A Complete Guide On The Different Types Of Flooring In India

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 20, 2024 | 7 mins read

Different types of flooring for an edgy home

Here is all you need to know about the most popular and different types of flooring in India.

When thinking of revamping our homes, we usually think of wall colours, lights, accessories and furniture. Flooring is usually kept as it is, or the majority opt for marble. But there are different types of flooring options to choose from in India. These are pocket-friendly, easy to maintain and extremely eye-catching. These unique types of flooring add layers to your home interiors and elevate the aesthetic character. So without further ado, let’s dive into some of the most popular, practical and stunning flooring options for your home. 

Wooden Is The Type Of Flooring That Lends Warmth To Your Home

Wooden flooring adds an edge to your home and brings in a cosy, comforting vibe. It is the perfect choice to elevate the look of your living room. They are available in multiple shades, textures and hues to match your home interiors. They might be a little expensive, but if maintained with care, they can last for a very long time. You can opt for hardwood flooring, softwood flooring, engineered wood flooring or wood-like laminate flooring. These types of floorings are pretty versatile and match any interior design scheme — be it modern, industrial, eclectic, minimalistic or bohemian. Here we have designed the living room with wooden flooring, a solid wood dining table with a metal base and some industrial-style chairs. Iron furniture and a floor carpet complete the look.

Wooden is the types of flooring that lends warmth to your home
Many options are available for wooden flooring

Terracotta Is The Type Of Floor Tile That Infuses Earthiness In Your Home Interiors

To lend an earthy vibe to your home, these types of floor tiles are perfect for you. Compared to wooden flooring, terracotta flooring is relatively cheaper and easier to maintain. These tiles are highly durable, making them ideal for the kitchen and other areas with high footfall. You can use these types of floor materials for both traditional and modern kitchens. They blend seamlessly with traditional design aesthetics while adding a striking contrast and classic vibe to a modern design. They are anti-slippery too, making them perfect for homes with kids, elderly parents and pets.

Terracotta is the types of floor tiles that infuses earthiness in your home interiors
Terracotta flooring adds an old-world charm

Oxidised Flooring Is A Type Of Floor Material That Creates A Cool Environment

Oxidised flooring is best for Indian homes, especially those in hot and humid regions. These types of floor materials help keep the room cool and add a vintage touch to your home. The rich red colour of oxidised flooring infuses vibrancy in the room’s interiors and brings a fun vibe. You can opt for brick cladding walls and wooden furniture to match the flooring design. Personalise your space with different types of floor coverings like rugs or carpets. Choose some indoor plants to complete the authentic look of the oxidised flooring design.

Different types of flooring oxidised flooring is a type of floor material that creates a cool environment
Vintage types of flooring to lend a cooling vibe

Types Of Floor Coverings That Work Best For The Balcony

When thinking of different types of flooring or floor coverings for balconies, make sure they are weather-resistant, anti-slippery and easy to maintain. Rubber flooring or tiles are a good idea, but grass flooring is the best option if you want to add a natural vibe. You can choose turf grass carpet for a low cost and easy maintenance option. Add potted plants, rattan furniture and some ambient lighting to create a cosy outdoor space on your balcony.

Types of flooring in india and coverings that work best for the balcony
Turf grass is excellent for modern balconies
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Moroccan Tiles Add An Edge To Your Home Interiors

Tiles are a budget-friendly flooring option for your home. If you want to infuse an artistic edge to your home, opt for Moroccan tiles. The intricate print elevates the aesthetics of your home interiors and adds an elegant look. You can also add some authentic Moroccan design accents and furniture to add to the Moroccan theme. The tan leather sectional sofa and low coffee table lend a luxurious aura to the space and accentuate the beauty of this Moroccan-style living room design.

Different types of floor tiles moroccan tiles add an edge to your home interiors
Pick from a variety of prints in Moroccan floor tiles

Marble Is The Type Of Flooring In India You Can Never Get Wrong

There is no doubt about the level of luxury and serenity marble flooring adds to the home interiors. These make your home look spacious and lend a clean, clutter-free look. The marble veins add a rich texture to the home interiors and create a royal look. But marble comes with its share of disadvantages. It is quite expensive and slippery. You should make sure to keep the floor dry to avoid accidents. Cover the marble floor with a designer carpet or floor rug to make it anti-slippery and comforting.

Different types of flooring materials where marble is the type of flooring in india you can never get wrong
Marble is a timeless option in the types of flooring

Ceramic Tiles Add A Glaze To Your Home Interiors

Amongst the types of floor tiles in India, ceramic is the most popular one, as the look and feel of ceramic tiles are the closest to marbles. They are available in different colours and textures so you have many options in picking the perfect one for your home interiors. Ceramic also has a shiny surface and reflects light beautifully. This helps accentuate the look of your home and adds jazz to the room. Keep the design aesthetics to the minimum and opt for muted colours on the wall to bring maximum attention to the floor. And if you want to add to the shine, use some decorous chandeliers, spotlight and space-saving furniture to free up the floor space as much as possible.

types of flooring materials where ceramic tiles add a glaze to your home interiors
Ceramic is the best if you love shiny surfaces

Checkered Tiles Are Extremely Trendy And Add A Quirky Element

If you are looking for some fun and quirky types of floor tiles, then opt for checkered tiles. They are available in multiple patterns and add a fun element to the home. You can use it for the bathroom, living room or any other space of your home. This bathroom is designed in a white and blue colour scheme and the checkered floor tiles add a character to the design aesthetics, elevating its look by several notches. 

Checkered types of flooring tiles is trending this year
Take your design game up with checkered floor tiles

Different Types Of Vinyl Flooring Offer A Practical Solution For Your Home

Vinyl flooring imitates the look of natural wood but is comparatively cheaper than natural wooden flooring. It is also easy to maintain and lends warmth to the interiors, just like natural wood. You can opt for vinyl tiles or laminates as per your preference. To match the flooring, add some wooden furniture and accents, as we did in this home. The wooden book cabinet, side cabinet and wood panelling on the railing stitches the look together while the indoor plants add a pop of freshness to the design. There are multiple types of vinyl flooring options available in the market. You can choose the colour that best suits your home’s interior design. 

Types of floor tiles of vinyl flooring offer a practical solution for your home
Vinyl flooring lends a wood-like feel to your home

We hope this blog gives you all the relevant information you need for making your decision about the types of flooring in India. If you want to add elegance and elevate the functionality of your home interiors, look no further. Book a free consultation with Design Cafe today, and our designers will help you with personalised home interior solutions that fit your budget and preference. Our high-quality materials, prompt service, no-cost EMI options and quick turnaround time will make your home interior journey a hassle-free experience. So call us now and get ready to turn your house into your dream home.

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