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How To Design A Bathroom For The Elderly

Bathroom design ideas for elderly old aged people

We at design Cafe believe in taking care of the aged as they also need the best of the best when it comes to home interiors. Check out bathroom ideas that are friendly for old-aged folk to know more.

Take care of old folk because one day you will be old too. When it comes to taking care of elderly people, we need to consider their comfort and make sure they have a fall free and safe experience in the bathrooms. We at Design Cafe believe in designs that are  elder friendly. Everyone needs a bathroom where they can relax and get their business done, and for elderly people, a little hand-holding is a must. Here is an insight into elder-friendly bathrooms designs.

Be Seated For Sometime

We all know how parents or grandparents who are ageing love to take a seat wherever they find one. You would have noticed when you’re out shopping at the mall that your ageing parent or grandparent loves to sit in the food court on a bench. They enjoy watching the crowd as they wait for you to return from your shopping spree. This bathroom design for the elderly is for those who like to sit around and relax. This bathroom is designed in a way to help the elderly rest and keep their belongings on this bench at easy access.

White bathroom design with a fold-up bench to take rest for senior citizens
A splendid white bathroom with a fold-up bench for the elderly to rest

Hand Me Down The Hand Shower

This elder friendly bathroom does not have to compromise on style. This bathroom comes with white tiles and a pop of grey. A hand shower for old aged folk is placed so they can have a fuss-free bath and a toilet with rails so they can hold on and sit at ease. This bathroom also has inbuilt shower shelves so they can easily access their toiletries and don’t have to make a run for their towels.

Elderly friendly bathroom designs with a hand shower for old aged persons
A stylish bathroom for the elderly with a large mirror and wooden hand railing for comfort

Get Set Comfortable With This Bathroom Design

This gorgeous elder friendly bathroom design makes sure it makes your ageing family member feel comfortable. This image here shows us a bathroom with a resting chair where they can read their papers  and be seated while they take a hot shower. A toilet right next to it with a faucet and handrail allows your ageing family member to sit down and get up with ease. This bathroom has vitrified tiles with a slight use of timber near the toilet for slip-free bathing time.

Senior citizen bathroom design with a resting chair below the shower
A pretty bathroom with a resting chair below the shower for a relaxed bathing experience

A Elderly-Friendly Toilet

The elderly sometimes need hand-holding when it comes to going to the loo. So here is an elderly-friendly toilet. Yes, you heard that right. This toilet will allow your elder folk to have ample support while they sit on the toilet with no room for accidents. This elderly friendly bathroom also comes with a foldable seat and handrails for extra support if needed.

Elderly-friendly toilet design in bathroom with a foldable seat and handrails
A bathroom going bold with blackish-grey vitrified tiles and a toilet with rails

Wheel Right Through Sir

This senior citizen bathroom design allows the old aged member of your home to wheel into the bathroom at ease. This bathroom is nothing from the mundane. It has a splash of hot pink and is meant for the fun and friendly elderly. This bathroom design is definitely elder-friendly with handrails provided next to the toilet and shower.