Modern Indian Style Kitchen Designs That Are Absolutely Cutting-Edge

by Anmol Kalro | February 23, 2024 | 8 mins read

Modern indian style kitchen designs in 2020

Traditional touches meet modern-day design concepts to make your kitchen both stylish and smart.

Alfred Hitchcock said, “Happiness is a small home with a big kitchen.” Well, there’s no arguing with that, is there? It is indeed ironic how a home-cooked meal is referred to as comfort food and there’s little we can do to add comfort and style to Indian style kitchens while designing our home interiors. With smaller and smaller apartments coming into the picture, there’s not much you can do to cloak messy countertops anymore. Besides, your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It is the sweet spot that blesses your belly, so it ought to be designed with as much thought, if not more, than the rest of your abode.

Gather around the table, for these modern Indian style kitchen designs are going to make you want to revamp your galley, big time!

Kitchen Island Are Treasures You Must Own

Indian style kitchen design with tiny kitchen islands work great to create more storage even within smaller kitchens
A kitchen island as a centrepiece of your space makes a sensational statement

Kitchen islands haven’t quite been popular among Indian style kitchens either due to extra space they occupy or as a result of a mentality that they cause an unnecessary obstruction in a galley. But this is far from true. Tiny kitchen islands work great to create more storage even within smaller kitchens. Besides this, they can be used as extra preparation space and even a substitute to a dining table! Sounds like islands could be space-saving saviours, contrary to popular belief, isn’t it?

There are ample ways to get creative with your Indian-style kitchen island. For starters, with a slightly bigger space, you can incorporate both your sink and stove into this withholding wagon. This makes preparation so much more convenient (you can thank us later). Furthermore, they work best for ones who’d prefer to keep their cabinets and tabletops unembellished. Statement hanging pendant lights and an antique vase to complement the kitchen island and you’ve got yourself a sensational scullery!

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Modern Indian Style Kitchen Designs

If a style that resonates with Indian cultures and colours is simply not your thing, and you wish to have tasteful, trendy galley interiors nonetheless; these modern Indian style kitchen ideas are definite to make the grade.

Sleek Peak

A sophisticated combination of monochromes and stainless steel – this one is best suited for a cliquey kitchen that instantly adds class to every corner.

Modern indian style kitchen interior design with white open kitchen with sleek and stylish
Modern white open kitchen with sleek and stylish interiors
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Modern Vintage

Have you noticed how interior designs in the market today try to add an element of valuable vintage to instantly make the place seem a whole lot luxurious? Ironic isn’t it? We guess it’s true what they say – Old is gold, and this retro green beauty does much to complement a snug home.

Small kitchen design indian style with vintage green indian kitchen with island in a loft
Vintage Green Indian kitchen with island in a loft

Beautiful Backsplashes For A Refreshing Touch

While cabinets and countertops do little to add glitz to your Indian kitchen design, there’s always the connecting space between these drab surfaces that you can experiment with. Modern kitchen interiors meet traditional backsplashes to give your kitchen the best of both worlds. Whether your intent is to remodel your entire kitchen or simply give it a refreshing touch, backsplashes can turn a mundane wall to an à la mode screensaver almost effortlessly. To give your galley area a traditional Indian touch, you can use decorative tiles or red brick walls as backsplashes to complement the aesthetics of your kitchen decor.

Another, rather unconventional yet fun way to spruce things up is to use a blackboard as a backsplash to write the ingredients of recipes or scribble down your grocery shopping list as a to-do reminder. It instantly enlivens your kitchen and is a tried and tested conversation starter too!

Traditional indian kitchen design gives galley area a traditional indian touch and use red brick walls as backsplashes
A brick wall makes for a beautiful backsplash with an Indian accent

The Texture Experiment

Another way to add traditional touches to your Indian style kitchen is to play with textures. On one hand, you can incorporate elite textured wood in your cabinetry and on the other, go all antique with unpainted stone walls that make quaint but beautiful backsplashes. The use of earthy, natural colours like shades yellows and browns and do a remarkable job to further accentuate your culturally staunch scullery. Drill some wall niches that display houseplants and you’ve got yourself all the countryside villa feels that would never make you want to leave your kitchen.

