Storage Made Easier With Wall Shelves For Your Living Room

by Ashish Rai | February 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

Living room wall shelves designs for your home

Organising can be real fun! Whether you are looking for more storage or plain decor wall shelves in your living room can add that extra oomph to your home. They are practical, occupy less space and are available in different shapes and sizes. And what’s more, they are available in creative designs too, some of which are multipurpose in nature. You can use them to display your books, travel souvenirs, indoor plants and more – basically anything that will bring out the character of your home. Come let us take a sneak peek into various wall shelf designs for your living room.

Wooden Wall Shelves For Living Room

If you are thinking of getting a wall shelf in your living room then consider wood. Wooden wall shelves ooze simplicity and charm that is typical of the countryside. They are a great choice if you want a rustic vibe in your living room. So, if you are seeking a clean and minimalist look opt for floating wooden shelves. You can combine it with some stained wood into the mix for effects. 

Wall shelves for living room is a great choice if you want a rustic vibe with a bookshelf design for living room
Wooden shelves lend a look of comfort and elegance to living rooms

A Living Room With Glass Shelves

Who doesn’t love glass shelving? Glass is a transparent material that blends seamlessly into the environment for a light and airy feel to any room. You can custom design them or purchase glass shelves and hang them with brackets. Anything placed on a glass shelf takes centre stage. For instance, books placed on them appear to be floating. Knick-knacks placed on glass shelves visually stand out and can be admired from all angles. If you don’t have wall space to mount shelves, opt for freestanding variety. Glass shelves have several advantages, especially with small homes, as they make a room feel less cluttered. 

Living room shelves where a transparent material that blends seamlessly into the environment for a light of glass shelves for living room
Glass shelves bring in character to your living room and make it appear spacious
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Multi-Tier Shelves For Your Living Room

Bare walls are not only to display artwork. What most homeowners do not realise is that they can be pretty useful. Bring in a touch of individuality to your living room with a multi-tier shelf. Multi-tier shelves in your living room, actually create an impression of space. This type increases the storage possibilities of bare walls. These are ideal if you have more to display or store. 

Wooden wall shelves for living room where most homeowners do not realise is that they can be pretty useful as a wall shelves design for living room
A multi-tier corner shelf is a great way to flaunt decoratives and make use of bare walls

Love Minimalism? Rectangular Shelves Are The Way To Go

Minimalism doesn’t get simpler than this! Rectangle shelves are a great way to showcase all your precious knick-knacks. Solid, wide frames with enough depth inside give you adequate space to store things. They are available in a variety of sizes, designs and colours so choose one that blends with the interiors of your living room.

Shelves design for living room which are a great way to showcase all your precious knick-knacks with these cool wall shelf ideas for living room
Neutral rectangle shelves adds simplicity to spaces

Adorn Your Wall With A Bookshelf

You don’t need to be a bookworm to have a bookshelf in your living room. A bookshelf is a great option to stack magazines, travel books, or even decor items. Put up those trophies, picture frames or pretty potted plants you want to see every day. A well-done bookshelf can be a lively addition to any living room. 

Corner shelf for living room where a bookshelf is a great option to stack magazines on wooden shelves for living room
Books and magazines make for great decor too so display them on a shelf

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A Beautiful Mess – Hexagonal Shelves For Living Room

Hexagonal shelves are quirky and fun to have around and look like an ornament on your living room walls. This type of shelf design adds a striking feature to spaces. Mount it along the staircase wall and display all your favourite memorabilia. Knick-knacks, small plants or books stand out when placed here. 

Decorative wall shelves for living room where this type of shelf design adds a striking feature to spaces for living room shelf decor
Displaying your favourite items on hexagonal shelves looks fantastic

Wall shelves zing up living rooms. Our list here gives you a wide range of possibilities to deck up those walls for stylish home interiors. Choose one because it stays with you for years to come!

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