Spruce Up Your Kitchen Cupboards With Interesting Colour Combinations

by Pooja Dara | January 15, 2024 | 8 mins read

Beautiful kitchen cupboard colours for your home

Kitchen cupboards are meant to be more than just storage spaces. They’re, in fact, an essential decor element of the kitchen design. Read more to find out how certain kitchen cupboard colour combinations can make your kitchen look unique and attractive

Since cupboards take up most of the space in the kitchen, it makes complete sense that the kitchen cupboard design and colour are appealing to the eye and match the aesthetics of your cooking space. Sometimes, simply changing the kitchen cupboard colours (with either a single colour or a colour combination) can make all the difference. You can hire a professional painter for this project or do it yourself. It’s completely up to you and your estimated budget!

Colour psychology suggests that different shades can have different effects on our mood and personality, so it’s important to consider the right colours for your space during the design process. When it comes to choosing kitchen cupboard colours, the options are limitless. However, for your convenience, we’ve broken down modular kitchen cupboard colours broadly into three categories:

  • Light or neutral colours: These colours, which offer a clean, timeless and simple look, include soft green, yellow, white, light grey, sky blue and off-white
  • Medium colours: These colours, which are standard shades mostly used to create a balanced look, include dark grey, blue, red, orange, greige (a mix of beige and grey), lime green, citrusy yellow, cream, natural wood, chocolate brown and violet
  • Dark colours: These colours, which are less commonly used but offer a dramatic, luxurious and bold look, include navy blue, cranberry red, ink black, emerald green, dark wood and jewelled plumb
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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Cupboard Colours

  • Always look around your kitchen and note down the existing colours and items in the room, be it on the walls, floor, countertops, ceiling or even the backsplash. Based on the analysis, choose a colour or colour combination that will blend in well with all these elements without making too many changes
  • If you already have too much colour in the room, always go for white cupboards as they will make your kitchen look more open and bright. White- or neutral-coloured cupboards are also the ideal choice for tiny kitchens that have dark walls. Alternatively, if you plan to have dark-coloured cupboards, then have the walls or the ceiling painted in white or lighter accents to level out the overall look
  • You can induce more character and definition into your kitchen with two-toned kitchen cupboards (either colour-blocking or ombre style). They are quite a popular trend these days. In case you do make that decision, remember to paint the top cupboards with a lighter colour and the lower cupboards with a complementary darker shade to create a perfect balance in the space

Let’s also address some FAQs here so that it becomes easier for you to get started.

How To Take Care Of Kitchen Cupboard Colours

Maintain a regular cleaning and polishing routine for your kitchen cupboards to keep them glowing and functioning well for many years. 

  • Cleaning: A gentle cleanser/mild soap and warm water is the best solution to clean the insides and outsides of your kitchen cupboards. However, be careful to not let too much moisture get absorbed into the wooden cupboards or cupboards with wooden finishes. Use a sponge to dab the surface with the solution and then use a soft cloth to quickly wipe and dry it off. Also, don’t use any abrasive cleaning substances or rough cloth as it can cause permanent stains/scratches
  • Polishing: Use furniture polish to shine the wooden cabinets after cleaning as they leave a protective coat of mineral oil on the surface. Alternatively, you can also make a polish with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and ½ cup of olive oil blended well together. Apply it on the wooden cupboard surfaces gently with a soft cloth

How To Change Kitchen Cupboard Colours

There are two ways to change the colour of your kitchen cupboards:

  • Cabinet refacing (professional carpenter): Cabinet refacing is the quickest way to give your kitchen cupboards an appealing and attractive look. Here, you just change the outer surface of the kitchen cupboard and leave the basic inside structure intact
  • Painting (DIY project): Painting the kitchen cupboards yourself is the cheapest way of giving them a new and fresh look (with the right mindset and tools) as it takes only about a week to complete the project. However, the kind of cabinet surface you’re repainting will also determine how you approach the task. Plastic laminates require uncommon paint procedures, so seek professional help; metal/wood laminates are least demanding, so you can handle the painting yourself

Consider using water-/latex-based paints over oil-/chalk-based paints for painting your kitchen cupboards. 

