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Here Comes The Sun! Beautiful Yellow Living Room Inspirations For Your Home

Beautiful yellow living room ideas

If you are the kind of couple who love a brilliant blast off vibrant colour in your home check out these beautiful yellow living room inspirations. 

Time to talk about the third primary colour – yellow! Did you know that in the tenth century in France the doors of traitors and criminals were painted yellow? Ouch! All of France knew that a yellow door was a door of the guilty! 

But don’t fret, we are not here to scare you away from this vibrant colour. Yellow is considered the happiest colour and has the ability to uplift your mood! We couldn’t agree more, and that’s why we thought why don’t we give a big shout to the happy colour by writing a blog on it. Don’t waste time, get set, and read about beautiful yellow living room inspirations for your home.

A Tint Of Yellow Amidst Grey-Can Save The Day

Do you have a living room with grey furniture and need a ray of sunlight to pep things up a bit? Then it’s time to bring in a tinge of yellow colour in your living room. This comfy living room with multi-coloured plush pillows and a square footrest will leave you relaxed in no time. This butterscotch yellow textured feature wall is definitely an eye-catcher. Painted with the lightest shade of yellow and brushed off with edged made of gold this wall lends a classic look to your living room.

Butterscotch yellow living room textured feature wall is an eye-catcher with multi-coloured plush pillows.
A living room with a golden touch is perfect for an introverted family who love to sit back and relax

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Hey Honey Let’s Glaze A Wall Up With Yellow

This particular yellow living room wall reminds us of crispy honey glazed potatoes. Just look at that shade of slightly golden yellow – it takes us back to a bag of fries. A wall-mounted wooden backsplash against this golden-yellow wall brings out a choco-banana combination as the TV sits neatly placed. An indoor plant can never disappoint you when it comes to adding nature’s touch. To let your bottom relax a comfy light grey sofa is at your service.

Golden-yellow walls living room with wall-mounted wooden backsplash brings out a choco-banana combination.
You can be seated at ease in this yellow living room with a glazed honey wall and a sleek TV unit
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

Relax The Yellow Way With This Colour Inspiration

Get set to rest in style on this L-shaped leather yellow sofa in your living room. Imagine sipping on some wine while you Netflix and chill with a bowl of popcorn against a big bay window? Sounds comforting right? If you take a closer look, a light yellow tinge wallpaper brings a touch of tradition into this living room. The TV unit is made from dark wood and white laminate with push to open drawers for additional storage. 

Yellow room ideas with a l-shaped sofa design in your living room design
This L-shaped sofa will give you company while watching the best of cinemas! Ready steady pop some corn

Hey There Beautiful Time To Try The Bold

Take a break from the mundane and go with the bold and bright! Why not splash your living room with a sunshine shade yellow and uplift the vibe of your living room? This yellow walled living room is fun and friendly. It has a unique texture to it that takes your living room look to the next level. A white sofa set brings in the calming quotient with a sense of purity. Pendant lights add to the warmth of this yellow living room with an orange, yellow glow. Topping off the decor of this living room is a delicate glass tea table where you can enjoy a cup of jasmine tea maybe.

Sunshine shade yellow room colour uplifts the vibe of your yellow living room.
A wall with a yellow pattern brings an elegant feel to this happy go lucky warm living room
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An Autumn Feel For Real

This yellow room reminds us of Autumn. The colour of this living room wall resembles the colour of autumn leaves which you see peppered across the pavement and streets in your city. An amber yellow living room is perfect for those of you who want autumn-like feel all through the year. To give this wall a retro fusion, there are frames with black and white art. A white dining table set placed diagonally across this living room lends a bright look.

Yellow living room wall resembles the colour of autumn leaves and feels retro fusion with a black and white frame.
A retro touch has been added to this living room amidst the amber yellow backsplash to create a fusion of fresh colour and old school retro

This is what we at Designs Cafe think about beautiful yellow living room inspirations for your home. What do you think? Let us know! Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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