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Custom Kitchen Designs For Old Aged Homeowners

Kitchen designs for old aged homeowners

A customised kitchen for old aged homeowners has features to make life simple and safe.

Perhaps you live with your parents or foresee yourself moving in with them one day. Your kitchen, the hub of maximum activity in the day, needs to be a space where everyone can navigate their way safely. Remember not all kitchens are elder-friendly! 

And while homeowners spend a lot of time researching the layout of kitchens, materials, finishes, and colours, they often tend to forget about small intricate details to make cooking an effortless exercise for the elderly. Senior citizens for one, will not be able to bend and reach out to things stored far out of normal reach. 

However, minor adjustments can make life simpler and hassle free for your aging parents. We have compiled a list of kitchen design ideas and tips to make working in this zone safer and easier for old aged homeowners.

A Tall Unit In The Kitchen for elderly

A tall unit lets you store everyday commodities, canned foods and other items at easy reach. This is perfect for old aged homeowners as they can have a full glance of everything they need without scrambling for it. A unit can be designed with multiple drawers and shelves where you can store heavy portable appliances such as toasters, blenders, and mixers. Pocket door mechanism makes opening and closing easy as well and you can design it with adjustable shelves or a pull-out breakfast counter.

Kitchen design for elderly people with a tall unit full of glance
A tall unit gives you ample room to store bulky items

Good Lighting Is A Must In Kitchen For Seniors

The staircase and living room isn’t the only place where you need good lighting in your home. A dark kitchen is an invitation to home accidents, so adequate lighting is a must in your kitchen if you live with senior folk! Natural light is the best. So when you remodel your kitchen, make sure it’s designed with enough sunlight coming in. Install bright LED lights on the ceiling so the space is well lit. Also adding lights under wall cabinets will make working comfortable. Most importantly make sure light switches are installed at the entryway.

Kitchen design for seniors where a dark kitchen is an invitation to home accidents
A well lit-kitchen will make work easier and decrease the risk of injury for old aged homeowners

Slip Resistant Floors In The Kitchen For Elderly

A kitchen in a home with old aged homeowners needs a slip-resistant floor. There is no compromise on this as spills can lead to falls. Avoid covering your kitchen floor with carpets and rugs. Anti-skid flooring for senior citizens is a must as it offers a sturdy grip, non-slip tiles and land are easy to maintain. Another great option is cork-flooring. It is a great alternative to hardwood flooring, is fire and insect resistant and is easy on the feet. Other options include wood, vinyl or linoleum flooring. If you have a parent or grandparent confined to a wheelchair, hardwood flooring is a great choice as it is easy to roll.

Elderly friendly kitchen for your home where you can avoid covering your kitchen floor with carpets and rugs.
Avoid accidents and slips with good flooring in your kitchen

Don’t Sink The Sink

Sinks play a vital role in the Modular kitchen and must not be neglected. Installing a sink too deep as it will have a massive impact on the back of your aged parent. Make sure all cleaning materials and equipment are nearby – sprays, scrubs, sponges – so there is less movement. Keep faucets within easy reach to make washing dishes and rinsing vegetables is a breeze If your kitchen has the option of running hot water, ensure it’s set to lukewarm and not blistering cold. And for those homeowners who do not want to replace the sink entirely you can raise the height. The market today has motorised, adjustable, counters/sinks available that make cooking and working hassle-free.

Kitchen gadgets for elderly where you make sure all cleaning materials and equipment are nearby
Buy sinks that are not too deep, preferably only 6 to 8 inches

No Sharp Edges

Sharp edges are dangerous if you have elderly folk living at home. Avoid 90-degree angles on open shelves and countertops as there are high chances of elder folk hitting their elbow or hip on a sharp corner while walking. Round edges are softer and lessen the likelihood of bumps and bruises. 

Kitchen appliances for elderly with open shelves and countertops
Rounded corners and edges are less prone to accidents and mishaps

Countertops For Maneuverability

Remodelling an old kitchen to suit the needs of senior citizens also means you need to be mindful of accessibility. How about multiple countertops? In homes with joint families having a kitchen with large countertops makes working easy as there is no chance of bumping into each other.. Choose a surface with ease and use of maintenance in mind. Lowering the height from a standard 36 inches to 30 inches will make it easier for old aged homeowners confined to a wheelchair.

Best kitchen design for seniors
Granite and quartz countertop are easier to maintain and clean

And you can see the best way to respect old aged homeowners is to customise your kitchen according to their likes, dislikes and specific needs. Design Cafe has an array of ideas and designs to help you achieve the perfect kitchen for senior citizens.

Ashish Rai is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Ashish Rai

Ashish Rai is a content writer at Design Cafe and believes that words have the power to change the world! He comes with five years of experience and has experimented with various roles including sales, a tourist guide, and ran a tattoo parlour too!

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