You also need to avoid the following mistakes during the painting process to save energy and costs: 

  • Don’t leave the cupboard doors on hinges as they won’t adhere there for long
  • Don’t skip cleaning the cupboards with TSP (trisodium phosphate) first
  • Don’t miss applying the primer if you haven’t painted the cupboards before
  • Don’t rush the drying phase else you’ll end up getting sloppy brush strokes all over the surface 

Now, let’s dive into the most trending kitchen cupboard colour ideas that homeowners are going gaga over.

Grape & White Cupboards

This grape and white kitchen cupboard colour scheme looks very modern and stylish against the white kitchen interiors and off-white flooring. This shade of purple also encourages a feeling of calmness in the space.

U-shaped kitchen cupboard colour combination in grape and white looks very modern and stylish
The grape colour (associated with luxury and wealth) also pairs well with the wooden elements
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Green & Cream Cupboards

These lime green and cream kitchen cupboards look very beautiful together along with the matching cafe-style curtains by the window and the white kitchen countertop/backsplash. These colours are thought to bring stability and tranquillity to the heart of your home.

Kitchen cupboard colour scheme in lime green and cream combination brings nature touch
Green-coloured cupboards bring you closer to nature within the kitchen interiors

Light Grey Cupboards

These light grey kitchen cupboards make your cooking space look sleek and neutral with similar colours in the background. They also lend the space a comfortable and cool ambience that you’ll enjoy working in.

One wall kitchen, Light grey cupboard kitchen colour look contemporary and sleek
The light grey colour makes the kitchen look contemporary and not too overwhelming to the eye

Magenta & Off-White Cupboards

If you’re looking to give your kitchen an overall glossy finish, then opt for this magenta and off-white colour combination for your kitchen cupboards. Magenta promotes cooperation and contentment in those who use the space while the off-white helps soften the overall vibe.

Kitchen cupboard colour, a combination of magenta and off-white cupboard colour lends a bold vibe
Magenta kitchen cupboards add a bold pop of colour to the plain kitchen interiors along with the brown backsplash

Pastel-Shaded Cupboards

If you’re the artistic kind, then you’ll definitely fall in love with these pastel shades for your kitchen cupboards. The light sky blue colour creates an ethereal and airy vibe while the light yellow reminds you of the sun and the warmth it brings. The light pink represents love which is all you need in the kitchen to whip up delicious meals for your family and friends.

Latest kitchen cupboard colour, pastel-shaded cupboard colour brings warmth to the area
These cute multi-coloured kitchen cupboards are beautifully framed between the beige flooring and white kitchen countertops

Ruby Red Cupboards

Ruby red is a perfect colour for your kitchen cupboards as it symbolises fire and increases the appetite. It makes a very bold and daring statement along with the dark-grey flooring.

Kitchen cupboard designed and coloured in ruby red makes a very bold statement
Don’t use too much of any one dark colour in the kitchen as it generates negativity in the space

Rustic Brown Cupboards

If you want to bring in a rustic and industrial feel into your kitchen, go in for these rustic brown kitchen cupboards. They ooze warmth and coziness and create a more dynamic effect overall. 

Kitchen cupboard doors coloured in rustic brown paired with cream flooring looks industrial.
These rustic brown cupboards pair perfectly with the cream flooring and other elements in the kitchen
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Steel Blue & White Cupboards

Steel blue provides the much-needed contrast to this stark white kitchen with a light-patterned backsplash. It makes the space feel more homely and welcoming to the guests. 

Steel-blue and white kitchen cupboard colour combination with glossy finish looks aesthetic
Blue instantly reminds you of the ocean while the beige reminds you of the sandy beach

All in all, adding a bit of colour to your kitchen cupboards can instantly glam up their overall look and give your cooking space an entirely new personality. Need any help in your kitchen cupboard makeover project? Worry not! Our experts are here to help you through the journey as we’re just an email or call away.

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