7 Space-Saving Kids’ Beds For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 28, 2024 | 5 mins read

Fun and functional space saving kids beds for your home

Creative bed designs to foster your little ones’ imagination!

Growing up, one of the most prized possessions for a child is his or her bedroom. More than merely a space where they sleep, a thoughtfully designed bedroom can help aid creativity and create an environment of comfort that your child will want to come back to.

For children’s bedrooms with space constraints or shared bedrooms for more than one child, it is necessary to design the bedroom and its significant components smartly. Apart from ensuring a comfortable setting for your children, you also want to ensure that they have enough free space to make the most of their room. Check out these seven space-saving kids’ beds for your home.

The Classic Space-Saving Bunk Bed For Kids

A classic option among space-saving kids’ beds, the bunk bed always creates an environment of interest. Perfect for two kids to share a room, even for your kid to have friends over for a sleepover, a bunk bed does the job of a double bed while taking up the space of a single unit.

Classic space saving bunk bed for kids in brown colour creates an environment of interest.
Bunk beds are what childhood dreams are made of

Back-To-Back Twin Space-Saving Kids’ Beds

A fun way to get a space-saving kids’ bed design for your home is to place twin beds back to back. This way, you end up using one wall or one side of the room only. We recommend that you go for the largest wall in the kids’ bedroom to fit the length of these beds without any compromise. Upholstering the walls is a smart way to add another layer of comfort around the bed for your children.

Back to back twin space saving kids beds made from light wood and side headboard in yellow and blue.
Back to back is a better arrangement for twin beds as compared to side-by-side
Customise your bed and enjoy up to 25 year warranty

A Space-Saving Sofa Bed For The Children’s Bedroom

A space-saving sofa bed is a great way to create ample room for your child to play indoors. The wall-to-wall furniture design for this children’s bedroom leaves lots of free floor space for your children. The sofa bed fits well in the scheme of things and adds a little bit of extra storage too.

Space-saving kids bed that can be a convertible sofa bed adds a little bit of extra storage too.
A convertible sofa bed adds free space to a children’s bedroom

The Space-Saving Kids Furniture Combo

Being short on space does not have to mean you can’t get creative with furniture. Here’s a way to fit a desk, cupboard and a bed in the children’s bedroom and make it look super cool. The entire customised unit collectively takes up minimal space in the bedroom, leaving room for plenty of ways to get creative with the rest of the area.

Space-saving kids bed with desk and cupboard combo made from light wood makes it look super cool.
The ultimate space-saver combo for your children’s bedroom

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Well-organized kids bedroom showcasing essential furniture for storage, sleep, study, and play

Split Space-Saving Kids’ Beds

Here’s a children’s bedroom where the colours and design are in harmony to bring the most out of a small space. The colour white throughout helps make the small children’s bedroom seem spacious and welcoming. Add to that the attached single bed and sofa bed, and you have a sleeping option, as well as a seating option, that can be converted into a bed for a guest!

The small bedroom has a space-saving kids bed with an attached sofa bed in white colour that seems spacious and welcoming.
An excellent space-saving bed in the right colour can be even more impactful

The Double-Decker Space-Saving Kids’ Beds

Have no room for a double bed or twin beds? This stylish double-decker bed is an excellent way to combat the space crunch. The staircase detailing allows the child to reach their haven safely and grab a book to read on their way up! The drawers attached to the steps are an excellent way to build some storage into this space-saving kids’ bed design.

A double-decker space saving bunk bed for kids with stairs and hidden storage is the best space-saving design.
A bunk bed with a design twist

A Harmonious Children’s Bedroom Furniture Unit

One thing that growing children need is plenty of storage space for all of their belongings. You can plan the furniture, especially the bed, in such a way that it contributes to the growing space and storage needs of your child. This extendable bed can be packed up during the day, allowing the drawers on the right to be of utility.

Space-saving kids bed with extended wall mounted cabinets and wardrobe elegant design.
When going for extendable furniture like a bed, it needs to flow with the rest of the furniture elements around it too

Conceptualising space-saving kids’ beds can be a lot of fun, and a small space can pose an interesting challenge from time to time. While you can always let your imagination flow, a few things to keep in mind while planning bed designs for your children’s bedroom are:

  • Theme: If you have an overall theme in mind for the bedroom, extending it to the bed design is crucial
  • Relatability: Not only do children grow up fast, but their choices also evolve rapidly. Do you want a currently relatable design or something that can stay constant in the long run?
  • Number Of Children: The design, aesthetics and functionality of space-saving kids’ beds can change depending upon whether the room is a shared one.

Which of these bed designs would your children simply adore? Let us know in the comments below!

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