10 Dazzling Bathroom Lighting Design Ideas For Every Style

by Devna Tiwari | January 28, 2024 | 4 mins read

Bathroom lighting ideas for your home

Who said you can’t get artistic with bathroom lighting? These 10 light fixtures will brighten your bathroom’s interior design at the flick of  switch.

It’s where you start your day. Your bathroom is by far the most important space in your home and well used too! Proper lighting is as essential as every other feature in your bathroom. Good lighting will illuminate the space room and lends a touch of luxury too. So if you are looking to experience a luxurious spa-like feel right at home, then this blog is for you!

Before anything you must know that the varieties of lighting available are endless. When you buy a light fixture be mindful of two things: Does it blend in with the overall theme? Does it serve its function? A fixture in a shower area will be different to one used beside a vanity mirror.

Now let us check out our list of popular bathroom lighting ideas for a stunning space like never before!

Contemporary Bathroom With A Retro Pendant Light

This radiant white bathroom is topped off with a crescent-shaped pendant light that hangs daintily from the ceiling. The chic piece of lighting adds an old school feel to this contemporary styled bathroom that has a vintage bathtub.

Contemporary bathroom design with a retro pendant bathroom lights

Shade Lights In A Rustic Styled Bathroom

Shade lights brighten up this bathroom’s interiors just right. These light fixtures have a classic look that blend beautifully with the modern rustic layout of this space. A cluster of four shade lights over the sink are just enough to give a warm but bright glow to this space.

Shade bathroom light ideas suitable in a rustic styled bathroom design
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Chandelier For Royalty

This bathroom is the epitome of luxury. The bathtub in this space sits underneath a striking antique gold chandelier with crystals. It gels in seamlessly with the white and black colour scheme of this space across the checkered tiles. Wood and wicker cabinets make for a unique storage option and add some vintage charm to this space.

Gold chandelier bathroom lights with the white and black colour scheme

A Delicate Glass Pendant Lights

These large pendant lights pair well with a textured wall and a decorative mirror. The combination is what makes this bathroom feel like an escape from a chaotic, crowded world! Who wouldn’t feel like a sweet escape every now and then?

Glass pendant bathroom lights with a textured wall and a decorative mirror

Industrial Lighting In A Modern Bathroom

Modern interior design complimented with industrial-style lights are a unique mix as we see in this bathroom. Over the classic wooden vanity is a single industrial style pendant light in metal that hangs in all its glory. An exposed bulb makes a striking statement to this space and brings in a warm glow.

Modern bathroom interior design with industrial style lights

Sophisticated Bathroom Lightings

For those of you who prefer sophisticated and elegant decor over loud and bold accents, check this out! This bathroom dazzles with soft bright back panel lighting. A wall mounted lamp right above the mirror ties this space together elegantly.

Sophisticated bathroom lightings with a wall mounted lamp right above the mirror bathroom ceiling lights
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Brass Lights For A Luxe Look

A mauve and red bathroom like this is the trendiest of all and shines bright when paired with brass accents. Brass fixtures and mounted lamps bring in a feeling of luxury and relaxation to this bathroom setting. A stalk white bathtub and vanity to balance the space.

Bathroom light fixtures with brass lights for a luxe look

Bathroom Fixtures That Mirror Jewels

See this ring-like dangling fixture? It’s a light! This beige and white modern bathroom design with a floating sink and vanity adorned this unconventional lighting fixture definitely makes a chic statement. Accompanied by it are focus lights on the ceiling that adjust brightness levels to one that is just right.

Bathroom light fixtures with mirror jewels makes a chic statement

Pearl Like Light Fixtures

There’s no better type of light fixture for a modern minimalist bathroom than these pearl-like ceiling lights. This type of lighting softly spreads light across the bathroom. Tying everything together is the vertical strip light over a mirror that spans the length of the wall.

Bathroom ceiling lights with pearl is a type of light fixture for a modern minimalist bathroom

Always In The Spotlight With Mirror Back Lights

The focal point of this bathroom is undoubtedly backlighting behind this mirror. Dazzling between a wooden panel and a circular mirror right above a crisp white vanity is lighting that looks resembles a halo. An excellent pick for those who love to be in the spotlight. Do you?

Bathroom mirror back lights with a wooden panel and a circular mirror

So which bathroom lighting idea did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Happy Decorating!

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