Add traditional touches to your indian kitchen design is to play with textures
Traditionally-styled apartment with stone walls and a wall niche

Small But Smart Indian Kitchen Designs

Open Kitchens

Open kitchens haven’t quite made it to the favourites list of Indian style kitchens but they’re due to get there sooner or later. Not only do they save a magnificent amount of space that would otherwise have to be used in the construction of worthless walls, but also somehow manage to keep your family close-knit by eliciting all those benign cooking conversations. Open kitchen designs for small Indian kitchens that seamlessly save the day.

Countertop Turned Dining Table

This all-wood brilliance is a great way to incorporate a small dining area into your prep-counter and works wonders to save extra space to create an otherwise whole different dining room area. An extra slab jutting out with a couple of bar stools might not be your idea of fancy but it sure does look neat and swanky. Dine where you cook and you don’t have to move an inch to grab that second serving!

Small kitchen design indian style with a white and wooden modern with an island cum dining table
A white and wooden modern with an island cum dining table

Sliding Diners

It’s intriguing how smart furniture has revolutionised smaller apartments. Sliding diners are another space-saving add on that could be useful in a small Indian kitchen design. A dining table that’s not really there unless you need it or reach for it- kind of sounds like Batman to us, we’re sold!

Small modern indian kitchen designs with wooden details and a sliding wooden table
Modern kitchen with wooden details and a sliding wooden table
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Saucepans Make For Wonderful Wall-Hangings

Given that with smaller kitchens come lesser storage space, you always have the option of going old-school and nailing decorative hanger boards on the backsplashes between counters and cabinets to display all of your pots and pans. Circular pans placed in ascending order of size is a fun way to aesthetically pull this one off, too. So, go ahead and get creative with all that extra crockery!

Small indian kitchen design with white open kitchen with mounted wooden hanger boards
An all-white open kitchen with mounted wooden hanger boards displaying cutlery

It’s All In The Colours

3 Colour Trick

Too many colours are going to make your kitchen look overcrowded and small. Most people who like to add colour to their Indian kitchen design do so by sticking to a rigid three colour scheme. This works like a clever trick making even smaller spaces look neat and organised. Right from your counter slabs and walls to your cabinets and kitchen appliances – everything must be either of the three colours you pick. You can choose to play with warm hues, subtle browns or a stylish trio of white black and grey and have your entire kitchen revolve around the theme.

Add colour to indian modern kitchen design by sticking to rigid three colour scheme grey, white and beige
A Scandinavian-style kitchen with a colour palette revolving around grey, white and beige

And It Was All Yellow

Many people choose to integrate a bold colour to break the monotony of warm undertones, and yellow is our most favourite! A bright yellow or red gives life to the boring greys and browns of granite, marble and wooden furnishings and gives your Indian kitchen design just the spice it needs.

Choose black and yellow colours for indian modern kitchen interiors with dining table and chairs
Black and yellow modern kitchen with a dining table and chairs

Keep It Simple, Silly

If you don’t fancy a kitchen that takes up a lot of space and would rather keep things cosy, then an all-black kitchen with elegant stainless-steel fittings is your pick. The designs work best if you have a studio apartment. You can even have an extended black dining slab cum partition with trendy bar stools to amp your sweet studio.

Indian kitchen design with a cosy apartment with black kitchen interiors and rotating bar stools
A cosy apartment with black kitchen interiors and rotating bar stools

Wood And White Make Everything Right

Straight out of classic novels that never run out of style, this simple Indian kitchen design is an example of how the evergreen duo of glossy white and natural warm-toned wood never fails! Even for a smaller Indian kitchen, white works wonders giving the illusion of a larger space while little fixtures of wood-engraved above countertops enhance the elegance of white. White might seem like high-maintenance, but what’s an Indian kitchen-cooked meal if you don’t get your hands a little dirty, right?

Simple indian kitchen design with a modern classic combination of white cabinetry and wooden countertops
A modern classic combination of white cabinetry and wooden countertops in a Scandinavian-style kitchen

Finding the perfect balance and nailing that whole modern layout-meets-traditional touches look can be quite challenging. And all of this within a small space? Talk about tricky! But smart shifts in interior designs have come a long way stretching a hand so even the tiniest spaces can have charming traces. We hope this article adds to your kitchen, just the amount of pepper it needs.

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