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10 Cracking Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas For Your Space That Croon Charm

Modern kitchen cabinet design for your home with duco finish in kitchen cabinet pictures

Coeval and charismatic, these 10 kitchen cabinet designs spiff up your scullery like no other.

They say cooking is a way to one’s heart so you’d best be making that stuff simpler with adept storages. Look around a kitchen space. Storage cabinets make up most of your prep space and can truly make or break your kitchen’s interior design. With the knack for visual esthetic comes the need for flawless kitchen cabinets. Since fixating on a single design and texture can be quite an irksome process considering the number of kitchen cabinet design options available today, we’re here to grease the wheels for you with a handpicked top 10.

Steal The Show With Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Did you know that stainless steel cabinetry for kitchens originally gained popularity because of how affordable and convenient they were to maintain? To think that these glistening beauties were something people would only ‘make do’ with. See how far they’ve come today. Metal finishes for your cabinets are modern kitchen favourites now because of how sleek and stylish they make your kitchen interior design to be. Modern interior designs (more often than not) don’t agree with vivid colours and what better way to ditch a bright-coloured palette with glossy silver kitchen cabinets that are simple yet make a sophisticated bold statement at the same time? 

Easy to care for and super budget-friendly – you can have these shiny surfaces spray painted if you’d like to. But the whole single-toned rustic vibe is something you’re not easily going to want to give up.

Stainless steel cabinets with hanging lamps made up of steel and countertop also made up of steel in kitchen wall cabinets
Stylish Stainless steel cabinets in a sophisticated kitchen interior

Glow Out In Style With Glossy Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Don’t quite know how to add that extra oomph in your kitchen interiors without actually moving things around much? Gloss-up! A single coat of glossy is sure to make your kitchen cabinetry pop and steal the show entirely. Moreover, a glossy surface bounces light back into the room, making it look spacious – just like a kitchen should feel. And if you’re feeling particularly glamorous, our suggestion would be to go with deep dramatic colours in glossy finishes like a cherry/wine red or a deep royal blue. This could take grandeur in modular kitchen designs to a whole other level! 

Modular kitchen cabinets with glossy finish of drawers of black in colour and white on the top in corner kitchen cabinet
Alluring glossy black kitchen cabinets in a modern open kitchen is a grand choice
Design your modular kitchen that are smart like you

The (Pastel) Pink Panther For A Soothing Aura

For simple and elegant kitchen design, you can always choose to spruce up with neutral shades that are soothing to the eye. Milder shades of brown, pink and green appear light and fresh and add a lot of character to your kitchen cabinet designs when compared to other neutrals. The only thing that’s missing now is a couple of plants to bring out the earthiness of pastel shades and you’re good to go!

Kitchen Cabinets online with a pastel look of elegant white colour cabinets in ready made kitchen cabinets
Warm pastel brown and white colour kitchen cabinets in open kitchen design are soothing and warm

Metallic Kitchen Cabinets That Truly Mesmerise

There’s something about modern metallic interiors that instantly introduces a wave of sophistication and style to your kitchen without having to put in much effort in doing so. If making a statement with your kitchen cabinets is what you’re aiming for, don’t think twice before incorporating metallic gold gushes in between stylish stainless-steel cabinets to dress-up this otherwise mundane room. 

Metal kitchen cabinets with golden finish on upper and lower cabinets in curved style of kitchen cabinet doors
Golden metallic kitchen cabinets in a contemporary kitchen for those who love everything refined

Be Innovative With Mixed Materials

Too confused with too much to choose from? Stir things up a little by pairing textures or materials to make the most of your kitchen space. Blush-toned backsplashes call for a rather nature-inspired look with warm wooden hues and rustic brick fittings. Even otherwise, there’s a lot you can experiment with when it comes to spicing up with textures. Stainless steel works stunningly well with white wooden cabinets and gives your kitchen a very chic and contemporary vibe. A textured play doesn’t even necessarily have to involve a combination of two or more different materials, to be honest. Take the example of wood. There are a million ways you can up your kitchen cabinet game using different textures of wood to give an effervescent elegance. 

Kitchen cabinet colors with mixed materials of stainless steel and glossy finish in kitchen cabinets pictures gallery
Stainless steel fittings in between white wooden cabinets that complement the hardwood floor
Get a kitchen that's perfect for your dream home

Get Off The Floor With Floating Kitchen Cabinets

Installing floating kitchen cabinets can be a great way to flaunt those hardwood floors and open up space quite effortlessly. Say goodbye to kitchen crumbs that will no longer accumulate with these stylish elevated enchanters. In addition to this, modern floating kitchen cabinets make rightful use of small spaces and happen to be a saving grace for weak backs who find it difficult to bend.

Modern kitchen cabinets with glossy white finish in L shaped kitchen for kitchen cabinets pictures
Polished floating kitchen cabinets with glossy white finishing and backlit backsplashes

Wooden Wooers – An All-Time Classic

Did you know that wood is the most common material used for kitchen cabinets? They continue to remain a go-to choice till date because of their timeless charm and customisable properties. Unlike steel, they’re so much easier to maintain and also manage to effortlessly add that classic refined look to your kitchen interior.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets with light finish on the upper cabinets and the drawers as well for small kitchen cabinets
Textured wooden kitchen cabinets in a modern studio apartment

Handleless Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Minimalistic modern kitchen designs ensure that space is a priority. By ditching cabinet handles, you’re not only going to be adding to seamless sophistication in design but also going to be making your kitchen look a lot less cluttered.

Kitchen storage cabinets which are handleless and with heavy wooden finish for images of wine cabinets
Handleless wooden kitchen cabinets for a seamless and elegant look 
Have you ever seen a smartly designed kitchen

Free The Floor With Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Wall ceilings are underrated storage saviours. If a lack of floor space is impeding free movement in and out of your kitchen, always consider wall cabinets to redd up (and rev up) the room. Not only do they free up floor space, but also make the in-between walls available for decorative backsplashes!

Space-saving wooden cabinets etched on to the ceiling wall of a modern open kitchen

Corner Cabinet Designs For A Clutter-Free Kitchen

With a lack of space in most apartments today, chances are that you’re struggling to find storage to stuff the many to-use-later items that every Indian kitchen possesses. Using that teeny extra space in every nook and corner to build extra kitchen cabinets can go a long way catering to your extra storage requirements. So go ahead and tighten up those kitchen walls only so you can declutter later. 

Corner kitchen cabinet with wooden finish with steel chimney and drawers in kitchen cabinet design for small kitchen
Textured wooden kitchen cabinets in the corner wall of a tiny kitchen

Upper Glass Kitchen Cabinets

For a rich and airy feel, complement your all-white kitchen with glass cabinet designs that seem to have a gazillion benefits. Besides the obvious elegance that glassing up space brings, the transparent light reflector also makes a kitchen seem inflated. If you don’t wish to parade your spice jars with these invisible sheets, you can always choose clouded glass designs with pretty prints that add to the beauty of your kitchenette while also concealing all that is within. Win-Win!

Glass kitchen cabinets with wooden corners of white colour and large shutters on the bottom in kitchen glass cabinet designs
Glass fittings complimenting the white of kitchen cabinets in a classy kitchen design
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Kitchen cabinets have come a long way as you might have guessed and are no longer just functional in nature. The choice of design, style, finishes, and colour has become food for thought for homeowners – literally! 

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