Show Your Bathroom Some Love With These Wallpaper Ideas

by Nikita Keshwani | February 7, 2024 | 7 mins read

athroom wallpaper design ideas for your home

Make your bathroom more than just an ordinary space where you freshen up with these wallpaper ideas.

Did you know that the average person spends at least 1.5 years of their life in a bathroom? 

Sounds unbelievable, but this is true. 

Even though bathrooms take up only a small section of space in your home, that should not stop you from having some fun with its design. It is important to design your bathroom space in a way that puts you at ease while getting ready for a new day and while indulging in self-care after a busy day. One of the most trusted ways to spruce up your bathroom space is by introducing wallpaper. Apart from being easy to install, bathroom wallpaper can quickly transform the space and make it more inviting. Check out these amazing bathroom wallpaper ideas to give your bathroom a mesmerizing makeover.

Add Floral Beauty With Your Bathroom Wallpaper

If you are someone who loves flowers, then opt for this biophilic wallpaper for your bathroom. This bold tropical leaf with pink flower wallpaper design is one of the easiest ways to bring a natural vibe into your bathroom and make it look larger than life. An all-white vanity unit creates a striking contrast to the vibrant bathroom wallpaper. The vanity unit makes the space multifunctional with drawers and an open box unit to store your towels. A floating shelf runs across all three walls, giving enough space to stock your cosmetics, candles, and even small pots.

Floral wallpaper for bathroom walls resembles a nature vibe
A floral bathroom wallpaper for a botanical vibe

An Edgy Brown Stripe Bathroom Wallpaper

A striped wallpaper like this can completely transform a boring bathroom and give it a sharp look. This brown wallpaper brings an earthy richness to your bathroom space and creates a warm aura throughout. This design creates an illusion of space, making it the best choice for small bathroom wallpaper. The brown, cream and red stripes of the wallpaper blend perfectly well with the cream floating vanity and the large reflective mirrors. The white ceramic sink and bathtub create a striking contrast against the warm theme of the bathroom. A veneer wall unit with a built-in open shelf ties the look together.

An edgy brown stripe wallpaper in the bathroom looks stylish
Striped wallpaper makes your bathroom look stylish
Bored of your bare walls? Its time to reinvest your space!

A Grey Rustic Textured Wallpaper For The Bathroom

For urban couples who are inclined towards modern home interior designs, this grey waterproof wallpaper for bathroom walls is the perfect way to make it look trendy. The textured wallpaper for the bathroom lends a rustic look while the orange-coloured double vanity creates a bold and edgy effect. The shower cabin is made of tinted glass for an elegant look. Since everything in this bathroom design is in dark and rustic colours, the two stylish pendant lights are added to create a glowing effect.

Grey rustic textured wallpaper for bathroom
Textured wallpaper for depth in a small bathroom

Inject Some Retro Glamour Into Your Bathroom

Vintage wallpapers can create a lasting impact by lending some old-world retro glamour to your space. So don’t be afraid to go vintage with dusty rose bathroom wallpaper. This washable bathroom wallpaper in a dramatic print harmonises with the handwoven cane sink cabinet seamlessly. The marble tiles give this bathroom a high-end appeal while the large circular mirror sweeps in some urban style. The wall-mounted wooden cabinetry brings extra storage space and saves floor space. The stylish pendant light brightens up the area and finishes off this classic vintage look.

Dusty rose waterproof wallpaper for bathroom
Waterproof wallpaper for bathroom in a bold print

Girl’s Bathroom Wallpaper Idea 

Who doesn’t love polka dots? They are a great wallpaper option for your little girl’s bathroom. This white bathroom features a bright and fun polka dot bathroom wallpaper and custom S-shaped hangers to hang towels and bathing accessories. A white toilet and ceramic tub add elegance to the bathroom space. A floating shelf above the toilet offers ample space to stock toiletries, shampoos, and even small plants. Two large push-to-open drawers in the pink sink cabinet add more storage space to stock cosmetics and other essentials.

