Trend Alert: Design A Trendsetting Home With 6 Glamorous Purple Room Decor

by Noopur Lidbide | January 13, 2024 | 4 mins read

Purple room decor for your home

Let your purple wall paint take the spotlight

The use of some colours has indeed been prevalent for decades, like purple in the 1980s. But done right, purple can add a distinctive look to any space. In this era of nude and pastel colours, shades of purple are long overdue to liven up your rooms. Apparently, millennial lilac is the new millennial pink, and We. Are. Obsessed. Here are six purple room decor ideas our DesignCafe designers have hand-picked for you.

Purple Colour Room Redefined: Experiment With Trendy Multicoloured Wallpaper

Amid the overcrowded greys and whites, this millennial-friendly printed lilac-striped wallpaper brings a breath of air. While the colour is very feminine, the combination of lilac-white-and-pink wallpaper amid the grey furniture creates a unique balance of femininity and masculinity. If you adore purple living room decor, adopt this design.

Purple room decor with multicoloured lilac-striped wallpaper brings a breath of air
The harmony of purple, black, and ash
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Create A Restful Backdrop with Soft Purple Aesthetic Room Decor

In love with purple? Give it a permanent spot on the back wall of your bed as a purple bedroom decor piece. By painting the wooden cut strips in your choice of purple and attaching them over the headboard of your bed, you can easily achieve this look. Doesn’t this bedroom look extremely inviting to you? It’s also a great way to divert attention to the accent wall, making a small room seem bigger.

Modern purple bedroom decor
A contemporary purple bedroom

Use Purple Room Paint As An Accent Colour

Are you a fan of bright colours? Then you would definitely fall in love with the combination – purple and burnt orange balancing with white. The burnt orange bed would have looked extremely overpowering amid the otherwise whitish room if the purple-coloured wall wasn’t there to balance it. It is one of the most popular colours of 2022.

Purple accent colour for room decoration with mild wallpaper and burnt orange furniture
Purple wall highlights the mild wallpaper and burnt orange furniture

Opt For Lavender Wallpaper As A Soothing Purple Sitting Room 

Give your living room a soft look with lavender-coloured minimalist wallpaper. It serves as a sweet backdrop for the massive art piece and two pendant lights. The combination of lavender wallpaper with white ceiling and furniture with grey upholstery gives the living room a bright look. From now on, your selfies will never look dull.

Lavender purple wallpaper decor for living room
Give your home a fairy tale vibe with lavender wallpaper

Dreamy Kid’s Purple Bedroom Decor With Veri Peri Pantone

This year Pantone Colour Institute declared Veri Peri as the colour of the year 2022. It’s a versatile colour that looks different in natural lighting and gets a yellowish hue in warm lighting. White, pink, beige, and green compliments this colour the best. This kid’s bedroom in veri peri wall paint perfectly matches the jungle-printed green wallpaper. Also, the bold colour of accent chairs, curtains, and bedding accentuates the statement furniture like the bed and modular cabinet in white.

Purple wall decor for kids bedroom infused with playfulness
Infuse playfulness with unisex colours like veri peri.
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Purple Room Decor Redefined: Pair Plum with Gold

The combination of plum and charcoal is one of the most unusual yet stunning. Swap charcoal with golden, and it creates magic. We used this heavenly combination on our signature space-saving modular bar cabinet. The contrast of it looks outstanding against the millennial pink wallpaper in the dining room. How would you like to use this divine combination?

Purple dining room decor paired with plum and charcoal
Make everyone envious with purple aesthetic room decor

And with that, we come to the end of our purple home decor ideas. Are you looking to spruce up your home this winter? Connect with our expert designers at DesignCafe to design and live in the home of your dreams. For more such interesting home decor ideas, read DC blogs and get inspired.

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