Organised And Presentable: Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas For Your Home

by Pooja Dara | January 29, 2024 | 7 mins read

Kitchen cabinet storage ideas for your kitchen

Declutter your kitchen’s working space and let it function to its fullest potential by implementing some easy and smart kitchen cabinet storage ideas. These ideas are applicable to both big and small kitchens alike

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house as it feeds and nourishes us every day, and gives us the physical power to go on with our lives. So, it becomes essential to keep it organised, neat and presentable at all times. Kitchen cabinets play a major role in this context.

Kitchen cabinets help you store different types of things — crockery, cutlery, glasses, dishes and various food items — and they’re extremely customisable according to the needs and preferences of the homeowners. Check out a few kitchen cabinet design ideas. Add a few more kitchen storage hacks to them and make the best use of your kitchen space.

You’ll also be able to achieve the following with an organised kitchen cabinet storage:

  • A greater sense of control over the kitchen and yourself as less visual clutter leads to less mental stress.
  • An easier workflow in the kitchen owing to the creation of custom kitchen zones.
  • An increased motivation to declutter the kitchen regularly to determine what to keep, replace or give away. 
  • A better track of the products you have in the kitchen and their location so that you can avoid buying doubles.

Kitchen cabinet storage comes in two forms: open kitchen cabinets and closed kitchen cabinets. Both of these have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Open Kitchen Cabinet Storage

  1. It makes your kitchen feel more inviting and appear visually larger owing to open shelves. 
  2. It helps you make optimal use of the extra and often overlooked corners or spaces in your kitchen. 
  3. It allows you to constantly experiment with the looks of your kitchen as all the kitchen items in open kitchen cabinets act as decor elements. 
  4. It is also prone to the accumulation of a lot of dust over a period of time so you’ll have to clean the open shelves thoroughly each week. 
  5. It can also lead to accidents if fragile items are kept within close reach of children and pets so be careful while organising the cabinets. 

Closed Kitchen Cabinet Storage

  1. It gives you the opportunity to make endless customisations to your kitchen depending upon the material and style you choose. For example, use steel kitchen cabinets for a more industrial modern look and dark wood kitchen cabinets for a traditional and classy look.  
  2. It provides you with a more defined storage space where there is a specific place for everything. 
  3. It makes your kitchen look more neat and compact as these cabinets come with closed doors.  
  4. It ensures the safety of your children and pets and also has a longer shelf life. 
  5. It is comparatively more expensive than open kitchen cabinet storage options.

Let’s now look at some cool kitchen cabinet storage ideas that you can implement to keep your kitchen organised and on top of your game.

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DIY Kitchen Cabinet Storage

If you’re short on space in the kitchen but still want to make it decorative and functional, then this DIY kitchen cabinet storage idea is your ideal choice. You can stack and join/glue together unused white wooden kitchen crates one on top of the other and create a customised open cabinet storage area for extra kitchen stuff that you don’t frequently use. Not only does it look pretty but helps you make the most efficient use of available space.

DIY kitchen cabinet storage made from unused wooden crates and stack on top of the other
Make use of deep drawer organisers to sort out and store your cutlery according to their shape and size, and also add a small to-do list hanging on the wall so that you can easily note down new recipes or grocery items that you need to buy

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas For Spices And Condiments

This kitchen cabinet storage idea of a wall-mounted spice rack with multiple shelves/sections is perfect for those who always struggle with finding spices and condiments during the meal preparation process. You can neatly label all the containers/jars and logically place them so that it becomes easier for you to access them the next time. It also makes the kitchen look sleek and compact.

Wall mounted storage cabinets for kitchen with multiple shelves
An additional tip that you can use is to turn the food labels in a way that they’re always facing out and are clearly visible

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

This modern kitchen cabinet storage idea in dull red and stainless steel looks very stylish and luxurious. You can install a hanging rack with hooks above the kitchen island to place all your kitchen cutlery, small mugs, cups and cooking implements. Alternatively, you can also use the base of the kitchen chimney as a shelf to place items (as in the picture). An open cabinet on one end can be used to stack glassware and a pan rack on the other end to slide in dishes vertically.

Modern kitchen cabinet storage idea in dull red and stainless steel
Cooking caddies and customisable knife blocks are the latest trends in kitchen storage. They’re easy to access and convenient to use and fit perfectly in any corner of the kitchen area

Showcase-Style Kitchen Cabinet Storage

This showcase-style kitchen cabinet storage idea has glass cabinets and a pair of side shelves which allow you to display mason jars and small containers of seeds, nuts and spices in a colour-coordinated and presentable way.  They also make navigating in this kitchen a lot easier as the space is smartly divided into activity-specific zones. Food ingredients are stored above the workstation so that the countertop space can be optimally used to prepare food.

Showcase-style kitchen cabinet storage  with glass cabinets and a pair of side shelves
This kitchen cabinet storage style lends a warm and rustic look to the kitchen and is accentuated by the task and accent lights underneath. It also creates a sense of uniformity in the space

Small Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Apart from a creative combination of open and closed kitchen cabinet storage spaces, you can also make use of wicker baskets in the kitchen to store fresh fruits and veggies. They not only look chic and visually appealing but are also practical and durable in nature, and allow your fresh stock to breathe freely. The row of wooden lofts on the top makes a perfect addition to this kitchen and can be used to store food items and utensils which aren’t that frequently used.

Combination of open and closed small kitchen cabinet storage
This kind of small kitchen cabinet storage idea helps to keep your kitchen clutter-free and visually pleasing
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Tall Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

This tall kitchen cabinet serves as a pseudo larder unit that stores many different kitchen items, large kitchen appliances and extra grocery supplies in a space-saving and tidy manner. You can store your most-used food supplies on the lower shelves, small knickknacks on the upper shelves and some small green potted plants on the top to add a pop of colour and freshness in the kitchen.

A tall kitchen cabinet storage idea with a translucent glass door
The translucent doors on this tall kitchen cabinet allow you to see the contents stocked inside without opening the cabinet itself, which is quite convenient at times

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Upper-Corner Kitchen Cabinet Storage

These upper-corner kitchen cabinet storage ideas make efficient use of the often-overlooked space in the kitchen. It is usually smaller than the standard kitchen cabinets but perfect to store small jars and bottles. It breaks the usual monotony in the kitchen and adds some visual interest to the space.

Corner kitchen cabinet storage without a door makes efficient use of space
You can also use these corner kitchen cabinets to store your fragile glassware, and the best way to do that is to alternate the direction in which you keep your wine glasses so that more space is created on the shelves for other items

That’s all there is! Hope this blog post has provided you with plenty of actionable tips to effectively organise your kitchen cabinet storage. Also, if you’re planning to design a modern and multifunctional kitchen cabinet storage for your living space, then DesignCafe is the ultimate one-stop destination to fulfil your dreams.

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