White polka dots on pink wallpaper for girls' bathroom walls lend a bright look
Polka dots wallpaper for your little girl’s bathroom

Shades Of Blue For Bathroom Wallpaper

Add a colourful punch to your bathroom interiors with this blue-themed design where the solid blue extends to a 3D print towards the end. This artistic blue wallpaper design is used in two different ways across two bathroom walls. The dark blue beautifully complements the light brown floating sink cabinet and the white countertop. Not only is this wallpaper an unconventional choice that will awe your guests, but also makes the bathroom space look airy and visually calming. The floor tiles are also in shades of blue to create a cohesive design. The white subway tiles around the bathtub serve as an interesting addition to the space.

Best wallpaper for the bathroom in solid blue and white 3D textured, which makes the space look airy and visually calming
A bathroom wallpaper design for blue lovers

A Geometric Bathroom Wallpaper 

If you like the simplistic beauty of geometric shapes, then this bathroom wallpaper is a must-have. This geometric patterned bathroom wallpaper in white and blush pink lends a refreshing yet luxurious vibe to your space. A vanity unit with drawers and a sleek wall-mounted bathroom cabinet make it easy to organize your toiletries and bathing accessories. The backlit mirror adds a warm glow to the space and elevates the experience of getting ready in this bathroom.

Geometric-shaped bathroom wallpaper in white and blush pink lends a refreshing yet luxurious vibe
Classy bathroom wallpaper in white and blush pink
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Bathroom Floor Wallpaper For Aqua Lovers

When it comes to wallpapers, you don’t need to restrict them to the walls. Take a cue from this modern bathroom with an aqua-themed, geometric patterned wallpaper that stretches from the walls to the floor. The subtle and minimalistic wallpaper design combined with the sleek bathroom sink and floating cabinets paint an elegant picture. A floating shelf above the toilet suffices perfectly to display your shampoos and cosmetics. Such waterproof wallpaper for bathroom are an ideal choice for people who are worried about the wallpaper on the floor getting ruined.

Aqua-themed bathroom floor wallpaper in geometric patterned stretches from the walls
A soothing aqua wallpaper in the bathroom

Bathroom Door Wallpaper

When you want to create a big change without changing too much of your current bathroom design, opt for bathroom door wallpaper. Take a cue from this green and white bathroom that comes with a patterned yellow wallpaper for the bathroom door. The simple interiors liven up with the gorgeous patterns of the wallpaper. Not only does it makes the space appear airy but also adds much-needed visual drama to this plain bathroom. With such an intricate wallpaper embracing the door of your bathroom, you don’t need too many elements in the bathroom to make it look attractive.

Bathroom door wallpaper with a yellow pattern adds much-needed visual drama
Let your bathroom door wallpaper do the talking

Bathroom Ceiling Wallpaper

Hop on the latest bathroom decor trend and wallpaper the ceiling instead of the walls! Yes, with tons of designs available for ceiling wallpapers, you can do something completely out of the box. Bring a breath of freshness to your private oasis with this ornate butterfly-themed bathroom ceiling wallpaper. It visually transports you to dewy meadows full of beautiful flowers. The delicate design on a white base creates a soothing yet cheerful ambience against the white interiors. With the mirror reflecting the ceiling wallpaper, it creates the illusion of a larger ceiling and makes the bathroom look bigger and brighter.

Ornate butterfly-themed bathroom ceiling wallpaper
Modern bathroom wallpaper on the ceiling

A wallpaper can indeed transform the walls of your ordinary and boring bathrooms in endless ways with its eye-catching patterns and designs. They also create a feel-good atmosphere that helps you relax after a stressful day. It is important always to use waterproof wallpaper for the bathroom to avoid its hold on the wall from getting weakened. Go ahead and make the ideal pick for your bathroom from these amazing bathroom wallpaper ideas. 

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