boundary to the kitchen. A comfortable armchair with its deep inviting leather seats and footrest is just begging to be used. Accents of light wood found in the dining and table, chairs, living space storage solutions and armchair break the monotony of black. We also love how the windows are extended into the sloping ceiling to maximise the natural light.

Kitchen and living room designs combine for your home where you have a ladder on hand to reach less accessible shelves which is a open concept kitchen and living room
A studio apartment done up in dark colours making a for a great bachelor pad

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Using Colours That Pop And Crackle

From spaces with large windows, let’s turn to one without any. Such kitchen and living room designs combine need an innovative approach to rescue them from a dingy and dreary fate. This is done here by the smart use of colours. The walls are painted in shades of cool grey to create a light base that can set off the other décor. The grey is carried onto parts of this kitchen cabinet creating a sense of continuity. Display cabinets with glass-fronted doors are positioned on either side of the kitchen entrance creating the illusion of walls. The breakfast bar is made in the same light wood as parts of the kitchen. It is topped with a white countertop like in the rest of the kitchen; making for reflective surfaces for light to bounce off. The dining table chairs and armchairs are upholstered in white. These are contrasted with the Parson chairs at the head of the table and sofa, all done up in a rich blue. The use of white and blue across the space gives each area its own entity while tying them together.

Kitchen and living room for your home where walls are painted in shades of cool grey to create a light base for kitchen and living room design
Shades of grey, blue and white brighten up a space with no natural sources of light

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Flooring To The Rescue

Rising to the challenge of creating zones that are distinct yet cohesive are the flooring solutions in this lovely open kitchen living room. The entire flooring is done in wood to begin with. This has been overlaid with hexagon patterned flooring in the kitchen area. Kept irregular on purpose, grey and white flooring appears organic and mimics the natural arc of this corner kitchen. The large coffee table in this living space is placed atop a similarly hued run, that demarcates that zone. The hexagon pattern is continued in the kitchen backsplash and geometric shapes echoed in the grey exposed brick of the inner wall. Touches of wood, from the dining table to the storage cupboard, panelling behind the chimney and open shelves to the beams that double up as ceiling, add further charm to this lovely space. Modern pendant lights hang above the dining table subtly drawing attention to that area. The large open windows and the open ceiling bring in lots of light and a sense of spaciousness.

Kitchen living room design which is overlaid with a hexagon patterned flooring in the kitchen area for creating a unique open kitchen and living room
Different types of flooring keep the space cohesive while breaking it up

It can be a delight to decorate a combined kitchen and living space. Use the canvas to express yourself and create spaces that enable you to dish up delicious meals, host guests in style and where you can let down your hair after a long day at work. Create spaces where the family can gather and make memories that last a lifetime.

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