Living On The Edge: A Modern Industrial Kitchen Design

by Shreya Bilagi | January 23, 2024 | 4 mins read

Anchor: Shonali Advani

If you are young and edgy and roaring to go, then this industrial kitchen is made for you. Check it out! 

How would you like some wood? If you love playing with blacks and greys and like a good wood texture to top it off,  well there is nothing like a good industrial kitchen. With combinations of wood and dark colours, industrial kitchens have a growing market. They are not mundane; they are one of a kind.

What Is An Industrial Kitchen?

Many of you might not have heard of the concept of industrial kitchen design. Some of you might be thinking what exactly it is? Well, let us break it down for you. An industrial kitchen is one that has exposed bricks or wooden surfaces or cabinets, it uses stainless steel and generally has a dark colour scheme of grey and black. All these characteristics put together gives you an industrial kitchen. Check out this super modern industrial kitchen to get a better idea.

Industrial kitchen with a bold steel chair, cylindrical chandelier and pitch black top cabinets steals the show.
The bold steel chairs and cylindrical chandelier steals the show in this industrial kitchen with pitch black top cabinets that add a majestic touch

Industrial Kitchen Design For Small Spaces

This industrial kitchen design for small spaces is ideal for two. This kitchen is equipped with a bar cum dining unit, that is space-efficient. A classy rustic wooden wine rack is built on one side so you can fine dine with some wine. The wooden counter above the dark marble one can be used as a breakfast bar. Time to slurp down a smoothie! Here is another industrial kitchen you might want to check out. 

Industrial kitchen island with stainless steel chimney, dark wooden bar chairs brings out an industrial vibe.
A small space well utilised with a black brick wall kitchen a stainless steel chimney, dark wooden bar chairs along with a seamless bartop brings out an industrial vibe

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Store The Stylish Way! Go Industrial!

Industrial style kitchen designs also come with some super cool storage options. This industrial kitchen has a magic corner unit which can be used to store your favourite goodies or even the ones you don’t use too often. This means you can pick what you store. This magic unit allows goods to be tucked away in style and also easy to reach whenever you want them.

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A Layer Of Good Turfgrass

This industrial kitchen has a unique feature – turfgrass. Turfgrass is generally seen in balconies or indoor gardens and is used as a mini-golf base. Turfgrass in the kitchen now that’s something stunning and unheard of! For those who want a splash of greenery around their kitchen, this quenches the need and is often found to be a top-notch part of industrial kitchen design. Check out this kitchen design.

Modern industrial kitchen design with turfgrass looks stunning.
A modern industrial kitchen with a brick backsplash, a sleep black marble bar counter matching with black laminate top cabinets and a turfgrass wall with a wine rack to top it shows the true trait of an industrial kitchen.

Give Your Cabinets A Industrial Touch 

Another unique feature you can see in this industrial kitchen is the top cabinet which comes with a single tray eye move unit for keeping everything and easy reach.

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Make Your Kitchen Look Industrial!

If you already have a kitchen but are inspired by this industrial kitchen design and want to know how to style it so well it’s simple. Make sure the colour of your walls are either a dark tone of grey or black, or you can mix and match. Remember, reclaimed wood surfaces are your thing. Stainless steel is your buddy and if you have a brick chimney or a wall, let it be as it adds to the look. 

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