Stunning Granite Top Dining Table Designs For Your Home

by Jyoti Agarwal | February 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

Granite top dining table design for your home

Add chic and style to your dining room with these striking granite dining table tops that ooze of elegance and sophistication.

When we think of granite in our home décor, we usually associate with kitchen and bathroom countertops. Using it as a tabletop is not commonplace. However, once you go through the stunning designs in this article, you will understand why a granite top dining table is the latest fad among designers and homeowners.

Apart from being stunning and impressive, granite table tops are durable and highly functional. Dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, and even console tables with granite top can add style and elegance to your modern interior design.

How can I make a granite dining room table?

Just finished your kitchen/bathroom renovation and are left with a slab of granite? Instead of just letting it be, you can use this granite slab as a tabletop. Either you can cut the slab to fit on the top of an existing wooden/iron table or you can make a dining table base from it and attach another slab on top.

You can also purchase a new slab from a supplier. Ask him to cut the slab as per your desired shape and size and give proper finishing to the edges. Use commercial-grade adhesive to stick the granite top to the table frame. Make sure the table frame is left untouched for three-four days, which is the time needed for the top to stick properly onto the frame.

And voila, your granite dining table is ready.

Stunning Granite Dining Table Designs

Granite top dining tables and chairs are available in various colours, shapes, and designs. Design Cafe brings to you a list of beautiful granite top dining tables and chairs that will pique your interest. Here you go.

Simple Is Beautiful

The above saying stands true for this rustic granite tabletop. Whether you are looking for a minimalist dining room interiors or for an addition to your lively interior décor, this white granite dining table fits perfectly well in any surrounding. Use contrasting chairs to the needed drama to your dining room.

Simple granite top dining table which  fits perfectly well in any surrounding with modern feel to this area
The designer lighting adds a smart, modern feel to this area
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An Extension To The Kitchen

Check out this beautiful blue granite dining area that is  an extension to the kitchen countertop. This is a wonderful idea if you do not have a separate dining space. Add matching high chairs along with some fancy cutlery and you have a gorgeous granite top dining table where you can chat with your family as you cook and eat together.

Granite top dining table with kitchen extension with matching high chairs along with some fancy cutlery
Stunning dining lights add to the charm of this granite countertop

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Black Is The Colour For A Granite Table Top

Black granite beautifully contrasts with the white walls on the background. And if you notice the wooden bench and oversized chairs of the dining set, we just love it. They complement the low-key granite table we have here in the foreground.

Black granite top dining table design which contrasts with the white walls on the background
You can use all-black granite too instead of the patterned one

Neutral Granite Table Top

The buttery cream colour is something that is not too white and neither too dark. It is a neutral coloured tabletop that can seamlessly warm up your kitchen/dining area. The granite dining table base that speaks for itself is one thing we love about this table.

Neutral granite top dining table which  can seamlessly warm up your kitchen/dining area and is a perfect addition to the dining table
The modern dining light is a perfect addition to the dining table

Use Stools Instead Of Chairs

The beautiful leather upholstered stools break the monotonous dark colour of the granite. They make the entire space look more glamorous while providing a lot of sitting space! Organising a family dinner or having some friends over? Then this is a perfect space for a gettogether.

Granite top dining table and chairs with stools that can seamlessly warm up your kitchen/dining area
The modern dining light is a perfect addition to the dining table
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The images above show some incredible granite dining table designs. With modern technologies, you can now also combine granite pieces in different colours to have multiple-coloured granite table tops for your dining room.

If you enjoyed reading about granite top dining table designs, also explore dining room lighting ideas.

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