9 Awesome Round Dining Table Designs For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 9, 2024 | 5 mins read

Round dining table design with awesome round dining table sets

No more going around in circles! These nine designs will prove why round dining tables are a great fit for your home!

When it comes to dining tables, square or rectangle shaped tables are ones that everyone is naturally inclined towards. But if you are looking to make your dining room stand out, one of the best ways to do it is to get a dining table in a shape that is slightly out of the box. Before we start, let’s take a quick look at why a round dining table set for your home is a great idea.

  1. Round dining tables are great for cosy dinners as the shape of the table is ideal for conversations.
  2. These are a great fit for smaller or cramped up spaces as the tables come without an edge and the shape allows for a lot more free space around it.
  3. Round dining table sets are also ideal for larger spaces where you wish for a design that gives of a more casual vibe.
  4. They are versatile in terms of their style – round dining table sets can easily look casual, contemporary, chic as well as elegant, depending upon the setting.

Take a look at these awesome round dining table designs that are sure to convince you that you need one of these for your dining room!

A Table For Two

Having a small space does not mean you have to ditch the idea of a dining table. A round dining table set for two works perfectly well in small spaces and in fact makes for a rather cute, date-like dinner table setting.

Round dining table design for small spaces with 2 seater round dining table
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A Round Dining Table Set With Comfortable Cushions

Family meals become more enjoyable when the dining room setup is as cosy as this beautiful little round dining table set. The comfortable cushions accompanying the chairs are a great addition to the set.

Round dining table set with comfortable cushions in your dining room

A Round Glass Dining Table Set

If the look that you are trying to go for is more sleek and modern, a round dining table set with a glass top will serve the purpose. With round dining tables, the challenge can be to get one of the right dimensions to seat the desired number of people comfortably. Typical for family dining, a 24 inch chair spacing is considered sufficient for round tables. Which means that a 54 inch round dining table set like this one can comfortably accommodate six chairs.

Round glass dining table set makes your dining room looks sleek and modern style

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A Modern Round Dining Table

One of the factors in determining the size of the round table is also the design of the table as well as the chairs. This modern round dining table comes with chairs that are slightly bulky in design. In such a case it is better to opt for a table in a larger size that will allow the seating to remain comfortable.

Modern round dining table design with 4 seater round dining table

Sleek Round Dining Table Set

Another dining table design that is great for smaller spaces this round dining table is sleek and chic. The minimal design of the chairs makes this round dining table set a great option for any modern home.

Round dining table in sleek and chic for modern indian homes
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Round Dining Table For Four

Suitable for most modern and nuclear family households, this wooden round dining table set is a classic design that will go well with any style of interiors. The subtle sophistication of this design set also qualifies it as a great place to have a cosy double dinner date at home!

Round dining table for 4 designed with wooden round dining table set for modern and nuclear families

Classic Round Dining Table Set

This classic round dining table design reminds us of those beautiful, preserved dining table sets at heritage villas. Go for a stylish round dining table set like this one, particularly if you wish to complement the design with an equally stylish dining room interior.

Classic round dining table design gives stylish looks to dining room interior

Fit For Royalty

If you need a dining table for big fat family lunches, or even to have a few guests over every now and then, opt for a 60 inch grand round dining table set like this one that can comfortably seat around eight adults. And if you are willing to spend a few additional bucks to make room for a couple more seats at the table, you can opt for a larger, 72 inch round table that can comfortably seat around 10 adults.

Round dining room table for 10, this round dining room table suitable for big fat family

Ultra Cool Round Dining Table Set

Don’t you love simply everything about this round dining table set? With it’s fabulous design, this round dining table set in itself is the fine fix that your modern home needs! It’s ultra-modern, sleek and perfect for millennials that are raring to go.

Round dining table set in ultra modern for modern indian homes

From classic to royal, urban, sleek and stylish – this list covers must have round dining table sets for your dining space! Which one of these designs do you have your heart set on?

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