These Modular Kitchen Chimney Designs Will Give You A Healthy Cooking Experience

by Pooja Dara | January 24, 2024 | 6 mins read

kitchen chimney designs for your home

Prepare scrumptious meals with a modular kitchen chimney design that is safer and more hygienic than traditional ones. 

Modular kitchens are a boon to those who want to make their kitchens multi-functional and attractive. They serve multiple purposes and provide a complete experience going beyond just meal preparation. Modular kitchens these days are dynamic spaces and serve as a hub of social and familial gatherings.

The best addition to any modular kitchen is a modern kitchen chimney (or kitchen hood). It ventilates the entire cooking area by sucking polluted air, smoke and greasy oil droplets that occur as a result of cooking leaving the indoor air breathable.

Modular kitchen chimneys style to the landscape of this space whether they are installed as a separate unit or integrated within the kitchen cabinets themselves. 

modern kitchen chimney design for your home

Here are some inspiring modern kitchen chimney designs you can pick from to make your kitchen a stylish and safe space.

An Angular Kitchen Chimney

This black angular chimney looks bold and stylish within this grey-themed kitchen and blends well with the light hardwood flooring. It distinctly stands out against the geometric-patterned backsplash and has an excellent suction capacity thanks to its sideways intake-vents that expels smoke and grease efficiently. This is the perfect choice for people who cook Indian food at home.

Angular kitchen chimney in black colour looks bold and stylish with this grey-themed kitchen

A Box-Type Chimney

Add class to your kitchen with this box-type chimney. This chimney drastically reduces fumes and dusty particles apart from being less noisy while cooking. If you have less space under your cabinets, you can opt for this kitchen chimney design. Its sleek design thanks to its box type shape, stainless steel body and baffle filter give it a complete look that’s attention-worthy.

Modular kitchen chimney with box-type chimney drastically reduces fumes and dusty particles.
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A Built-In Chimney

Also known as an integrated chimney, this one’s hidden under the kitchen cabinet and blends itself with the layout. They are fitted right into or under cabinets and blend with the tapestry of this kitchen. All extra components of this chimney remain and give the space a seamless look. This type of chimney is quite expensive and perfect for design-savvy folk looking to make maximum use of limited space available. Pair it with elegant white kitchen drawers and a grainy-patterned marble kitchen countertop to complete the look.

Kitchen chimney types built-in chimney hidden under the kitchen cabinet and blends itself with the layout.

A Wall-Mounted Chimney

This wall-mounted chimney is the second best option for Indian homes since it is fixed onto the wall. This design is pocket-friendly and requires less/no pipes to suck out polluted air. Fitted between a pair of light grey wall cabinets, they look compact and pleasing to the eye. It also complements the black countertop and wooden plank floor.

Wall-mounted modular kitchen chimney is the second-best option for Indian homes because it is fixed onto the wall.

A Ductless Chimney Design

Do you want an industrial look for your kitchen? Check out this ductless chimney that harmonises with the open-plan kitchen. This design enhances the natural wood cabinetry, white tiled backsplash wall and concrete flooring. As the name suggests, it has no ducts but a fan and motor instead that traps oil particles, passes it through a carbon filter for heat absorption and sends the recycled purified air back into the kitchen. This one’s an energy saver!

Kitchen with ductless chimney which harmonises with the open-plan kitchen

Ceiling-Mounted Pyramid Chimney with LED Lights

This ceiling-mounted pyramid chimney makes a sophisticated and formal statement to your close friends and special guests. It hangs directly from the ceiling and has built-in LED lights for better illumination while cooking. Fully equipped with baffle filters, they help reduce power consumption substantially. The chimney goes well with the hexagonal-shaped mosaic wall tiles and a pretty kitchen island. Pair it with amazing hanging lights and recessed lights, and you are good to go.

Ceiling-mounted pyramid kitchen chimney pair it with amazing hanging lights and recessed lights, and you are good to go.

Chimney With A Baffle Filter

This chimney with a baffle filter is your go-to-option if you are seeking low-maintenance but highly durable options. It comes with a specially-designed flow-control panel that changes the direction of air that passes through it. The heavy grease is dragged down and absorbed by the filter, thereby not negatively impacting the suction power of the chimney at all. Its in-built lights spread sufficient across the stove for a safe cooking experience. This one enhances the beauty of kitchen cabinets and drawers too.

Modern kitchen chimney with a baffle filter is a low-maintenance but highly durable option while design kitchen chimney
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A Chimney With A Duct

If you’re the traditional kind but still want to keep in touch with modern times, you can choose this duct-based modern chimney. Ducts extract grime through the filters and expel odour and oily air outside. This chimney requires plumbing on the side as it removes steam as well (apart from ductless chimneys that reduce odours, but cannot prevent condensation build up). This chimney is the perfect choice for your kitchens with minimalistic interiors such as this all-white one.

Modular kitchen chimney design with a duct is the perfect choice for your kitchens with minimalistic interiors.

A Corner Chimney

This corner chimney will help you utilise often-overlooked kitchen corners effectively. They are compact and do not take up much space. It adds a distinct look to that corner while giving a sense of not being there at all. This one is perfect for natural-looking kitchen cabinets and other appliances.

Modular kitchen chimney types, corner chimney, will help you utilise often-overlooked kitchen corners effectively.

A Curved Glass Chimney

Satisfy the designer within you with this curved glass chimney made with stainless steel. It enhances the overall vibe of this kitchen and creates visual drama too. Complement it with grey granite kitchen drawers / cupboards and light brown granite flooring for a welcoming vibe. The inbuilt push button control allows for easy access, efficient and hassle-free meal preparation time as filters odours away and brings down the temperature.

Curved glass elegant kitchen chimney enhances the overall vibe of the kitchen and creates visual drama.

An Island Chimney

This black-finish island chimney looks extremely striking and bold within this kitchen space. They are a perfect choice for open or U-shaped kitchens with the hob/stove in the centre as they are fixed on the ceiling, much away from the wall. This chimney design is pretty expensive and requires tons of ducts to extract fumes out. The classic black and white theme of this kitchen is an all-time win-win.

Black-finish island kitchen chimney looks extraordinarily striking and bold.

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A Downdraft Chimney

You simply can’t ignore this intelligently-designed, stainless-steel downdraft kitchen chimney. Its sleek and stylish design is noteworthy. It saves space on the granite kitchen countertop so you can perform all the other activities with ample space. It has a push button that brings up the chimney over the stove when needed and retracts it when your work is done. 

Kitchen chimney downdraft is intelligently-designed and saves space on the granite kitchen countertop.
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A Straight-Line Chimney

This straight-line kitchen chimney is the go-to-option for homeowners with small-sized  kitchens. Its design is such that it extends only halfway over the stove/hearth and as a result, leaves plenty of overhead space to store other essentials. It perfectly blends in with white granite flooring, oakwood wall cabinets with glass doors, and also comes with LED lighting. The aluminum filters and push-button mechanism run at a three-speed powerful extraction mechanism that draws out heat and oiliness from all corners of the kitchen. This means only two things -higher performance and increased durability.

Kitchen chimney straight-line is the go-to option for homeowners with small-sized kitchens.

Since the kitchen is the heart of your home, make it beautiful and fully functional by installing a modular kitchen chimney. Invest in your family’s health as you whip up delicious meals. 

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