Marble Dining Table Set Designs For Your Home

by Sneha Virmani | February 29, 2024 | 4 mins read

Marble dining table set

Wondering how to amp up your dining area? What better way than investing in an elegant marble dining table set that oozes chic and luxe. Check out these five stunning designs and be spoilt for choice 

Strikingly stylish, a marble dining table set is a timeless investment that can elevate any home it becomes a part of. Think of how fashionable it would be to dine everyday at a marble dining table. Your neighbours will surely be envious and would want to get their hands on a marble dining table themselves. Beat them in the game and get yours today! 

When it comes to picking a dining table for your home, there are so many options that it often leads to an overwhelming experience of confusion. A mix of luxury with touches of elegance, a marble top dining table set takes modern dining up a notch and sets the tone for a clean eating experience. 
If you are one to believe marble is an old-school material for modern homes, think again. The crème de la crème of dining table sets, marble tabletop designs is one that not only stands the test of time but looks new even after a decade of use. Here are some of our personal favourite marble dining table designs that will bring glamour to your home without breaking the bank.

Marble Dining Table Set With Bench: Up Your Cool Quotient

The beauty of a marble dining table set is the freedom it offers to play with different colours. For instance, this fine classic black marble table top pairs beautifully with a combination of chairs and a bench. Slightly offbeat, these dining tables bring a timeless charm to the home while being a statement of how cool you are. 

Marble dining table set with bench which offers to play with different colours
To elevate the glossy black table top, an arrangement of fresh lilies as a centrepiece will infuse extravagance to the space
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Marble And Mahogany: A Fine Combination For Your Home

The dark mahogany base set below a stunning marble tabletop is a piece fit for any modern home. The marble top has a gorgeous ivory finish that contrasts beautifully with the elegant mahogany finish. Set amid an open kitchen, this dining table set with matching upholstered chairs adds a contemporary appeal to the area. Get this combination to effortlessly enhance the appeal of your dining area.

Marble top dining table set mahogany which is a piece fit for any modern home
A warm yellow pendant light above the tabletop adds sheen and creates an ambiance of cosy luxury

Ice White Luxe Marble Dining Table Set: Reflects Your Class

A combination of quirky transparent chairs with a solid marble dining table is nothing but an exceptional piece of art. Smooth decor like this infuses feelings of freshness and extravagance with simplicity at a home. A light marble dining table set when paired with comfortable icy white chairs creates an offbeat eating space. 

Italian marble dining table set with transparent chairs with a solid marble
Playing with neutral colours in your dining area allows natural elements like sunlight to brighten up the room

Round Marble Table Top: A Convenience You Deserve

Elegant, clean and modern, this round marble dining table set is a chic addition to your home. Featuring a unique round cut, the striking white tabletop with muted brown faux leather chairs will make a statement when you entertain guests. 

Round and cheap marble dining table set with unique round cut, the striking white tabletop
To accentuate the beauty of this stunning dining table set, a beaded glass chandelier in your dining area will transport you to a Michelin star restaurant for every meal

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Rectangular Eight Seater Marble Dining Table Set: A Perfect Fit For Any Gathering

A long and spacious dining table set for eight people, this design is a unique combination of marble with earthy wooden chairs. Rejuvenate your in-home dining experience with this refreshing two-tone dining table set, which harmoniously blends in as one. The use of the marble table top with contrasting black legs will undoubtedly be a standout investment for your home. The rustic wooden chairs bring subtle earth tones to the eating area by providing an easy transition from casual day dining to elegant dinner parties. 

Rectangle marble top dining table set 6 seater which is a a unique combination of marble with earthy wooden chairs
Using natural materials like wood with marble enhances the appeal of the dining area by setting a vintage dining vibe

Marble dining table sets are such a versatile piece of investment that it will last you generations. Each of these five designs is unique in their style, size and finish. So, when choosing the right one for your home, pick one that is easy to maintain and fits your budget. If you are looking to explore more options, reach out to us, and we will always be happy to help. 

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