A Forever Trend: 8 Inspiring Purple Room Decorating Ideas For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | March 13, 2020 | 4 mins read

Purple room colours for your home

Brighten up your space with a pop of purple in your home interiors

If we had to pick a colour for being surprisingly versatile when it comes to interior design, we would choose purple! Although it is not the most obvious choice of colour for interior decor, more people are opening up to the idea of using purple to brighten up their homes. Being a mix of a wa0.
rm colour – red and a cool colour blue, purple works well with a range of colours and combinations from both colour palettes. From furnishings to wall paints, from decor to accents – infuse purple in your room decor with these eight bright ideas!

Retro Vibes With Purple Living Room

Although purple is a colour that transcends time, it doesn’t hurt to go retro with it. Purple wallpaper with a funky pattern and purple sofa cushions with cool stripes make for a very retro purple colour room. Purple is used in a bold, out-there way for this particular room, and the overall effect of it is balanced well with the use of neutrals like beige and grey.

Purple paint colours for living room with a funky pattern

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Purple Room Decor With Upholstered Walls

Here is a rather unique way of incorporating the shade in your home. A rich velvet upholstered room partition along with the royalness of the colour purple uplifts the look of this dining area and how! The designer lamp, elegant and minimal dining table set and wooden flooring subtly complement the purple upholstered room partition.

Partition of purple colour room with a rich velvet upholstered

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Subtly Purple Room Design

You don’t always have to go all out with colour. If you are still on the fence about using purple for your home interiors but don’t mind experimenting a little, this subtle use of purple is the best way to do it. This design keeps the use of the colour purple in the decor to a bare minimum and yet makes it pop against the brightness of white.

Purple room decor for your home where you don't always have to go all out with colour

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Shades Of Purple Colour Room

This contemporary living room design makes use of two different shades of purple without making it seem out of place. A smart trick with a purple coloured room decor, like the one shown in this image, is to balance the overall effect with a neutral shade like white. While most of the furniture makes the room look modern and minimal, the use of shades of purple gives the room a casually laidback look that makes it seem more inviting and comfortable.

Purple colour room with a purple curtain and a purple sofa with modern and minimal furniture

A Purple Elegant Kitchen

Dark, modern and extremely elegant, we like everything about the usage of purple for these kitchen cabinets. Here, purple is intelligently combined with neutrals like white, grey and brown that makes it look quite understated in its elegance. Copper accents simply elevate the overall look of this design.

Purple colour room design where there is a purple kitchen which is modern and extremely elegant

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Modern Purple Living Room

The all-purple seating arrangement is kept beautifully subtle and classy with its design and minimalism. The wall with mouldings and in a contrasting pastel is a great way to highlight and combine the colour purple in home interior design and decor. What is interesting is that even when combined with a light pastel colour, the overall effect of purple and pastel isn’t sickly sweet.

Room colour combination with purple where seating arrangement is kept beautifully subtle and classy

A Bright Purple Bathroom

We seldom give thought to incorporate colour in our bathrooms. Just one look at this purple tiled bathroom design is sure to convince you to infuse this shade in the most unlikely of places in your home. The simplicity of purple and white works in all the right ways to make the bathroom look pretty!

A bathroom with the room colour purple this tiled bathroom design works in all the right ways for you

Think Purple Paint Colours For Your Bedroom

This shade of purple for the walls as well as bedding pairs perfectly with white and black while proving that purple doesn’t have to be a gender-specific colour. The use of white in wall moldings gives the bedroom a touch of elegance while the use of black and smart stripes for the bedding adds a touch of darkness and subtlety.

Purple bedroom colours with white wall mouldings and bedding pairs gives the purple bedroom a touch of elegance

With purple, the opportunities are endless! For those of you who have been in two minds about experimenting with purple for your home interiors, we hope that these bright ideas have managed to inspire you to just go for it! And for those of you who have always loved the idea of purple for your home decor, what are you waiting for? Take one of these ideas and give your homes the much-awaited purple spin! Which one of these purple room decor ideas do you think will be most suited for your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Noopur Lidbide is a content writer at Design Cafe Home Interiors Blog.

Noopur Lidbide

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