Impressive Modern Kitchen Tiles Design Ideas

by Sneha Virmani | January 10, 2024 | 5 mins read

modern kitchen tiles design for your home

Can you imagine washing off everyday oil splatters from your kitchen wall? Tiresome, right? Check out these modern kitchen tiles design ideas to amp up the space and never worry about dirty walls ever again

A lot of consideration goes into designing a great kitchen. From choosing a colour scheme to modern kitchen wall tiles, appliances and whatnot, every element deserves your attention. And that’s exactly why you need to take one small step at a time. Let’s focus on a small but integral part of the kitchen: backsplashes. Spanning an entire wall to just a pop behind the stovetop, modern kitchen wall tiles have a world of their own. Textures, colours, prints: you name it and these stunning ideas will have you covered. In an imaginative world, we’re going to help you widen the horizon of your dream kitchen. From rustic chic to modern and cosy, these modern kitchen tiles design will invariably spruce up your cooking space.

Modern Kitchen Tiles With Iridescent Tint

Kitchen tiles, when cleverly coordinated with a colour theme, lend harmony to the space just like these offbeat iridescent tiles that provide contrast to a muted kitchen area by adding the right amount of glamour. Covering the area behind the stove and the countertop, this shiny backsplash design complements the lacquered cabinets perfectly. A fabulously over-the-top modern kitchen wall tiles design, the iridescent tint brings a contemporary and cosmopolitan touch to your home.

Modern kitchen wall tiles with iridescent  tint
If you are taking the high-shine route, pair these tiles with hidden yellow lights to accentuate your kitchen countertop

Matching Minimalism Of Modern Kitchen Tiles Design

To create a sophisticated kitchen, choose tiles that enhance the visual aspect of the walls. You can choose to be traditional or modern, based on the colour palette you decide to pair the room with. In this elegant yet minimalistic kitchen, cream modern kitchen tiles seamlessly contrast and complement the earthy shades of the cabinets. A simple, clean look for this monotone kitchen maintains visual consistency by exuding an even flow of colours throughout the room. Pair the floor tiles in a similar palette of cream to create the appearance of one-floor, one-wall.

Modern kitchen wall tiles design in a minimalist with the elegant look
In this modern, minimalistic kitchen, add bright elements like yellow lights, a vibrant green plant or a striking fruit basket to add subtle pops of colour
Have you ever seen a smartly designed kitchen

Penny Modern Kitchen Tiles Design

More commonly used in bathrooms, these penny-sized tiles are a playful element to add as a kitchen backsplash. Among the most widely chosen modern kitchen tile designs, these gradient tiles add texture and personality to the kitchen area. Leaning towards a glossier finish, these tiles beautifully cover every inch to communicate a unique style statement. When paired in a smokey shade of black, grey and white, these tiles depict an abstract Cubist painting on the kitchen wall. With white glossy cabinets and striking black appliances, these make the kitchen look elegantly expensive without actually eating into your budget.

Backsplash modern kitchen wall tiles texture in grey and white colour
Penny tiles work best for small apartment-style homes that have less wall space available to play around with

Modern Kitchen Tiles With Printed Pattern

Using tiles with printed patterns for the backsplash of your kitchen lends a natural element to a modern kitchen area. While you can opt for plenty of colourful patterns, this particular one in tones of black and white will give a facelift to almost every modern kitchen design. They create a beautiful contrast against a striking white wall and plush stone grey pull-out drawers. Among the muted colours of slate grey, white and black, earthy elements like a mango wood cutlery holder or a chopping board add a layer of vibrancy. If you live in a compact home and take inspiration from this rich slate grey tone throughout your kitchen, remember to play with soft ceiling lights.

Backsplash modern kitchen tiles with printed patterns in black and white tones lends vibrant to the area
Diffusing ceiling lights create a floating ambience that will inspire the chef in you to whip up some delicious dishes without having to worry about all that oil splatter on the wall behind

Modern Kitchen Tiles With Marble Effect

A tastefully designed space is almost synonymous with marble, even if it means a marble effect. These chevron-style marble effect tiles soften the mood by bringing a warm, homely touch to the area. Covering the wall above the countertop, these tiles inject a new dimension to a kitchen by contemporising the traditional roots of the space without clashing with the aesthetics. An elegant backsplash design, these modern kitchen tiles, when paired with architectural lighting, create the appearance of a more spacious and well-lit kitchen.

Backsplash modern kitchen tiles texture with marble effect in the white island kitchen
When you love marble and do not want to splurge on a slab for an entire wall, these textured tiles are your best bet. They boast of the same look at half the cost!
Lets plan your home interiors together, speak to designers now

A kitchen should draw you in to create a vibe of homeliness and contentment. Every element in the room should reflect warmth, including the tiles. Given that there are over a thousand modern kitchen tile designs, we’ve shortlisted the best five to help you make the right choice. If you need help sprucing up the place, reach out to us at Design Cafe and leave the rest to us.

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