A Lullaby Isn’t Enough! Modern Kids Bed Design Ideas For Your Home

by Devna Tiwari | January 28, 2024 | 5 mins read

Kids bed design ideas for your home

Kids bedrooms need to be designed as a haven of sleep so your little one wakes up fresh every morning. These designs will help.

Sleep, baby, sleep. Thy father’s watching the sheep. Thy mother’s shaking the dreamland tree, and down drops a little dream for thee. – Elizabeth Prentiss

The most essential element in kids bedrooms is a merry bed!  Artistic, fun and ducked with all of their fantasies, it’s where they dream of their future or maybe plan fun things to do the next day. And every parent knows that a happy child is one that’s had a goodnight sleep! Do you have a little girl who dreams of a fairyland with her favourite princess? Get her a Disney-themed bed. Is your son the future race car driver? Well, how about one that’s built exactly like a car, one that he can sleep in? Bring in a bed to your kids’ bedroom that takes care of their every whim and fantasy. Listed below are some of our most favourite bed designs for your kids’ bedroom.

A House Shaped Kids Bed

A bed with a wooden frame designed to resemble a house making it the perfect a cute little space for your kids to sleep in. Glazed in non-toxic paint, this bed is an excellent design to give your kids a small house of their own, quite literally so! This bed comes with storage options right underneath the bed to keep your kids’ bedroom free from toys strewn around.

Kids bed design for your home with a wooden frame glazed in non-toxic paint with under storage options
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Hide-N-Seek With A Low Loft Bed And A Tent!

A loft-bed with a tent! How cool is that? This beach-nursery inspired bunk bed has fold-up flaps that blanket a play tent below. A bed this smart is a great pick for both a boy and a girl. A white wooden ladder connects both levels of this bed.

Kids bed design pictures for your home with beach-nursery inspired bunk bed with fold-up flaps

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A Sparkling White Wrought Iron Kids Bed Design

For a more vivid interior decor, this all white wrought iron bed does the trick. It’s a simple yet elegant design that works great if you want your bedroom designed in minimalist style. Another plus point about this design is that it has no nursery prints and houses a bed that can be used by your kids well through their teenage years as well!

White kid's single bed made up of wrought iron in a minimalist children's bedroom

A Space-Saving Kids Bed With Storage

This modern white fenced bed with storage below rests against a wall, and is everything that your kid needs. With large storage cabinets and shelves on either side as well on top this bed design has enough and more space to tuck away toys, blankets, books and all other possessions.

Kids bed design for boys with a space saving bed with storage with large cabinets and shelves for your home

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Vroom Vroom To Sleep!

There’s not one kid who wouldn’t like the idea of having a race car bed! This red-hot bed displays black rims, and a comfortable mattress to hone your kids’ talents and prepare them for every track in life!

Modern kids bed design where a red-hot bed displays black rims, and a comfortable mattress Caption:
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A Fun Kids Bed Design With Smart Storage Options

This funky blue and orange bed is no less than a small bedroom in itself. The cabin-style sleeping area is topped with a settee option. Multiple storage options in the form of side cabinets and stairs that double up as drawers, and lift-up storage boxes, will not only keep all your kid’s stuff organised. And the half-covered bed will let your kid sleep with an invisible do not disturb board.

Kids bed designs with storage options in the form of side cabinets and stairs as drawers, and lift-up storage boxes

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Double The Fun With Twin Beds

Don’t worry we have not overlooked the possibility of you having twins! Or even siblings sharing a single room! Relieved? Now continue reading! These classic twin beds come to the rescue. These single beds are designed such with a comfortable mattress that your kids will take a little longer to outgrow them.

Twin bed design for kids where siblings share a single room designed with a comfortable mattress

Twin Bunks And A Table For Two

Grown-up kids need a lot more than just a bed. Storage cabinets to keep their books and stationeries organised, and most essentially a desk or study unit. Adding different units for each kid in one bedroom, especially, if it is smaller, can be challenging. So if you have a bedroom that is going to be shared by two siblings, then this design is perfect. A sleek bunk bed in wood with an attached study for two uses one wall in this room in the best possible way. This bed is sturdy and has ample sleeping space. This extended study table offers two cubicles with no partition whatsoever.

Kids bed design pictures with a twin bunk bed with storage cabinets and desk or study unit

While picking the perfect bed for your little one, ensure you take everything into account – the colour, dimensions, materials, finishes, storage options and a design that aces the test of time.  Also, don’t forget to add a mattress that is good for your kids’ sleeping posture, soft, cosy, and fits well. An ideal bed will take your kids’ dreams to places.

Let us know which bed you liked the most in the comments below!

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