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by Sonali Desai | March 29, 2023 | 4 mins read

Inspirational interior design quotes with beautiful carvings

Discover eye-catching interior design inspiration to create your dream home.

There is one thing your home instantly conveys to your guests – your personality. It depicts your idea of home. Welcoming people to your home means showing a part of who you are as a person. So the big question is, what defines your home interiors style? Although the internet has innumerable options, it’s equally laborious to keep surfing the best interior design sites for inspiration. Design Café interior designers have expertise in various styles. With a quick meeting and a survey of your home, they can help you decide which aesthetic best fits your home and budget.

To help you explore where you land on the design spectrum, we’ve listed some of the most trending interior design inspirations for you. Let’s dive into this dazzling world of interior design.

70s Inspired Interior Design Is The Ultimate Design Throwback

From hippie bohemian, humbly traditional to glitzy disco, ’70s inspired interior design runs the gamut from natural to glamorous. You don’t have to go extremes with the ’70s vibe but you could also take on this style full-force if you wish to. Whatever it is that you prefer, experimenting with ’70s inspired interior design ideas can transcend time.

70s inspired interior design is the ultimate design throwback inspirational interior design quotes
Vintage bed with intricate details for a royal nap

Moroccan-Inspired Interior Design Borrows From Culture

Moroccan architecture takes its inspiration from centuries of cultural influences. One of the most recognizable elements of this interior style is its beautiful carvings. Its modern style of décor could incorporate bold and brilliant to smooth and soft colour tones, mostly reflecting the colour of the ocean or the desert. When it comes to the details, it includes luxurious layered curtains, fine engraving models, pouffe or floor pillows and carved chairs. All of these look idiosyncratically attractive in a Moroccan-style home.

Interior design inspiration borrowed from culture opulent and elegant desert rose theme
A dramatic, opulent and elegant desert rose theme

Nature-Inspired Interior Design Ideas That Emanate Humble Philosophy 

Nature-inspired interior design ideas come with an inherent connection to the outdoors. With natural elements such as wood, indoor plants and cotton, this design theme brings natural finishes into your home. Nature is the most authentic form of interior design inspiration you could go for. Nature-inspired homes make you feel emotionally charged. They have an energetic vibe and the interiors have a calming effect and feel.

70s inspired interior design ideas that emanate humble philosophy
Create a natural look with bricks, plants and wood
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

Soul-Stirring Living Room Interior Design Inspirations

The living room not only needs to look aesthetically appealing, but it also needs to be functional and comfortable. How do you master this trifecta? Getting this right can often be a design challenge. Your living room interior design inspiration can come from anywhere — your recent trip to Europe, social media or interior design and furniture websites. It doesn’t matter where the idea is born, but don’t forget to add a touch of your personality into your living room interiors.

Soul stirring living room inspirational interior design quotes
Play with lights and grey tones for a subtle look

Theme-Based Home Interior Design Inspirations 

Envisioning your home through the lens of your personal taste can be easier when you draw interior design inspiration from a variety of elements and spaces. This will help you finalize an overall theme for your home, or even choose different themes for every room. With the rise of social media and home improvement shows, the need for designer homes has grown immensely. Your home interior design inspiration can come from anywhere, but ensure that it adds a dash of excitement to the milieu. 

Theme based home interior design inspiration for cafe inspired living room design
Café-inspired living room design

Kitchen Inspirations That Will Make You Want To Redo Yours

Gorgeous centre countertops, statement lighting and crockery corner table with high stools are some of the preferred kitchen décor styles today. You can mix in fresh greenery and florals to enliven your kitchen area apart from organizing your appliances. Design elements are highlighted when you play around with the placement of most-used items in your kitchen upper cabinets for easy reach. And the other seasonal items can be arranged on your kitchen island. 

Kitchen inspirations with 70s inspired interior design that will make you want to redo yours
Modern kitchens are all about smart functionality

If these interior design inspiration ideas have motivated you to redecorate your home, get in touch with us! Elevate your home’s style with the help of our design experts at Design Café. Talk to our experts, book an appointment for an expert to visit your home or walk into one of our experience centres near you.

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