What To Expect From Home Design Trends In Chennai In 2023

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 13, 2024 | 5 mins read

Home interior design trends in chennai

From modern with a traditional touch to environment-friendly interiors, these will be the home design trends in Chennai this year.

Chennai has always been known as the cultural capital of India. Its deep-rooted culture and heritage have mesmerised people, not just in our country but the entire world. The beautiful architecture of temples, breathtaking beaches, and love for art plays an important role in the lifestyle of the Chennaites and their home interiors too. With time Chennai has seen a lot of developments in the infrastructure and economic zone, but their love for the culture and heritage has been kept intact. So here we bring to you some expert suggestions given by Shiny Chandran and Kavitha Perumal, senior designers at DesignCafe, that will help incorporate the 2023 home interior trends in Chennai without taking away the basic essence of a typical Chennai home. Read along to know more. 

Scandinavian Home Interiors Will Trend In Chennai Homes In 2023

Scandinavian-themed home interiors have been a recent sensation because of their minimalistic approach and aesthetic appeal. As per Kavitha, our expert designer, this design theme will be a hot favourite amongst young home dwellers in Chennai. Clean lines, fuss-free designs, minimal decor, and ample natural light, along with modern multifunctional furniture, are what you should look out for to ace Scandinavian interiors in your Chennai home. You can pair it up with jute rugs and sheer curtains to stitch the look together. You can also add some natural indoor plants and sleek light fixtures for an easy breezy look in your home. But stay moderate with the decor elements, or you may make your room look too clumsy and lose the true essence of a Scandinavian design theme.

Scandinavian interior trends in Chennai homes will be widely popular in 2023
Scandinavian design will be popular in Chennai homes

Sustainable Decor Elements Will Make A Comeback

With the increase in awareness about the environment, it is quite natural that people are moving towards sustainable choices, and this will have a positive impact on home interiors in Chennai too. With time, people are becoming more thoughtful about what they use in their daily life and how that impacts our environment. So sustainable home interiors like rattan sofas, upcycled wood furniture and nature-friendly fabrics like jute and cotton will be an important part of home interiors this year. You can also expect natural elements like bamboo to be used in innovative ways, as shown in the image. Here we have used bamboo to create a subtle partition in the house. You can also use it to decorate your accent wall; they are excellent for adding an earthy tone to the home and are environment-friendly too.

Chennai design trends for homes with sustainable decor elements
Home interior trends in Chennai with environment-friendly furniture
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The Foyer Area Will Be In Focus In Chennai’s Home Design Trends

The entryway sets the tone for your home. It creates the perfect impression and has the power to make or break the look of your entire home’s interiors. Earlier, home interiors were limited to the living room, kitchen or bedroom. But this year, the entryway or foyer area is expected to gain a lot of attention in Chennai’s homes. A functional entryway with a modular foyer unit is a must to lend a clean and clutter-free look. Opt for a multifunctional foyer unit with ample storage to keep your shoes and other essentials. You can also add a comfortable seating option and some spotlights to enhance the look of the space. Add a large mirror for a spacious look and some simple decor elements to stitch everything together.

2023 trends in Chennai homes with foyer unit design lends a clean and clutter-free look
A functional foyer unit keeps your home clean
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Pop Colours Will Continue To Be The Talk Of Chennai Design Trends

Shiny, our senior designer, says, “We draw inspiration from films and other forms of entertainment. We had a very eclectic display of colours and styles in the entertainment industry. So, we can expect the use of bright and bold colours and various textures and finishes in home interiors. People have also started putting a lot of effort into different forms of lighting. We would see a boom in the lighting industry as well.” If you are sceptical about painting the walls with bold colours, try introducing bright colours through cushion covers, curtains or sofa covers. This will add vibrance to your home without changing the entire home interior.

Chennai home design trends with bold colors and textures will continue in 2023.
Bold colours and textures will trend in 2023

Traditional Nuances In Modern Home Interiors

You can never go wrong with traditional home interiors, especially in a culturally-rich city like Chennai. You can opt for wooden carvings on the walls or some carved furniture to add an old-world charm to your modern home. You can also deck up your living room, garden, or balcony with some traditional swings and indoor plants if the space permits. This will add an extra dimension to your home interiors and turn your space into a soothing paradise.

Interior trends in Chennai with traditional furniture
A soothing nook with an old-word charm

We hope this answers all your questions about 2023 home interior design trends in Chennai. If you are looking to revamp your Chennai home with functional and space-saving yet aesthetically beautiful home interiors, book a free consultation with DesignCafe today. Our expert designers will make sure you enjoy personalised home interiors that suit your budget and lifestyle seamlessly. We hope to design your dream home soon. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2023, from the entire team of DesignCafe.

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