Different Doors: 10 Different Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Doors For Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 15, 2024 | 4 mins read

different types of kitchen cabinet doors for your home

Your kitchen cabinet doors are the most visible aspect of a modern kitchen design and deserve special importance while finalizing the design. These 10 kitchen cabinet designs are your best guide to selecting a great door style!

Kitchen design is probably one of the most critical yet interesting and fun aspects of home interior design. Every kitchen, with its unique dimensions and features allows for a varied possibility of designs. This is where kitchen cabinetry comes into the picture. While a lot of thought goes into deciding the intricacies of the design with respect to its functionality and efficiency, it is equally important to ensure that the outside is as beautiful as the inside.

Here’s a walk-through of the 10 of the best types of kitchen cabinet doors to make them look absolutely divine!

Shaker Cabinet Door Style

Shaker kitchen cabinet doors are probably the most popular type of doors that can be found in modular kitchens. They are simple and fuss-free in their design and what is more important is that they fit well within different budgets as well as design styles. The shaker cabinets here are in a combination of two of the hottest colours when it comes to kitchen cabinets – grey and white!

Shaker kitchen cabinet doors with simple and fuss-free design with combination of grey and white

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Recessed Panel Door Style

Kitchen cabinet doors in the recessed panel door style are some of the most sleek looking ones, suited for modern as well as classic kitchen cabinet designs. These are most sought after when what you want from a cabinet door style is flexibility of design.

Recessed glass kitchen cabinet doors which are suited for modern as well as classic kitchen cabinet designs

Louvered Cabinet Door Style

If you are planning to go for kitchen cabinet doors that make an area feel spacious and allow the insides of the cabinet to breathe, louvered doors are a great alternative. The design, features and durability of these cabinet doors make them one of the more expensive options available out there.

Louvered  sunmica colour combination kitchen cabinet doors for your home

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Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Glass kitchen cabinet doors are an excellent option for those who have super organised kitchens. Also if you have some fine pieces of kitchenware or dinnerware that you wish to display. These types of doors go well with classic as well as contemporary style kitchens.

Glass designs for kitchen cabinet doors where you can display pieces of kitchenware or dinnerware

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Inset Cabinet Door Style

Inset cabinets are one of those classics that can never go out of style! One of the most luxurious cabinet door styles, inset cabinet doors, as the name suggests, are designed to fit inside the cabinet frame and help save space.. The hinges of these doors are visible externally, however, this doesn’t take away from the elegance of the design.

Inset sliding kitchen cabinet doors which are the most luxurious cabinet door styles
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Thermofoil Cabinet Door Style

One of the more budget-friendly and durable kitchen cabinet doors, thermofoil cabinet doors are a safe bet when it comes to kitchen design. These doors aren’t as elegant as few other styles, but are nevertheless a good-looking and durable option you can choose from for your kitchen interior design.

Thermofoil different types of kitchen cabinet doors which are budget-friendly and durable kitchen cabinet doors

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Beadboard Cabinet Door Style

If you want to opt for a kitchen design that is reminiscent of old times, beadboard cabinet doors are a cool way to achieve the effect. Worry not, these manage to look relevant and stylish in a modern kitchen setup as well.

Beadboard frosted glass kitchen cabinet doors which looks relevant and stylish

Slab And Aluminium Cabinet Door Style

Slab cabinet doors are probably amongst the most commonly found kitchen cabinet door styles in modern homes. Used for the bottom part of the cabinetry, the fuss-free door style goes with pretty much all kinds of designs and is super easy to clean and maintain owing to its minimal design. The cabinets for the upper part of the design are made using aluminium doors. The same can be made in sliding kitchen cabinet door variety as well.

Slab aluminium sliding door for kitchen cabinet which is super easy to clean and maintain
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Raised Panel Cabinet Door Style

Better suited for a more traditional type of kitchen interior setting, raised panel kitchen cabinet doors have a raised centre as the name suggests. If used intelligently, they can blend well with a modern-elegant type of kitchen design.

Raised panel kitchen 2 door cabinet which can blend well with a modern-elegant kitchen design

Distressed Cabinet Door Style

Rustic and vintage looking kitchen designs are a big hit among modern homeowners. Distressed kitchen cabinet doors therefore work perfectly well to achieve the expected look. Decidedly made to look old, these are as sturdy and reliable as the best of kitchen cabinet door options.

Distressed kitchen cabinet door fronts which are a big hit among modern homeowners

With kitchen cabinet door designs, the possibilities are wide open! Which one of these kitchen cabinet door styles do you think would work great with your kitchen design?

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