5 Distinctive Ideas To Use Granite Dining Table Tops Effectively

by Natasha Unger | February 28, 2024 | 5 mins read

Granite dining table designs for your home

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The trend of using granite for dining table tops has been around for decades. With it having multiple merits to its name, it gets favoured over its counterparts. When compared to wooden dining table tops, granite is the winner because it is convenient in multiple ways. It doesn’t stain, is waterproof and has this distinct gloss to it that wood doesn’t give out.

Interestingly, most urban homeowners opt for granite dining table tops because it saves a lot of time when it comes to maintenance. Couples who are both working professionals may not have time to spend cleaning up a mess on the table and that is why granite tables come to the rescue.

While there are multiple ways to make use of granite table tops for your dining area, here are a few ideas to consider.

A White Granite Dining Table Makes A Luxurious Impression

Black granite is what most people tend to use for dining tables as stains and scratches get camouflaged. The concept of white granite is selectively picked by those who love the colour and prefer luxury over anything else. A white granite dining table set can be perfect for a dining space that is all white. Combined with white chairs, walls, floor, decor, etc. the entire set-up lends this luxurious and bright look to your home. Maintaining it can be a difficult task but when you do it diligently, you are likely to own a gem that will stay with you for long.

Round and white granite dining table looks luxurious and bright
A round and white granite dining table is the perfect example of class as well as beauty that you can own
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A Granite Dining Table That Is A Timeless Masterpiece

Wood and granite have been combined to create timeless pieces of furniture. We suggest you go for this combination but pick a light table frame when possible. Wooden or metal chairs go perfectly with such a dining table. It isn’t necessary that you pick tables made of heavy wood, There are lighter options available that can match your choice and still create a masterpiece.

White wooden frame with a granite table top
A white wooden frame with a granite table top can be a perfect asset when paired with metal chairs

A Granite Dining Table That Brings Everyone Together

When you talk of supper, the first thing that comes to mind is a grand affair involving multiple guests enjoying a meal. This requires a table that is large enough to accommodate the food as well as the guests. It is a perfect choice for a large family as well as those who have guests coming over frequently. This is a perfect fit for dedicated dining rooms where a granite dining table is the centre of attraction. The bright lights can add to the glamour of the room. Granite floors or mouldings get to be the icing on the cake. Avoid putting effort into the decor as the table gets to steal the show.

Granite dining table with contrasting walls
Contrasting walls and the floor can liven up the dining room when there is granite as the tabletop

A Kitchen Island Which Acts As The Ideal Dining Table

Even though the island is a concept borrowed from the West, it is a great addition to an Indian kitchen. It is a space that helps you with preparing meals and also keeping food as and when required. You do not have to spend on a separate piece of furniture and make do with one that is multifunctional. Since an island helps with preparing meals, it gets easy as there is hassle-free maintenance involved.

A space-saving concept where you can take care of multiple tasks while experiencing minimal maintenance
A space-saving concept where you can take care of multiple tasks while experiencing minimal maintenance

A Granite Dining Table With Lots of Space To Seat Guests

This is a concept that involves the use of multiple chairs to accommodate a lot of people at once. A granite stone dining table top with chairs on one side and a relaxed sitting area on the other side makes it a perfect asset for your home. A dining experience that is relaxing while spending time bonding with friends and family is what you get out of this. The right type of lights hovering over the space is the perfect addition.

Granite stone dining table top with chairs on one side and a relaxed sitting area
When you have several guests coming over and plan to bond over meals, this is what you should go for

Granite top dining table and chairs can any day be the best additions to your space. When used in the right manner and accessories, your home will be nothing less than a luxurious abode.

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