7 Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

Small bedroom lighting ideas for your home

The lighting’s on the wall! Here are seven practical bedroom lighting ideas for your home

If you have a small bedroom, we know how tricky it can get to get it right with balancing the design and functionality of the space. One of the secrets of smartly designing a small space is choosing the correct lighting. Lighting is an integral part of interior design for a room of any size. The main concern for lighting in a small bedroom is that while you want illumination, you don’t want the light to flood the whole room. And too bright a light can strain your eyes. Small rooms need less and smarter illumination. Here’s a round-up of seven small bedroom lighting ideas for your home.

Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas Involving A Combination Of Lights

LED lights embedded in a false ceiling are the best option as they don’t take any floor space. Depending on the size of the bedroom, you can have three-four such lights that illuminate the room completely without being harsh on the eyes. The low-hanging lamps near the bedside table provide focused lighting around the bed.

Bedside hanging two small led lights for bedroom from the false ceiling looks modern
A combination of ceiling and hanging lights works wonders for small spaces
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Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas Involving Wide Overhead Lamps

Wide overhead lamps are a popular lighting choice in modern homes. These come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. This hexagonal wide lamp is enough to light up the whole room as well as enough to provide focused lighting around the bed. And it looks stylish!

Small bedroom lighting in hexagonal shape hanging from the ceiling looks stylish.
One lamp to conquer them all!

Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas Involving Geometric Hanging Lights

Geometric hanging lights for small bedroom lighting are one of the most sought-after ideas. These lights look elegant, modern and provide focused lighting in a small space. They also fit in well with a cool modern decor for the bedroom and can blend in equally well with a more traditional design. You can use these in combination with ceiling lights for maximum effect.

Two small bedroom lighting designed in geometric shape hanging from the ceiling look modern.
These geometric hanging lights are easy to source

Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas Involving Designer Ceiling Lights

A designer ceiling light for small bedroom lighting acts as a statement decor piece while catering to the functional needs of the space. The beautiful light works well in combination with the abundant natural light flowing in from the window and balcony door. Table lamps on either side of the bed provide muted, focused lighting suitable for some downtime.

Two bedside lamp lighting in a small bedroom with a unique design adds charm to the area.
The stunning designer light adds its own unique charm to the space

Recessed And LED Lights For The Ceiling

Recessed lights are a go-to option for lighting up a small bedroom since they take up close to no space and brilliantly light up the entire room. The combination of strips of small LED lights for bedroom on the ceiling, along with additional lights near the bed and the opposite wall, help in sufficiently illuminating the entire space. Layered lighting options also allow you to go for mood lighting as per your requirement.

Small bedroom ceiling lighting ideas, bedroom with recessed light and two sidewall light look elegant.
Lights that take up the least amount of space work efficiently for small bedroom lighting

Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas Involving Designer Standing Lamps

Many of you would love to decorate your home with exclusive art pieces or souvenirs from your travels. Small bedrooms don’t always have sufficient space to add collectables or large pieces of decor as the space can easily get too stuffy. One great way to enhance the design, as well as the functional aspect, is to go for designer lighting pieces. The tall standing lamp for small bedroom lighting is a work of art by itself. The three different heads provide lighting options of various degrees and angles. Such lamps work great in tandem with natural light.

A tall standing lamp with multiple heads in the bedroom looks aesthetic, small bedroom lighting ideas.
A tall lamp with multiple heads provides both total and focused lighting for a small bedroom
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LED Light Strips And Loads Of Natural Light

Strips of small LED lights for bedroom are one of our go-to minimal lighting options for small spaces. Designed to work with a false ceiling, these provide soft and diffused lighting that can be used to illuminate the whole room. The lights here are a part of the overall combination of bright white wall paint colour, natural light flowing in from the windows, a full-length mirror and use of warm natural materials that contribute to making this small bedroom look fresh, airy and well-lit. The table lamp provides focused lighting for work/studying.

Strips of small led lights for bedroom ceiling with a minimal design look airy.
Here’s how you can do minimal lighting effectively

With small bedrooms, it is easy to either go over the top with lighting or have an unsatisfactory amount of the same. Before deciding on small bedroom lighting ideas, it is important to take into consideration the measurements of the room, the overall design, availability of natural light and an estimate of the amount of lighting required for the room. Looking to design and decorate a small bedroom? Get in touch with us at Design Cafe for complete design solutions.

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