Living Room Carpet Design Ideas For Every Style

by Jyoti Agarwal | January 24, 2024 | 4 mins read

Living room carpet and rugs design ideas

A central hub for any home, it is essential that your living room is comfortable and attractive. If there is one item that can make a big impact on your living room’s decor as well as its comfort, it has to be a carpet. Even though some homes choose to replace traditional carpet with laminate flooring, modern carpet designs still have a lot to offer. In fact, they provide a perfect way to revamp your living room without costing a bomb. Design Cafe brings to you an exquisite collection of stylish and durable living room carpet designs that you can incorporate to give your living room a flamboyant makeover.

Bring The Latest Fad ‘Golden’ To Your Living Room

Brushed gold accents are in vogue with home interior decor trends right now. And if you want to add a touch of gold to your living room without playing with your existing decor, a golden rug is your chance to do that. A subtle mix of golden with white and grey adds contemporary charm.

Carpet designs for your living room with golden rug
The golden rug like the one adds a charm to this living room

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Beachy Blue Is Perfect For Living Room Rugs

It is easy to give your loom a breezy beachy feel with a blue rug and some accessories. Select one bright blues and throw in some contrasting accessories in a light neutral colour. Symmetric patterns, soft stripes or designs like the one in this image above can instantly uplift the vibe of your living room.

A beachy blue rugs are perfect for for living room carpet design
A beachy blue carpet is perfect for an airy living room

Natural Hues Make For A Statement Living Room Carpet

Natural hues need not be boring. For example, the carpet in this picture makes a powerful presence in this living room. You can either select a natural rug in coordination with the color scheme of your living room or select a completely contrasting rug as an on-trend statement piece.

Floor carpets for living room with a neutral toned carpet and rugs
A neutral-toned carpet like this seamlessly combines everything together

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The Evergreen Combination Of Black and White

Want your living room to make a bold statement without adding too much colour? This black and white rug is just what you need. This rug is a gutsy choice that reflects your style statement without being too loud. The combination of black and white has a timeless appeal to it that never goes out of trend.

Combination of black and white rugs gives elegant look to your living room, it is a best carpet for living room
The combination of black and white gives this room a timeless, elegant feel

Tropical – Not Loud After all

Want to incorporate rich tropical style and colours to your living room but do not fancy an over-the-top themed furniture and curtains? Then try a bold area rug. These patterns or colours may look too much on a couch or a chair but look classic on the floor. You can play mix and match by including some throw pillows or artwork in combination with the rug.

Tropical style rug gives gives your living room carpet design in vibrant look
A colourful rug gives this living room a vibrant ambiance

A Unified Look To Open Home Designs

Open home designs that blend the dining room and living room together are loved by many. A right dining room carpet placed under the table and one for a living room demarcates it from the living area. The two spaces are unified but still distinguished as individual spaces. A good idea to select a natural carpet in single colour or you two carpets both in a neutral tone as we see here.

Use natural carpet and rugs in your living room and dining area
The area rug beautifully unifies the living room and dining area

Stripes To Break the Monotonicity

When you love stripes but are also looking to add colours, a colourful striped pattern carpet is a good choice.  The fun and funky carpet designs with a dash of colour and patterns can be just the right accent for a classic living room.

A striped pattern carpet is a good choice for living room carpet
The striking patterns give the room a sophisticated sense of style

Living room is a place where we spend time with our family, friends as well as guests. Therefore, the place must be welcoming, inviting, and cozy. Add style, accent and comfort to your living room with these amazing carpet design ideas for the living room. If you have any new design ideas for the living room carpet, hit it up in the comments section below.

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