Living Room With Stairs Design Ideas

by Sneha Virmani | January 15, 2024 | 5 mins read

living room with stairs design ideas for your home

Today, a modern living room with stairs design comes in a variety of styles. How you integrate these designs depends on the theme of your home

Small decor ideas and architectural schemes play an integral part in breathing life into a home. Of all the multitude of things that are on your mind when doing your home, a living room with stairs checks the boxes of glamour and elegance. With advancements in architectural design and technology, stairs in living rooms have evolved from being mere connectors of rooms to a style statement. Complementing a boho-style farmhouse decor to a modern-day contemporary space, stairs originating from the living room create a passage of lingering mystery within the home.

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Check out these chic ideas that seamlessly blend a living room with the rest of the home.

Living Room With Stairs With A Modern Mix

A minimalism lover’s paradise, this modern yet understated living room with stairs beautifully incorporates a mix of textural elements. Featuring elegant hardwood floors and leather upholstery, the living room on its own is incomplete without the stairs. The use of metal and glass on the handrail sets the ground for wooden steps that lead intrigued guests to another floor. Designed to allow a little peep from above, this modern staircase design is a party of different elements that are generously used throughout the living room.

Modern living room with stairs features wooden steps and a metal railing
A modern staircase design like this works best in homes that allow plenty of natural light inside. The use of glass and metal reflects off warm rays that illuminate the path ahead

Living Room With Stairs With A Rustic Spin

The design options available today for home decor are endless, and so are the possibilities. This spin-off on a rustic vibe for the living room plays around different colour palettes with one textural element: wood. A black metal spiral staircase with handrail detailing and wooden steps accentuate the hardwood floor in the living room without being too matchy. A bold statement staircase like this needs contrasting accent furniture to offset warm earthy tones from the wood.

Living room has a spiral stair layout with handrail detailing and wooden steps
The addition of a vibrant green life-size plant along the French window is a refreshing breath of fresh air in contrast to the monochrome theme of the living room

Living Room With Stairs With A Hidden Stairwell

In some cases, the house’s best feature is neatly hidden behind closed doors, and in this case, it’s behind a wall. This open-plan living room with stairs is designed to create a sense of mystery of what lies ahead. With the steps starting a little before the wall, the home has a bright and airy vibe with very minimal but statement decor accents. A simple hanging wooden slab right at the start of the staircase with ceiling lights creates a warm ambience for what leads into a welcoming path ahead. If you are unsure of what to do on the staircase wall, simply replicate the hanging wooden slab with a different set of decor items like bird or animal figurines.

A white living room includes a staircase that is concealed by a wall
A small living room with stairs that features a hidden design like this should be illuminated with plenty of natural and warm ceiling lights. It makes the space more welcoming despite the obstruction of privacy
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Living Room With Stairs With Floating Slats

This living room with stairs layout is nothing short of spectacular. Integrated along the opposite wall of the living room are floating wooden slats that serve the purpose of a staircase. Unlike conventional designs, this unique combination of wood with textured marble flooring uplifts your home’s aesthetics. Infusing a tint of modern nobility, this design idea cohesively integrates two bold elements—wood and marble—to create a striking living area for the home. The flow of natural light from across the room sets a magical atmosphere that will make your guests gasp in awe.

A small living room with a stair design with floating wooden slats uplifts the home's aesthetic.
Small planters, natural or artificial, placed along the floating staircase add a charming vibe to the space

Vintage Traditional Living Room With Stairs

A traditional living room with stairs design, this architectural beauty reflects luxury and style. Featuring the use of wood with metal, the staircase has an open layout that allows you to enjoy the grandeur of the living room from atop. With no place to hide, the first floor also dons a simple yet elegant decor complementing the space below. The use of white leather upholstery for the sofa brings a delicate charm to the room against an overpowering bold colour palette. Each corner of this living room complements the design of the staircase, making the entire home appear balanced and unified. Lighting and fixtures used in this vintage traditional-inspired home are built in the ceiling to diffuse a warm glow throughout the area.

Open living room has a stair design with wooden and metal elements
With so many colours and textural elements already in play, it is best to leave the staircase wall empty. If you must, textured wallpaper is enough to create a statement

One of the most frequented areas in a home is the living room. So, it goes unsaid that the space needs to be immaculately designed with architectural elements and decor accessories that reflect your style. These living room with stairs design ideas is curated to help you incorporate an arrangement that highlights the key features of your home. If you are still unsure of these design ideas, just reach out to us at DesignCafe, and we can help you plan a space that meets your requirements.

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