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Make The Most Of Those Awkward Kitchen Spaces with These 10 Kitchen Corner Cabinets

Corner kitchen cabinet ideas for your home

Since most kitchens have an L-shaped layout, it often means that at least one corner is bound to be wasted. So, create more beautiful and organised storage places with modular kitchen corner cabinets. 

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important elements of your kitchen space. They are an undefeatable combination of flawless functionality and excellent design aesthetics. In this context, kitchen corner cabinets have become a popular part of modular kitchen designs

We all know that kitchen corners are such a pain to deal with since the items that are stored here are hard to see and reach to due to poor lighting and deep recesses. Kitchen corner cabinets can save the day as they provide ample space to store just about anything from cooking masalas, crockery and cutlery, dishes, cooking appliances and implements- all within your arm’s reach. They have a timeless appeal and add a great accent to the kitchen space.

On the functionality front, kitchen corner cabinets help you access your whole cabinet with ease, gain up to 50% more storage space in existing cabinets by utilising every inch of your space, and you no longer need to climb halfway to reach what you need.

The type of kitchen corner cabinet that you choose for your kitchen will define the overall style of interiors, its longevity and user convenience to a large extent. There are some factors that you can look through when you are designing or buying your kitchen corner cabinets.

  • Cabinet Material 
  • Cabinet Finish
  • Ease of Cleaning 
  • Style Of The Door, Knobs Or Pulls

Adding to this, you can also implement some tips to smartly organise your kitchen corner cabinets for which you will thank us for later.

  • Use the bottom corner cabinets to store larger and bulkier items such as your smart appliances, blender, cooker et al
  • Don’t overstuff or overfill just because you have  large corner cabinet space. It becomes really hard to grab hold of things if they are squeezed into tightly or they may even get damaged
  • Stow away the lesser-used items in the back and the frequently-used items in the front space. all the time

Now, let’s briefly list down the types of kitchen corner cabinets that you can choose from depending upon your needs, personal preferences and in alignment with your kitchen’s measurements and layouts

  • 45-Degree Kitchen Corner Cabinet
  • Floating Kitchen Corner Shelves
  • Kitchen Wall Corner Cabinet
  • Blind Kitchen Corner Cabinet – It is a cabinet positioned at the kitchen corner between two rows of base cabinets where one cabinet’s contents is hidden by the contents of the other cabinet. Blind corner cabinets can be arranged with a pull-out, glide-out or shelving mechanism to give you different access to the same place. Blind kitchen corner cabinets are further classified into five types:
  • Pull-Out Blind Kitchen Corner Cabinet 
  • Glide-Out Blind Kitchen Corner Cabinet
  • Lazy Susan (Kidney-shape, D-shape and Round. 
  • Glide-Around Blind Kitchen Corner Cabinet (Lazy Susan + Corner Cabinet Drawers)
  • Blind Kitchen Corner Cabinet with Half-Moon Lazy Susans
  • Cloud Blind Kitchen Corner Cabinet with Pull-Out Shelves
  • Curve Blind Kitchen Corner Cabinet Shelves 

In the case of the blind kitchen corner cabinet with shelves or pull-outs, it is important to determine the minimum cabinet size, minimum opening of the cabinet, minimum cabinet depth, the width and height of cabinet from the inside and face frame respectively. 

We can detail out each type of kitchen corner cabinet exclusively on another blogspot, so that it is not too overwhelming for you. 

Now, let’s have a look at this curated collection of pretty and awe-inspiring kitchen corner cabinets that can help you keep things pleasant, tidy and clean in the kitchen.

Catch You Around The Corner

These blue-colored corner cabinets capture every inch and make the most efficient use of the angular wall space. Complemented by a pair of wooden floating shelves on the side, these cabinets are sturdy and stylish. They help you store your most used kitchen essentials neatly behind the closed doors. It is extremely easy to assemble and mount and blends well with the white kitchen interiors.

Blue-coloured corner kitchen cabinet & floating wooden shelves on the side, these cabinets are sturdy and stylish.

Corner Sink Kitchen Cabinet

This corner sink kitchen cabinet is ideal for small kitchen spaces. The cabinet and the drawer under the sink base can house your dish soap, detergent, sponges as well as all the other cleaning supplies. This helps you save some countertop space while you are busy washing the dishes. The glass-doored cabinet looks traditional and classy.

Corner kitchen sink cabinet with glass-doored looks traditional and classy.

Kitchen Corner Cabinet With An Angular Door

This wooden kitchen corner cabinet exudes warmth and coziness into the kitchen area with its earthy tone. The angular opening with corner hinges makes it easy to open the cabinet and instantly access your appliances without wasting any time.. The grey granite countertop and the tiled kitchen backsplash tie the whole look of this kitchen’s interiors together.

Modular kitchen corner cabinets with angular door and grey granite countertop exude warmth and cosiness.

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

This white-grey themed kitchen corner cabinet, with a swing-out and pull-out organiser, is completely magical to look at. The white swing tray with the tray guards on the edges ensure that items placed in those trays don’t fall out and break. These corner cabinets also make it easier to access items that would usually be hidden away at the back such as the cooking accessories and cookware.