9 Great Looking Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs We Are Obsessed With

by Noopur Lidbide | January 11, 2024 | 3 mins read

Modern kitchen cabinet designs

Keep your kitchen clutter-free with these modern kitchen cabinet designs

It doesn’t get more therapeutic than an organised kitchen. Establish order in your kitchen with these stunning modern kitchen cabinets that are not just good-looking, but also extremely functional with a great potential for storage.

Glossy Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets designed with lacquered glass or high gloss laminate are stylish and trending. Such cabinets in bright colours give your kitchen space a fresh and clean vibe. They also lend a luxe look to spaces so use in plenty. 

Modern high gloss kitchen cabinets in yellow and white colour

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Practical Kitchen Cabinet Design

The great thing about modern kitchen cabinets is that there is always room for them even in the smallest of spaces. This modern kitchen cabinet design is perfect when you want a tailor-made fit considering the layout and size of your kitchen. In this straight-shaped kitchen, we have an almost equal number of cabinets on top and base.

Modern kitchen cabinet designed on top and base
Kitchen cabinet design to glam up your interiors

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Modern And Monochrome Kitchen Cabinet

These modern kitchen display cabinets in black and white can offer a much-needed respite from an overdose of colour. We like how the entire design of the kitchen follows this basic yet classic colour scheme.

Modern kitchen cabinets colors in black and white

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Modern Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Cannot decide whether you want an out-and-out modern kitchen cabinet design or a classic one? Go for both with similar kitchen cabinets in wood. Details like knobs add greatly to the appeal of such cabinets. Also, glass shutters bring in subtle style to the overall look.

Modern wood kitchen cabinets with glass shutters bring subtle style to the overall look

Modern Vintage Cabinet Design

If you pine for old-school cabinets for your kitchen then this is a design that will definitely cater to your needs. Keep the overall design of the kitchen classy with a cool backsplash and modern kitchen equipment.

Modern kitchen cabinets in vintage style with a cool backsplash are classy

Classical Kitchen Cabinet Design

This gleaming wooden kitchen cabinet design is best suited for large kitchen spaces. The end-to-end cabinetry is great for storing your precious kitchenware.

Classical modern kitchen cabinets are ideal for large kitchen spaces

A Cabinet Design With Understated Elegance

If glossy kitchen cabinets are not your thing you may opt for something diametrically opposite that is equally modern and stylish. Gleaming copper detailing adds a rather sophisticated touch to the modern kitchen cabinets with a matte finish. You can opt for a similar look with sophisticated grey modern kitchen cabinets as well.

Modern grey kitchen cabinets in matte finish with gleaming copper detailing
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Another Cabinetry In The Wall

This modern kitchen cabinet design is like a seamless wall that magically opens to a ton of storage space. The marble countertop and walls perfectly complement the overall design of these kitchen cabinets.

Modern brown kitchen cabinets with a marble countertop perfectly complement the overall design

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Ultra Modern Kitchen Cabinets

We are fascinated by this modern kitchen cabinet design that is a great amalgamation of classic kitchen racks and solid cabinets. If you are blessed with large kitchen space in your home then this modern cabinet design can offer a great deal of storage too.

Modern beige kitchen cabinets with classic racks

Modern kitchen cabinet designs come in as many shapes and sizes as you may please. They are practical and we secretly adore kitchen cabinets for their ability to smartly hide a little bit of a mess! Which one of these kitchen cabinet designs is a great fit for your home?

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