8 Small Dressing Table Design Ideas For Small Bedrooms

by Noopur Lidbide | January 15, 2024 | 5 mins read

small dressing table design ideas for your small bedrooms

You can fit a dreamy dressing table in a small bedroom too!

Every bedroom needs a dressing table! Apart from providing a designated area for getting dressed and ready, your dressing table can provide additional storage for your grooming essentials in the bedroom. If you don’t have a spacious bedroom that can accommodate a big dresser or a designated area for the dressing table, there are many ways in which you can incorporate this essential space even in a small bedroom. Check out these eight small dressing table design ideas for small bedrooms.

An Extension Of Your Wardrobe

Think of it this way — without a dressing table, all of your grooming and everyday essentials are anyway going to need some storage space, mostly in your wardrobe. While designing the wardrobe, you can leave out just enough space for a small dressing table, complete with a mirror, storage space and a stool. You get exactly what you need without having to scour for corners for leftover space.

White bedroom with small dressing table at corner attached to the wardrobe
A dressing table can easily fit into the design structure of your wardrobe

Utilise That Unused Corner

Speaking of leftover space, there are usually similar corners even in small bedrooms where you won’t be able to fit a large piece of furniture. You can utilise such leftover corners to install a petite dressing table unit, complete with drawers and a full-length mirror.

Small dressing table with a mirror at a spare corner in the bedroom looks chic
A spare corner in your bedroom can easily accommodate a small dressing table
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Floating Drawers For A Small Dressing Table

A great hack for adding a small dressing table unit to a small bedroom is by keeping the unit off the floor. Floating drawers can be easily added to a spare corner of your small bedroom. Along with a mirror and some cute decor, you can make way for a dressing table in no time.

Floating small size dressing table with wardrobe attached in the bedroom looks modern
A floating dressing table unit frees up ground space

Vertical Dressing Unit

The problem with a small bedroom is that there is too much to accommodate within a small space. You can easily avoid cluttering the floor of a small bedroom by adding a mirror and a vertical dressing unit. This way, not only do you get your small dressing unit and storage space, but it also maximises the available space in a small bedroom by staying off the floor.

Wall hanged vertical dressing table design for small bedroom with clutter-free storage space
Save up on space on the floor with a unit that takes up vertical space

Portable Dressing Unit

Fitted furniture might not always fare well in a small space. With such constraints, it is always better to have furniture that can be moved around as and when required. A portable full-length mirror and a matching sleek table are a great alternative to small dressing tables. The mirror can also be propped directly against the wall to save on more space.

Portable white dressing unit and full-length mirror with a sleek look are a dressing table idea for small bedroom
A portable mirror and table can be fitted into any corner of your bedroom and moved around too if needed

Fully Utilise Your Wall Space

The best thing about dressing tables is that they don’t need to be in a specific spot in the bedroom. You can have a dressing table beside your wardrobe, or one near the door or window — practically any corner of the room. You can think of keeping a small section for the dressing table next to your wardrobe where you can have all your bedroom storage options on one side of the room.

Dressing unit with mirror and drawers in the small bedroom attached to the wardrobe
With small spaces, you must smartly utilise every corner

Go For Half A Dressing Table

A small bedroom calls for a small dressing table. If you want to cut down on the space you will end up utilising with a full-size dressing table, you can always consider going for smaller alternatives. This dressing table occupies a smaller area due to its design. You can easily prop a mirror and store your daily beauty essentials on the surface. A pouffe or a stool can be stowed away under the table when not in use, or pretty much anywhere else in the room.

Moveable semi-circular wooden dressing table for small room looks minimalist and modern
A table with a semi-circular surface takes up only half of the usual space required
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Multipurpose Small Dressing Table

The all-grey dressing table is among the exceptional modern dressing table designs for small bedroom. For a small bedroom, you can add a multipurpose dressing table that can act as an additional surface or storage space. You can prop a mirror on the top and add a stool with dimensions that allow it to fit under the small dressing table itself.

All-grey modern small dressing table with drawers in the bedroom look adored
This small dressing table is almost like an extension of the bed

Based on your need and use of the dressing table, you can make way for a small unit in a small bedroom in a hassle-free way. We suggest you keep the small dressing table design minimal and movable for your comfort.

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