Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room

by Noopur Lidbide | January 28, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wall painting ideas for living room

Bright colours and beautiful colour pairings for the wall can be transformative for the living room!

The living room is one of the most used spaces in the house, not just by you and your family but also by friends and relatives who come over. For a multipurpose space like the living room, the wall colour is an extremely important part of the room’s décor. It is the adhesive that brings your furniture, drapes and lights together. Here are some cool wall painting ideas for living room to help you choose.

Bright Colours Is The Way To Go

An important part of living room design is the colour scheme. The inspiration behind such colour selection can come from personal likes and dislikes in consideration with the overall style that you are going for. This living room boasts of a bright colour palette in shades of bright orange and pink, balanced by the white of the exposed brick walls. The statement wall, however, is in sync with the orange-pink colour scheme and adds brightness through the design without seeming overpowering.

Wall painting ideas with distinct colour for living room
A distinct colour can make any wall a statement wall

The Colour Of Calm For Living Room Walls

The colour blue is the colour of tranquillity. Monochromatic wall painting ideas for living room work extremely well when such walls are one of the defining elements of design. The wall, the couch and the wall paintings are in harmonious shades of blue. When paired with the natural brown of the wooden elements, the overall effect is serene, warm and very welcoming!

Wall painting ideas with shade of blue for living room
This interesting shade of blue changes the entire landscape of this living room

Muted Colours For Living Room Walls

The stylish and quirky furniture is unique and the highlight of this living room. For designs like these, you need to think of wall painting ideas for living room that serve as the perfect backdrop to the dominant style. Green-grey shades are a popular choice. They let your furniture and decor shine.  While neutral hues of the furniture work well with the green-grey shade, you can always complement the colour with bright contrasting colours like the pink for an interesting twist.

Wall painting ideas with muted colours for living room
Muted hues of bright colours like green are equally charming as wall painting options
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Artistic Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room

Why have one colour when you can have three?! For wall paint design ideas for living room, there are many different ways in which you can use more than one colour. Stripes, geometric patterns and so on can be cool designs for living room walls. This pattern of shades of green along with white resembles mountain ranges. When you don’t want the colour of the wall to be lost in the background, you can introduce such patterns or shades to make a creative expression.

Artistic wall painting ideas for living room
You can make that statement wall interesting with a striking wall paint design

Blended Colours

This is one of the creative wall painting ideas for living room that is easy but rather unique. The wall paint seamlessly goes from a coral hue of pink to a darker and deeper shade in the same colour profile, making the living room wall look bright and chic. The smoothness of the blend and the finish of the paint are essential in delivering the right look.

Light and dark shades wall painting ideas for living room
Light and dark shades of the same wall colour work their magic for this living room

Neutral Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room

The colour grey is among the popular and neutral living room wall paint for home. It has a lot of depth and character, yet it is neutral enough to be a canvas which you can enhance with the right kind of decor. Grey goes extremely well with warm colour elements in a house, like the green of plants and brown of the furniture. While plain grey walls could make a living room look darker, the combination with classic white walls ensures that the space feels breezy and bright.

Neutral wall painting ideas for living room
Neutral wall paint combinations have an innate charm that requires little else
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A Bright Pop Of Colour

Some wall painting ideas for living room help highlight pieces of art, while some others are art in themselves. This living room is a perfect example of the latter. The white and grey of the living room scream modern minimalism, and the splash of the bright yellow colour breaks the monotony of these neutral colours. With the right kind of decor and lighting, this room makes for a stunning space.

Wall paint design ideas for living room with yellow
A striking colour like yellow can instantly liven up a neutral colour palette

Colours are representative of your style and they are also responsible for setting the right tone for any space. This is why choosing a good wall painting design is crucial for a space as used as the living room. If you need personalised design consultation for your space, get in touch with us at Design Cafe today!

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