Bring Nature Inside Your Home! Fabulous Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

by Ashish Rai | January 16, 2024 | 5 mins read

Small space garden ideas for your home

Did you know that even the tiniest plot can transfer your home into an elegant outdoor retreat? Here are small garden ideas for small spaces.

Bigger isn’t always better! Small spaces can be fun and enjoyable especially during spring and summer. Flowers and plants bring so much of beauty to every space – small or big, inside or outside. Whether you reside in an apartment or have a tiny pavement for a yard, a small garden isn’t that difficult.  With the onset of spring, it is the perfect time to embellish your tiny spaces with greenery.

A small garden has many advantages – the main one being they are low maintenance. Also, these spaces do give you the option to get creative with decor such as colourful cushions to stylish garden lighting. Whether you are looking to create a lush balcony garden, to small storage and water features, you can transform your space into a cosy nature retreat. If you want to plant vegetables, flowers or have a small herb garden, we are sure you’ll find an idea that matches your taste and space suitably.

A Terrace Garden

Consider it a boon if you have a small rooftop because here is where you can create a garden where you can sit and enjoy your time off from the world! A small roof can look big if kept open, so opt for transparent glass instead of parapet walls. Ensure you have plants of all sizes and types to make it picturesque. Mix and match with a few larger plants, shrubs, and small trees. Bamboos or any type of tall grass/ palms are great options as they are low maintenance too.

Small space garden ideas for the roof grow a few larger plants, shrubs and small trees as they are low maintenance.
This rooftop garden looks impressive with glass panel walls, where you can enjoy nature and the view

A Balcony Garden

How do you start gardening if you live in an apartment? If you have a balcony in your home consider yourself blessed! Here is where you can grow a wide variety of vegetables, plants, flowers, and herbs in containers. With some bold and creative ideas, you can have a small outdoor oasis that’s full of life. Colorful pots with flowers, a swing chair, decorative pillows, good wooden floors can make your balcony lively and bright. In the evening, you can light candles and lanterns to make your small balcony romantic and mysterious.

Balcony garden ideas for small spaces grow a wide variety of vegetables, plants, flowers and herbs in containers.
With adequate planning, you can create a beautiful balcony garden designed to make your apartment cheerful

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A Hanging Garden Inside Your Bedroom

Do you love and admire the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Well, replicating, one of the seven wonders of the world, can be a mammoth task but you could make your small room a pretty garden. So even if you don’t have a large lawn or a backyard, you can still grow herbs, flowers and vegetables inside your home with hanging pots. Install a room divider, as we see in this image, and hang small pots for your herbs and other greens. Quite a pretty backdrop isn’t it?

Small space garden ideas choose hanging garden so can install even in a bedroom.
A smart and inexpensive way to add some greens inside your room

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Think Vertically For Planting

So you have your pots, soil and the seeds, but what good are those if you don’t have space to hold them? Luckily, it is possible to start your home garden even if you do not own a big backyard. Thanks to vertical garden trending, even those living in tiny apartments can have space to grow their favourite greens. A vertical garden allows you to grow plants upwards instead of outwards. Now you will be provided with enough space to plant fresh herbs, flowers and vegetables.

The vertical garden allows you to grow plants upwards instead of outwards is small space gardening ideas.
The simple addition of horizontal fence panels can turn a small space into a decorative mini garden

Indoor Gardening Is As Beautiful

No patio? No balcony? No terrace? No problem. Even if you are deprived of all the aforementioned areas, you can still own a lush summer green garden inside your four walls. Create a magical illusion of space by diving your living room layout into green zones. To design an attractive indoor garden, ensure there is plenty of natural light and steer clear of any area of the house that has limited access, as you will need to tend to your plants quite frequently.

Place a rug to define a seating area as it will act as an anchor point; you can arrange furniture around it.

An indoor plant in a living room is creative garden ideas in small spaces.
Indoor greens make this living room lively and bright

A Herb Garden When You Cook

Nothing completes a great dish with freshly grown herbs to finish off your culinary masterpiece. Well, of course, you can go to the market and buy what you need, but wouldn’t it be exciting to have some of your favourites all year round? Fresh smelly herbs for that summer salad? Why not grow your own herb garden indoors? You can plant the herbs in a metal planter as shown in the picture.

Indoor garden ideas for small spaces grow fresh smelly herbs in old mason jars.
Make use of the old mason jars and keep it near the kitchen window to grow your favorite herbs

How much fun were those choices? I hope you found your favourite idea to turn your home into a small garden. Please let us know in the comments section below. And if you want us to do another DIY garden hack, leave us your ideas below.

Happy Gardening!

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