Small Space, Big Style: Modern Cupboard Designs For Small Bedrooms

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 9, 2024 | 7 mins read

Modern Cupboard Design For Small Bedroom For Your Home

Check these modern cupboard designs for small bedrooms to style your space.

Designing a small bedroom can be a daunting task. If you have a small-sized room you would have found yourself questioning the basics – Where will my bed fit? How do I plan the layout? What about storage? And your clothes and collectibles need to be neatly organised to make your small bedroom liveable right? Our modern cupboard designs for small bedrooms will bring much needed method to the madness! From simple to vintage, here are our favourite bedroom cupboard designs for small spaces.

Wooden Cupboard Designs For Small Bedrooms

Got an old wooden cupboard from your grandparents? Smartly put it to use then! Wooden cupboards (even antique ones) are ornate, classy and a sight to behold. It fits perfectly well in a small bedroom and can enhance the look of an otherwise bland space. Another good thing about them is that they are usually well designed and despite a compact form, can house umpteen things.

Wooden cupboard designs for small bedrooms which are ornate, classy and a sight to behold
Wooden cupboards are well-designed to house more items and also have a chic design
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Keep It By The Side: Corner Cupboard For Small Bedrooms

For bedrooms with less wall area, it is important to make the most use of every nook and cranny in a smart and organised way. For the same, nothing comes to rescue as brilliantly as the corner cupboard. Choose a sleek cupboard design and opt for pastels like white or pink to even perk up the boring borders of your bedroom interior.

Bedroom cupboard designs for small space where it is important to make the most use of every noo
Corner cupboards make smart use of space and look sleek as well

In The Name of Class: Vintage Cupboard For Small Bedrooms

Classy to the core, vintage cupboards go well with every kind of bedroom. Especially, in small bedrooms, it can be this great focal point and lend character to the room. Opt for lighter shades like white or pastels so that the cupboard gives all vintage vibes yet doesn’t overpower the bedroom.

Modern cupboard design for small bedroom where vintage cupboards go well with every kind of bedroom
Choose a vintage cupboard to create a centre of attention in a small bedroom.

For the Sake Of More Space: A Floor To Ceiling Cupboard For Small Bedrooms

Floor-to-ceiling cupboards are seamless and are a great option for saving space. They help you make optimum use of even a compact bedroom. Additionally, all your bulky collectibles can easily be placed in its overhead section and your other knick-knacks can be safely stored in the lower section of the same.

Simple cupboard design for small bedroom which is a great option for saving space
Go for floor to ceiling cupboard to make the most of the limited space in your bedroom

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Go With The Wall: Wall Covering Cupboard For Small Bedrooms

Yet another brilliant design hack for saving space in your small bedroom is to opt for a wall covering cupboard. This cupboard design makes complete use of the walls. Furthermore, you can smartly compartmentalise this cupboard and place all your valuables in it without any hassles

Cupboard ideas for small bedrooms which is a brilliant design hack for saving space
A wallcovering cupboard is ideal to create a seamless small bedroom

Keep It Simple: Latest Cupboard Design For Small Bedroom

Wooden cupboards are timeless and they can be adequately customised even for small bedrooms. If they are beyond your budget then you could go for wooden laminated cupboards and they would grant a similar feel to your bedroom. Also, wooden laminated cupboards because of their simplicity shall never really go outdated. So, do consider them!

Wall cupboard designs for small bedrooms which can be adequately customized even for small bedrooms
Wooden laminate cupboards are one of the latest designs that go well with small bedrooms
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Two For One: Split Cupboard Design For Small Bedroom

A two in one cupboard with sleek sections is perfect for compact bedrooms. It can be used by you and your loved one or you can simply organise various valuables, knick-knacks, clothes in a systematic manner. You can choose a rather vintage or cane-like finish for such cupboards as it shall instantly pep your small chamber.

Built in cupboard designs for small bedrooms where sleek sections are perfect for compact bedrooms
Consider a streamlined, multi-section cupboard design to fit in all your valuables in a small bedroom

Staying With The Style: Fibre Cupboard Design For Small Bedroom

Modern cupboard designs do have fibre without a doubt. Fibre panels look extremely chic and stylish. They are attractive in their own way and can easily make up for space constraints in your bedroom. You can complement fibre panels with a wooden cupboard and get the best of both.

Latest cupboard design for small bedroom where fiber panels look extremely chic and stylish
Fiber panelled cupboard is sleek and stylish, choose it to pep a small bedroom

Choose Cupboard With Mirror Front For A Spacious Look

If you have a small room, opt for a cupboard with mirrored front shutters. This will help create an illumination of a bigger space. You can use a combination of wood finish laminates along with mirror front shutters to infuse a rustic touch to your bedroom, as shown in the image. We have added a wall-mounted Tv unit and a low-lying cabinet with similar laminates to maintain continuity while adding some extra storage and display space in your small bedroom.

Cupboard design for small bedroom with mirror front
A cupboard with mirror front shutters makes your bedroom look spacious and bright.
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Go For Cupboard With In-Built TV Unit And Hidden Storage

Don’t let your small bedroom stop you from enjoying your favourite TV shows from the comfort of your bed. This innovative cupboard comes with an in-built Tv unit and hidden storage behind, making it the best cupboard design for small spaces. The cupboard also has an attached dressing area with a mirror and multiple compartments to store your makeup essentials. Just add a chair, and you are all to enjoy a luxurious dolling up experience. The cupboard also has multiple drawers and modular storage units to keep all your clothes, shoes, and other essentials in a clutter-free manner.

Cupboard idea for small bedroom with built-in tv unit and hidden storage
A smart and modern cupboard design for a small bedroom.

A Cupboard With A Study Pull-Out For Your Kids’ Bedroom

A kid’s bedroom is incomplete without a study table or a cupboard. But a separate study table and cupboard can end up taking up a lot of space, leaving no floor space for your child to play around freely. So we have come up with a brilliant idea of combining the two. This cupboard comes with a stylish study pullout where your kids can study peacefully. And once they are done, just push it back, and they have enough space for a free flow movement. You can also use these built-in cupboard designs for small bedrooms if you work from home or want a separate study nook in your bedroom.

Cupboard design for small bedroom with study pull-out
Modern cupboard design with study pull-out unit, perfect for small bedrooms

Modular Cupboard With Pull-Out Dresser For Small Bedrooms

This three-door cupboard comes with multiple storage compartments and provides ample space for your partner and you to store clothes, shoes, and other personal belongings. The compact design and mirror finish laminates make it a perfect bedroom cupboard design for small spaces. But the highlight of this cupboard is the pullout dresser unit and the hidden mirror unit. This dresser unit has internal shelvings to keep all your cosmetics, perfume bottles, jewellery, and other delicate makeup essentials in an organised manner. While the full-length mirror makes this design a makeup lover’s paradise. You can opt for led backlights to add extra jazz to your dressing area.

Cupboard design with pull-out dresser for small bedroom
Cupboard idea with pull-out dresser for small bedroom
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Keep our aforementioned design suggestions on mind for the revamp that you are planning or use our tips for your all new bedroom. From textures, designs, look and feel, you know all about cupboards now, right? Recollect them whenever you want then and if you need more help for the same, Book A Free Consultation right away!

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